Time to buy Leo!

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As the days passed and we are approaching the launch of wleo according to the official announcement of @leofinance, the currency is becoming more and more interesting and made many people happy .
My opinion is that now is the correct time to buy some leo and become my account more and more stronger.
Today i bought 45 leo with 30 hive at the price of 0.672 hive/leo.
bandicam 20200915 005114217.jpg
bandicam 20200915 005127083.jpg

I hope my feelings to be correct at the near future and leo go to the moon with our support!

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It is always good to take advantage of the opportunities that the market provides us. Fixes help people get in the game.

I have great expectations with LEO for the future. At the moment we are just enjoying the things to come.

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This is a great idea Stelio!! Thanks for sharing!

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