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Weekly update to my goals.....

Last week I talked about how to get to the of the smaller goals so that I can then concentrate mainly on the bigger goals.

And here's what happened this week;

When I started looking at my stats and buying what I needed I forgot about the plan I started on and started to buy some of the other tokens. Then suddenly I thought, 'What am I doing? I'm supposed to be starting my plan this week." So I took a step back and took a look at my plan.

So as a result I then said ok let's see how much #BEE can I get. So I was able to get a little more than 75 BEE. I could have gotten more if I had of remembered my plan from the start. Anyways it worked out fairly well. I am now nearly halfway there and in a couple of weeks I will have reached my goal for BEE and can then move on to the next.

Till next week ........

Thanks for taking the time to follow my progress!!

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Sometimes it great we occasionally review our goals to make them more achievable. I hope you finally meet up with your set out goals. Best wishes

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Thank you!




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