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RE: Wrapped LEO is Now LIVE! | How to Wrap, Swap and Add Liquidity

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Sweet! I'm in the pool once again. I didn't want to power down, but wrapped all my liquid LEO to enter the pool. It's almost the same amount I was at last time, thanks to the awesome resolution of the hack by the LeoFinance team.

One question though: What happens to the rest of the ETH (0.03) from the last round? And how about all that WLEO, which probably is fake... Here's a screenshot from

Screenshot_20201112 Liquidity vision 🌊.png

How can I verify what's good and what's fake? And once I've done that, how an I get rid of the fake stuff and how can I put the real things to good use, that is adding it to the liquidity pool?

Thank you guys, you are amazing!

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Send a DM to Khal on discord or drop your question into the Leofinance discord group so someone can answer it.

Your question might not be seen in here.

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