Power up day for my hive account

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Sunday today and as almost every week I am ready to do my usual power up on my hive account.
I had a long time ago to do a good power up and that is because I kept my passive income from the games I play in the hive blockchain in the hive-engine so that I can keep some statistics for my winnings.
Yesterday i decide to send these earnings to my account.
As i had said to previous posts these hive earnings comes from various blockchain games such as @dcity , @risingstar , @rabona and @cryptobrewmaster .
So this is was my account before power up.I had 1339 HP.

bandicam 20210110 203034739.jpg

I power up all my liquid hive which was 103 hive.

bandicam 20210110 203055019.jpg
bandicam 20210110 203135249.jpg

And i am very proud for my new Hive Power...
bandicam 20210110 203206292.jpg

Also i take a look to @hivestats for my account growth the last month.
The results surprising me because i did expect to grow so fast my account from 1240 HP to 1442 HP
in such a short time given that it took me almost 1.5 years to reach 1000 HP but not with the games help.

bandicam 20210110 203309120.jpg

Of course, the truth is that lately we have been more active with @leofinance and I post much more often, it has helped me a lot in the development of my hive account and of course my @leofinance account.
Thank you all for the help offered to me!

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Good job bro! Keep growing!

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Μπράβο Στέλιο :)

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