Would you sell Leo to buy Bitcoin?Or maybe the opposite?

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This period we live in one of the best days of many cryptocurrencies and of course the King of crypto which is undoubtedly Bitcoin.
It reminds me a lot of the period when I started dealing with cryptocurrencies which was once a bull run period.
Today Bitcoin price hits another one ATH at the price of 40000$.
But also my favourite Leo hits the one ATH after the other with the new today ATH at 0.48$.


If we see a little back to time Bitcoin have almost rise its price 4X at last 3 months and this makes happy the bitcoin holders.
Impressive ....
But at the other side we have Leo...
Hmm...lets see its price...when i started deal with Leo (before 6 or 7 months ago) its price was below 1 cent.
This was a great opportunity for me to buy a cheap coin with great potential future.
Now i am convinced that i made the right move at the right time.
Leo at last 3 months has launched its price from 0.03$ to 0.48$ .
Did you say something???
16 times up its price...
Now you know the right answer to the title of this post...if i had Btc i would sell everything to buy Leo.
And of course now that i have Leo I would not sell under any circumstances to invest in another currency including Bitcoin.
What would you do???

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$LEO has more potential than Bitcoin

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I believe the same and this is the reason that i invest on Leo!

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LEO is going to really put itself on the map. We are going to see numbers that really make people's heads spin.

It is a wonderful project to be involved with.

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Definitely the opposite. I recently deposited 50$ worth of BTC to swap.BTC and exchanged it to SIM to invest in Dcity so in near future too I might do the same with LEO.

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Good decision.Dcity gives me a good amount daily.

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i will keep my leo till i reach 5k for sure or if the price reaches 10$ :P

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I'm sure that you lost the opportunity to buy BTC at $0.03 but you were lucky to buy LEO at $0.03.

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