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RE: TRAVALA (AVA) Heading Up For Another Record Breaking Month!

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Do you get a free flight with every shill?

I should stake more.


I think that is not a question, or shall not be... It must be the truth {LOL}
But did you notice what happened at the exchanges just this morning?
@Trumpman probably did this :)

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@trumpman has so much pull over the markets. You wait til he dumps on us ;D

Just asked him a question in that regards 🤣

The honest reply is that these are the random mumblings and recording of my journey in the space. I have had some good calls (e.g. leo since it was below a cent) and BRO and yesterday AVA and some bad ones like XEL :D

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Some good calls you made at least... But I think you are the force at the background of all these token/service whales and other crypto whales. Whenever you want you push them to drive the price up. Towards us you are so good, since you want us to benefit from it, by shilling the right tokens at the right time {LOL}

i am a whale too you know. I only shill after I accumulate enough :)

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yea, exactly... common practise... sometimes it happens the same person, becomes quiet again and then start shilling the bears. hopefully you don't follow that practise 😉