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RE: The Danger From The Likes Of Facebook

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I remember the days I used to play games via Facebook and there was one particular one where I had invested so much time in and one day the developers just decided to stop with it. All of my leveling up gone... And now wondering "what if I really had earned some coins from those games?..."


Well developers abandoning projects is another topic altogether. I get what you are saying and agree with you. However, that isnt really FB's fault and could still happen on a platform like this.

However, the difference is that on Hive, nobody is taking your account. You got hit with that game but your FB account, I presume, was still in operation. What happens if FB zaps your account? Then all that is there is gone.

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I'm aware that it's not FB's fault about the game developers moving on 😅 and it was a "risk" and still is when making use of those platforms owned by others.

And I get what you mean about the power social media companies have over "our" accounts... When we open an account we kind of sign away our rights to the content. Luckily I haven't done much on those platforms the last couple of years, but I do know entrepreneurs making use of those social media channels to promote their businesses and services and even the people who use it for private purposes; to all of them a shutting down or "silencing" from the company would be a major loss.