Time to power up my Leo account!

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I have enough time to do a good power up on my @leofinance account and I believe that today is the right time, as the announcement for airdrop is approaching, to do almost all the leo I have collected since the beginning of the year 2021.
I am quite satisfied with my performance within the platform and I hope to continue at this growth rate.
In almost 5 months I have collected 7200 leo and I continue the good work.

bandicam 20210123 002908696.jpg

bandicam 20210123 003004507.jpg

bandicam 20210123 003037647.jpg

I am looking forward to the announcement for the microblogging of leo and also for the upcoming airdrop and of course for the future plans for 2021.

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That's a nice amount. You're doing well!

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Good for you!

way to go! I'm doing the same thing but I'm a little farther behind you. I power up my posting account @cflclosers and delegate to here to my curation account. I'm on my way to 5000 lp. I agree, the microblogging site is where I see my payoff

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