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RE: LeoInfra Onboarding Report | 300+ Active Hive Lite Accounts Onboarded and Counting

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Hello @khaleelkazi!
This is off-topic but I need help.

I tried to withdraw some HIVE from LeoDEX some 8 hours back but still don't see it in my wallet. Where can I seek help?

There are more HIVE in @leodex wallet than what I requested; and I see people who transferred SWAP.HIVE later than me receiving their HIVE but why don't I!

Here's my transaction details:




Hello @taskmaster4450le,@trumpman, @gerber or anyone reading this comment!

Sorry to tag you guys here but can you help me to get back my lost HIVE or any idea how can I get my issue with LeoDEX addressed? I tried withdrawing some HIVE from LeoDEX some 3 days back but I'm still waiting.

Using "Withdraw" button on LeoDEX, I sent all my SWAP.HIVE to @leodex vide following transaction:

I'm still waiting for my Hive in Hive wallet. But I wish to get back either my HIVE or SWAP.HIVE at the soonest. I'll appreciate if you can guide me the steps I need to take to resolve this issue or point me to the right person for this.

Many thanks!

Some days back I also encountered this problem when withdrawing Hive from Leodex. But fortunately for me, I got my coins after a wait of few hours. Perhaps there was some node syncing/replay issue or something. Hope you received your coins by now, if not then I'd suggest you to tag @khaleelkazi on Leofinance Discord. He will definitely look into your issue immediately.

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Thanks for your suggestion. No, I haven't received my coins so far and I'm still waiting.
Unfortunately, I'm not on Discord but looks like I need to join there in order to get my coins back. I really hope that my coins get deposited in my wallet after some more wait, the way you got yours after some wait. Fingers crossed.

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