Axie Infinity: Play-To-Earn Model

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Blockchain is starting to attract some gamers. On Hive, we are well aware of this as per the growth rate of our very own @splinterlands game. This was consistently one of the more popular blockchain games since its inception a few years ago. In reading about some of the upcoming additions, it appears that game is intent on only increasing its offering.


Of late, the game Axie Infinity is making some noise. Located on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a game where users can build kingdoms while collecting and trading cards.

Recently, there was an Axie Infinity community established on Hive. This is a place where people can interact and share their experiences with the game. It is also the ideal use case for Hive, whereby people can assemble around a particular topic and discuss what is happening. Ultimately, the community could opt to tokenize in an effort to reward those who are dedicated users.

Here we see another layer added to the potential outside the game itself.

Play-To-Earn Model

As for the game itself, this is falling in the realm of play-to-earn. This is getting rather common with blockchain gaming. It is an idea that really frames what is being offered.

Gaming is huge business. This is no secret. The problem is that the financial rewards are not truly enjoyed by the users. For the most part, major corporations such as EA Sports reap the benefits of what they develop. Users are the product, similar to social media. It is true, they get the enjoyment out of the game yet that is the extent of their stake. From a financial perspective, it is mostly nil.

There are exceptions of course. A few games did see third party platforms arise where in-game assets could be traded. These tend not to be endorsed by the gaming companies and come with some risk. Also, one needs to have some pretty valuable stuff to be trading in that arena.

Hence, the top gamers might have some financial incentive. The average user, however, is just getting enjoyment.

That is about to change with the play-to-earn model. Here we see individuals owning every asset they acquire. Since it is built upon blockchain all tokens, fungible and non-fungible, are tied to a wallet. Just like most major tokens, transferring of ownership is simple.

We also can see a record of what happened to a particular asset. Since blockchain is transparent, anyone can view the history of where that asset was held. This can help in terms of authenticity and validation of ownership.

The idea behind this model is that the community are the actual owners. Each person who engages in the game has the potential to earn rewards. In the case of Axie Infinity, players can battle to win prizes while also collecting "Axies" which can be bred and sold on the marketplace. Ultimately, this all will tie into the governance of the system, as it seeks to decentralize.

Playing To Get Rich?

Many want to know what the potential is. Will someone get rich from a game like Axie Infinity. Certainly there are going to be people who make a ton of money off the game. The question is whether that will be the average person?

Playing to get rich is possible yet does require dedication, long-term commitment, and some luck. If those align, just like anything else in the world of cryptocurrency, enough financial incentive is there.

Here we see a write up of the earnings after one week playing Axie Infinity. At the time of the article, the price of the Smooth Love Potion was 4 cents. It is now sitting at 28 cents according to Coingecko, a 7x increase. Hence, the 881 SLP earning during that week are now worth close to $250.

Certainly that is not going to make someone rich yet it is a nice reward for a week of playing a game. If this person kept at it, there is the potential that his standing might have increased, providing a greater weekly return. Of course, over time, with more users, perhaps the game is harder to earn also.

The point is that there was no way to know at the end of last year that the SLP token would 7x. That is where a bit of luck is required. However, if one is spending time on a game that gets very popular, early activity could prove to be of extreme financial benefit. Many are starting to experience that with Splinterlands.

Naturally, we can look at this through the lens of an overall strategy. While some might make a profession out of Axie Infinity or Splinterlands, most will do it in passing. This could be part of a larger approach whereby one earns from a number of different sources. For much of the world, even $50 in a month from a game of this nature is a great help. Couple that with the host of other ways already available to get rewarded and we can see the numbers start to add up.

Gaming has to potential to draw the masses to cryptocurrency. At the end of the day, users will not care if it is on blockchain or not. What they will focus upon is the play-to-earn aspect of things. We are dealing with a community of people who are already accustomed to in-game tokens and assets. The difference is that we are offering them a way to actually own these outside of the game.

That likely will hold great appeal to the gamers that are already spending hours engaged in the activity yet getting very little (to no) financial reward. Will Axie Infinity be one that is leading the pack into the future? We will see. Just like Splinterlands, the game needs to keep growing and evolving.

Those that do have a chance to attract more users who then can become stakeholders in the game itself.

It is a radical concept and one few are aware of at this time. Over the next couple years, word will spread as the number of games utilizing this concept expand.

The play-to-earn model is destined to become very big.

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Axie is on the Ronin sidechain, faster and cheaper than ETH, there's a good bridge and meta mask integration.

Like many blockchain games the initial cost of entering is a massive barrier. To start Axie you need three Axies, the cheapest Axie is $344, so looking at over $1,000 USD minimum to start. It is what it is, but I think this is a problem that needs to be solved in play to earn.

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Have you seen the accelerator stuff they're doing? They partner with dapps to do market making and provide "scholarships" to help get players started at a much lower cost. I'm guessing you've at least seen them here on Hive (cuz what gaming stuff don't you see on Hive? 😆)

Do you think it's a viable model to solve that problem? Do you have other ideas?

I want to see gaming explode on Hive

Lol I bought some already on

Now where the fuck is LEO or HIVE?

Anything that sounds like my name or elons son's name aka my name will do well

ackza @battleaxe axie Axl Xae a 12 etc

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I chose my name with care :)

I have been watching Axie for some time since I’m a blockchain geek like that. The pricey barrier to entry will not be sustainable in the long run. It is what also kept me from participating in the game. If they what to survive the long term you have to enable cheap entry level virtual assets. Most mom and kids won’t spend that kind of money on a virtual asset. $4.99 maybe but not $300 bucks.

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exactly, not viable long term. how do you scale a video game if it costs $1,000 USD just to

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I guess this is pure demand and supply.(if people lose interest, Axie prices will go down.)
On contrary, I can say how can BTC can be popular if it cost 1 million USD.

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totally supply and demand, I guess time will tell.

BTC is different because you dont have to buy 1 BTC to participate, you can buy a fraction of it, eight decimal places helps with that 👅. To join Axie you need 3 whole NFT's, each costing $Xxxx

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Speculators be speculating..but it does show the potential of monetizing in game assets. Some game dev is going to get the formula right one day. Affordable in game assets. Zero to no cost fees. Daily coin/token income. You get the idea..:)

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Really? I did not realize it was a pay-to-play. That certainly makes a big difference.

Of course, if that is an investment since it can be made back in a short period of time, it might be well worth it.

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but is still a big barrier to entry.
So only attracts crypto type people.
So no new money entering the ecosystem.

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If I understood correctly in game need invest 1000 USD to make 50 USD per month? So game is basicaly pay to win. I play another blockchain card game but i dont have luck with cards. Also i have one question for blockchain games: if you play some games and earn game tokens (that tokens use in hive engine to trade in other coins), if you STACK tokens did you earn tokens per time or not? I read many blogs but nobody dont explain step by step how this work. Tnx

Hence, the 881 SLP earning during that week are now worth close to $250.

That is approximately my monthly pension-like income. I would be very happy and very grateful to earn that amount with any game.

Greetings from Hungary.

I have no idea how hard it is to earn in this game. It is evident that it was possible 7 months ago. These days it might be harder since Axie Infinity is growing. Or they might have added more layers of earning to it.

Maybe a few others who played it have some insight.

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I've been feeling a lot of FOMO over the whole AXIE thing. My biggest issue is the fact that it is on the ETH side of things. Just too expensive for me to justify it at this point. I will just stick to the HIVE and WAX games that I am currently playing and hope that one of them gets massively popular. Or just play them because it is fun and not worry about making money...

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The ETH has issue is why I haven't taken a serious look at Gods Unchained. Any transaction in ETH is going to overshadow the cost of the item by too much.

This is Hive (& Splinterlands') biggest advantage I can see. Zero transaction fees makes it a true TCG.

It will not matter on the more valuable NFTs but is going to be a major issue on the less priced ones. A $25 NFT could cost equally as much to sell.

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Yeah, that's what I mean. Most cards are only worth a few cents until they run out of print. A big part of trading card games is trading cards, which has been prohibative on ETH.

Im not so educated on all if it to know for certain but I don't really know how a game can successfully run on a non-PoS chain. Transaction fees take a lot away from the experience, even if theyre reasonable.

I just tweeted out about that concept.

Hive should be a primary destination for game developers since it offers the ability of transaction with Zero Fees.

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Yes, but also, it's relatively fast, although it does need to pick up the pace a little on some things. Isn't the Leo team working on a lightening layer, or did they just launch one?

I think integrating that across the board will be a big help. Sometimes it still takes a Splinterlands match an eternity or two to load.

Yes they have a lightning layer for their applications. This is why does not have a delay when posting comments or voting. It happens instantly even though the feeding to the blockchain takes time.

It ends up caching the data and then delivering it.

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It is a valid hesitation.

If the price of transactions explode it could make moving NFTs around cost prohibitive.

It makes me wonder why more do not see the opportunity on Hive. We see this as a major sticking point for the successful games on Ethereum.

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I totally agree with you. There are so many better alternatives to Hive. Too bad some of the whales wouldn't move their funds over here.

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I am not sure I follow. What better alternatives to Hive? What do you mean?

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No, better alternatives to ETH.

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Ah okay. I misunderstood.

Yes there are a lot of options that can do better than Ethereum. In my view Axie Infinity would be better off on Hive.

Hopefully we will see a lot more development after the HAF is released.

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Yes HAF should help.

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I totally agree. Hive is so robust and simple. So much potential to build here.

There's a mobile app for the game and it's fun to play, well polished. That's definitely a big part of it's success. It's no different (meaning no worse) than Kingdom Rush or Angry Birds but with blockchain tokenomics on top.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad that you found it to be worthwhile.

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I tried making a start with it, but by now the starting price of getting some Axies to breed was when I checked it out recently $191 for the cheapest one, and you need three of them to atleast start with it.

$600 as a starting line is just a little to much for giving it a try. Ofcourse it is paying of now, but you dont know if that will be the case in the next month.

I like the $10 starter pack price in Splinterlands. It is not too much, but still enough to keep the bots out. Way more user friendly!

Good feedback. Thanks for adding that. You are right. A serious difference in start up costs is enormous.

$10 will keep the bots out but allow for the majority to get involved.

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And what you mention here above. Axie would be way better off on hive because of the transaction costs, but they have majorily fixed this with the ronin chain thingy.

regardless..this would fit perfectly on hive! (also for the low costs on all sides)

Play-To-Earn games are changing the gaming business. Want to make extra bucks every month? Play games. :))

At the same time, it helps people to socialize and connect all over the world. NFTs are playing a huge role in this and I think it's a new trend that has just begun. Or maybe I am too late to realize this. 😂

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NFTs really are going to change things. It will take a huge step forward when we get universal NFTs. This means the value is on the NFT but it can transform depending upon the game it is applied to.

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That'd be so cool. I don't play games but this got me interested. Maybe I will get my son onto it. He will be my little NFT miner. Lol. 😂

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Splinterlands is certainly making some headway. Hopefully that keep growing. Might be a good place to start him on.

There are a few other Hive based games that appear to be liked by many people on here.

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I habe heard so much about Splinterlands from so many peeps on Leo Finance. Feel like trying myself. Would definitely check it out.

They also made a lot of news when got banned on Twitter.

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They also made a lot of news when got banned on Twitter.

It seems that is what legitimizes projects in cryptocurrency these days. You are nothing until you get banned on Twitter.

Splinterlands is really making some progress. They also have some big plans. It looks like the development is gong well on there.

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Yes the price to play is ridiculous. With the exception of splinterlands every game on hive blockchain is a failure. I don't think a gaming app on hive is the solution. I think it needs to improve its social media interfaces that seems to work for it. They need to focus 1000% on that one thing get better at it. Focus on marketing and branding people to the idea of getting paid for their daily social media interactions.. Get rid of all the influential whales. Create some penalty system to discourage them and maybe hive takes off gets to the top 10. It is clear to me the other part of the structure and the direction and the idea of a gaming community i don't think thats ever going to happen for hive. I think they should give tht up and focus on what they can do right.

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The play-to-earn model is destined to become very big.

I completely agree with you.

Since I discovered blockchain based games I started to play after years of not trying a video game (even though I always liked them) because the priority has always been family and work... blockchain based games are also investments and that's why I started to dedicate myself to them.
I preferred to prioritize blockchain based games on Hive and then on WAX and I left out games on ETH until now because of too expensive transactions.
But Axie Infinity is undoubtedly a successful game and sooner or later I will try it.
Great article and I hope to see blockchain games overtake centralized games soon...


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Great article and I hope to see blockchain games overtake centralized games soon...

It is going to take time. The centralized games are supported by large corporations. We just need to keep doing things like all other aspects of this industry, one user at a time.

We need to keep adding more players. Hopefully Splinterlands keep adding to their userbase.

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That is awesome! I compared all aspects of Splinterlands vs Axie Infinity the other day in this post...

Check it out if you get a chance!

I will take a look. Thanks for linking it in the comment section here. It can only help the SEO process on Axie Infinity.

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We should try to improve SEO of this page. Axie Infinity is very popular these days...

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Here is my post also for Play to Earn keyword. I added internal link for this post.

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Good job. Hopefully it will all reinforce each other. We need to get a lot of these going.

Play-to-earn is really going to take off.

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Each time to we add something else, it helps to improve things. Hopefully we can keep the rolls growing.

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Absolutely brotha! I have been a long time fan 💪

Did you get a chance to skim through it yet brother?

I keep hearing about axie but never got into it as I didn't really understand it. No excuse though time to buckle up learn it and start playing!

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It might be one to look into or one can spend time on Hive focusing upon the games here. It seems that is this place grows, many of the games are going to be very popular.

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Yep still waiting for a few games to release here on hive like MuTerra, Fishmaster and exode the list of these games is growing and some are actually really cool. I think Splinterlands though is one of the largest and more advanced of the games so far.

@dalz just did a report on them. It seems like the MAU has jumped a nice amount over the last 3-4 months. Splinterlands appears to have some growth.

EXODE seems to be making progress. I read it will take another year or two but that one is really positioning itself well.

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Pretty sure you need 3 of the axie things right and the lowest I can find them is $330 a pop?!

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I was commented below that one spent near $1,300 to enter the game but the expected break even is two months.

Thus Axie Infinity isnt the worst payback.

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two months isn't bad possibility for good profits after that as long as it keeps growing

I am curious about this game. Do I have to download any things? The site made me download some Mavis Hub. What is that?

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I am not one to answer that question. There are some comments that mentioned a form of a "starter pack".

It doesn't sound like it is just sign up and play.

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Oh okay. I will search a bit more about it then :)

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As of right now I don't think I have the time to commit to doing the minimum required to get all the rewards. Of course I could just buy one and rent it out for some passive returns but I would want to test it with scholarships before doing so. This would require me to commit at least an hour a day which I don't have right now.

But its good for the gaming market and I think we need to see more of this.

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Yeah time becomes the big thing. Attention is going to be the biggest asset in the future.

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This is the next stage of blockchain. Most don’t want to accept this gaming notion since it has always been frowned upon by the older generation. Yet, it’s here. Games will be the new “minters” of crypto tokens. My personal favorites are the idle games. Most don’t pay…at least not yet :)

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This is the next stage of blockchain.

I agree with this. We are seeing the evolution of this industry. Gaming is going to really push a great deal of people into this realm. It is how most will be introduced into cryptocurrency.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta agrees with you!
Their accelerator program recently picked up @hashkings and @risingstargame doing market making and providing scholarships to help new players get started

@wagginston even started a blockchain gaming community here on Hive

It's such a great initiative, I agreed to help them with it 😀

Play-to-earn isn't just "here" as in the present tense- it's on Hive, it's growing, and it's getting attention

I am far from an expert but it seems that Hive's fee-less transactions could make a huge difference in blockchain gaming. With a nice list of games forming and all being free to transact, that should make them standout.

It is a point that we need to keep driving home.

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Wouldn't claim myself an expert either, but I do play quite a few games and agree that fast and feeless is a pretty big deal. Another big one is the social aspect. Wax operates in a fairly similar fashion to Hive (eosio chain) when it comes to transactions and even human-readable wallets to a degree - but it has no social layer. The difference it makes is hard to understate. When we see player actions on chain, we often associate them with people we interact with socially

Fast, feeless, social, play to earn... Hive is in the right place at the right time. HAF is going to be a big deal for all of us

HAF is going to be a big deal for all of us

I have seen a few make this statement.

Could you explain why you think so? I am interested in what people are seeing.

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I started working professionally in the mid-90s on networks. My first engineering job was in '99 as a network engineer. I pivoted over a few years and mostly worked on databases before retiring about 5 years ago from "database engineer" duties, but I was also headhunted as a "solutions architect". Just some brief background to say that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to putting together these types of architectures

It can be difficult to explain HAF to people that aren't devs since it is essentially a tool for developers. The shortest description I've come up with: It makes the Hive blockchain look and act like "just a normal database" to developers. They don't have to figure out a bunch of whacky blockchain stuff. They don't have to stream blocks. They don't have to deal with forks. They don't have to learn to be a blockchain developer on top of everything else. They don't need a hived (witness/api) server AND a separate box to deal with the data in the hived node. HAF is a hived plugin that parses through the application data right along with the rest of the core blockchain data

the bottom line: HAF makes building on Hive faster and much, much easier. If everything goes how I expect it to, it will also mean the applications are faster and more efficient than existing solutions. If you want to build on a blockchain, you can do it quicker, cheaper, and more easily on Hive. Still fast, free, and social for end users too!

Wow that is a great addition so I can see why it was being pushed to the forefront by Blocktrades.

Out of curiosity, how does this compare to other blockchains (if you looked into them)? The most obvious is Ethereum and all its associated forks which seem popular now.

I presume they are very difficult to build upon. Is Hive very difficult at the moment?

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Ethereum is nice because it provides a virtual machine (VM) to process data. Two major downsides:

  1. Someone must pay for the compute power in the block-producing node, so fees can be insane
  2. Developers have to learn how to program for the virtual machine

I sometimes refer to Hive as "BYOVM" bring your own virtual machine hahaha
Hive is a place to store data, but not process the data. Currently, retrieving the data looks like a mess to your average developer. Wouldn't call it very difficult, but most developers aren't familiar with the idea of streaming through blocks, parsing blockchain data, or storing blockchain data. With HAF, devs will still provide the compute power (like they do with any normal, not blockchain application), the storage will still be on Hive, but the logic to work with the data will be more familiar to them

Those are your general comparisons for most chains. Devs either learn to program in a chain's virtual machine, or they learn to parse a chain's blocks and deal with programming against those blocks on their own (all of Hive's exising layer 2 is the latter). By comparison, with HAF, anyone that's written an application should be able to pick up Hive reasonably well and get going. Or just add Hive to their existing application without having to start a new career as a blockchain developer

That really look nice, more the ease and reduced cost of doing development, more it attracts developers.
I checked WAX and I feel "WAX" is not exactly free. Transactions/NFT require RAM and RAM need to be purchased.(though RAM cost are not exorbitant but exactly not zero though)

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What exactly is HAF? Any post links. Please.

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Most info is in @blocktrades update posts. It can seem vague, so you have to combine that info with the information going through the git repo
There hasn't been as much lately as it's vacation season, but generally, you're looking for something to do with a sql (or psql) serializer. That's the component of the plugin that takes the data from the Hive blocks and puts it in a SQL database

There will be plenty of testing to do. Once blocktrades has something he likes, I'm sure he'll be bursting to share information in a more consumable way. Right now, it's just realliy nerdy stuff that won't mean much to most people and blocktrades is not a hype machine

While you can play to earn with Axie Infinity, I see some other comments already mentioning the high startup costs.

This is definitely a barrier for some and a topic that I plan on going into a bit more detail around on my own blog this week.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes that certainly is a hindrance. Plus being involved with transaction fees certainly could hinder Axie Infinity.

Hopefully another few articles will help to bring this key phrase forward for organic traffic.

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I entered the game two days ago. It cost me $1,240 for the equipment to play. That kit has already generated $60 and will generate more as the axies level up. The investment is recouped on average, in a month and a half to two months.

Granted there is a big barrier to entry for the investment, but the returns are unrealistically greater than splinterlands. What people do is give scholarships to users who don't have the investment, like in splinterlands, who play on a borrowed account and split the profits. This way many collect to buy their own equipment. They are also going to incorporate demo accounts, to play without profits.

My son has the scholarship. My goal is to have more axies to give scholarships to more people. Also to join in the breeding of axies.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thanks for the explanation of your experience with the game. That is not the worst deal in the world. The $1,300 roughly is an investment. Getting the payback in 2 months cant be argued with. Then it is all profit.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I am trying to not to be participated in FOMO. So Splinterlands is in my hand. I will invest Splinterlands. There is no FOMO. There is SPS airdrop!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That is true. There are a lot of "Johnny Come Lately". However, Axie Infinity looks legitimate. We will see if it ends up staying on top.

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Splinterlands and my subsequent deep dive into blockchain gaming is what really got me excited about blockchain, and crypto in general.

I have other gamer friends who I've explained all of this to, and they haven't quite gotten yet how huge of a thing this is to gaming. But, they will. This is all transformative.

I'm so excited for the years to come.

I agree with you. Blockchain and gaming go well together. We will see how much longer it takes before a lot more people grasp the concept.

Cryptocurrency is going to extend in many different directions. It is fascinating to watch.

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Been seeing a lot on the Axie infinity game of late. Nice to see the gaming industry gaining lot of action. Going Forward, I think the developers will have to reduce the cost of entering as that proves as limitation to this getting more users.

Posted via

More the Game matures, more it become costly to enter.
Take Splinterland's for an example, 2.5 years ago when I joined those max summoner cost less than $50, I guess now you have to shell more than double-triple to get a max summoner.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That seems to be the case. As a game grows in popularity, that which is limited will be in greater demand. I imagine Splinterlands is no different.

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Oh. Guess I no little about this. Well good for them as the prices continues to gain more value over time

Posted via

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Over the next couple years, word will spread as the number of games utilizing this concept expand.

The play-to-earn model is destined to become very big.

Completely agree with this. There are literally millions of gamers out there spending millions of hours AND millions of dollars playing these games. As new games are developed that not only are engaging and fun to play, but also allow people to gain financially, there will be an explosion of users coming into the crypto world. The trick will be recognizing them early enough to get involved.

I almost look at it like buying some of the tech stocks early in the 80's and 90's. No one really knew which ones were going to be the winners. But, if you found one you liked and bought into it (and then held it--which is the real key), and it happened to be Microsoft or Amazon or Google, then you literally became a millionaire pretty much by accident. There were millions of people who bought the ones that didn't make it and some were fortunate to buy the ones that did.

The same will hold true with this genre (for lack of a better word). People could get involved casually with the right game and end up making a fortune. Others will play the living hell out of another game and it will never grow beyond a small community of zealots.

I'll be following along as I do like to play games occasionally but it will probably be luck of the draw as to whether I ever make any money from it. That said, I have been acquiring some Splinterlands just in case.... :-)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It's really a lot of money to dish out to start the game and I just wish I started it earlier. Now time to get to work and grind for those SLP's. hehe The price of the axies and the tokens themselves have ballooned over the past days. Now to look at breeding, it also gets pricier since you have to spend SLPs and AXS to breed. Now I understand why even the eggs are expensive in the marketplace. :D

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this game have future One of the best games of nfts in the actually

I bought 3 Axies, a couple of weeks ago, and I have someone else playing the account for me. I have almost earned back half the cost of the Axies with the moon in the SLP price.

The best thing is, I give an opportunity for people that are in economic hardship around the world to play the account and share the earnings.

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I remember them from the 2020 NFT.NYC Conference. I think they gave me a sticker. Very nice folks.

The game is a bit too pricy for me. I remember when I invested $50.00 USD into the initial KICKSTARTER Campaign of @splinterlands it took a great deal of thought! I also invested in that CHIBERA game by @degensloth that never panned out.

I wish the @axiebuzz folks good fortune. Just a little too pricy for me. Glad to have them onboard sharing about their project! Maybe @axiebuzz will stop by @leomarkettalk sometime and keep us updated (sorry, always shilling in the tradition of @trumpman, the OG OF SHILLING LEOFINANCE and its projects).

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Indeed this is amazing and I myself surpassed $10K in Splinterlands cards value. I wonder if that could get x10 considering the incredible roadmap laid ahead...

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