Lets talk about Rune (THORChain)

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It was a long time ago when i read about Rune.I think it was a post from @trumpman that he was talking about a devalued coin which had great prospects for development whose price could reach 10 times more.
So I searched a bit more for this coin and also saw that several people through @leofinance had invested in it.
So I decided to sell some Eos I had ,which I just had and they were sitting in a wallet without offering me any profit and buy some Rune.
Unfortunately at that time I did not have even more to invest because sometimes there may be the right move at the right time but you must have the right cash to do it.
Τhe price I bought them then was $ 0.40 per Rune.

bandicam 20210103 215842248.jpg

bandicam 20210103 215902812.jpg

As you can see, its current price has skyrocketed to $ 1.45 and my investment has turned out to be golden.
Of course I do not have all the coins I had bought in the beginning because some of them I sold at the price of $ 1 to make them Ethereum and put them in the pool of Ethereum/wleo.

Anyway, I have benefited from both investments and I hope that their upward course will continue!

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i still have 0 rune! i need to step up my game

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Maybe its time to start hold some coins

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maybe it's to find money :P

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