Cryptocurrency: The Great Rejection

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By now, most have heard about The Great Reset. This is an idea put forth by the World Economic Forum, an organization headed by Klaus Schwab. One of the main monikers that is associated with this idea pertains to ownership.


The vision is that, due to Industrial Revolution 4.0, we are able to provide people with access to things yet not own them. This, of course, brings up the question of who will own the different assets around the world if we do not?

This question is not totally answered.

If we do look beyond the propaganda, we can see how this could be construed as another attempt by the elites to grab more power. The present system is already tilted heavily in their favor. Throughout the world, over the past few decades, we see how wealth inequality has grown. This is no great secret and something many discussed.

The idea of the Great Reset, contrary to what many tout, will not lead to more happiness. In fact, if history is any guide, it will lead to suffering, misery, and death.

Never think for a second the elitists who truly have the power of the world in their hands care about humanity. It is not at the top of their list.

Therefore, humanity needs another solution. That was presented with the creation of Bitcoin.

The Great Rejection

We are seeing a massive shift taking place and it is not the Great Reset. Instead, we are seeing not only a rejection of that, but also the entire financial system as it is presently constructed.

Cryptocurrency drew in people for many different reasons. There are probably as many motives for being in crypto as there are people. Each has individual factors for engaging in this bizarre and relatively new industry.

That said, we are quickly seeing how those who are involved are embracing the rejection of all that is being pushed forth by the elites. We see the threat that is posed to governments, bankers, and big business. If cryptocurrency keeps growing, we are going to see a obliterating of many institutions that were taken for granted as a part of life. This is something that the elites are fully aware of.

The problem is that when people "opt out", they are more difficult to control. Instead of buying into the idea of owning nothing, crypto turns that idea 180 degrees. It is the perfect solution to what is being promoted "for our own good".

Everyone Will Own Everything

The Great Rejection is obviously against us owning nothing, thus presuming everything is owned by a few. It strikes at the core of that.

Through the tokenization process, we see a radically new idea. Here we have the potential where everyone will own everything".

Fractional ownership sets everything on its ear. Due to the ability to break things up into many digital pieces, we can see how the involvement can spread well beyond just a few. By coupling assets with a digital wallet, individuals all over the world can own a piece of assets, no matter where they exist. It is the digitization of the physical.

New governance models can be constructed which correct the shortcomings of what we presently deal with. Corruption can be rooted out by designing systems that remove a lot of the vulnerabilities that enable corruption in the first place - the human element.

We also can see how the digitization process will result in abundance. This also drives a stake through the elitist driven game of scarcity. When there is abundance, once again, control is more difficult.

Atlas Shrugged Turned Upside Down

In the highly popular book, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand wrote about a time when the industrialists would get fed up with society. She envisioned a day when the Marxist elements would drive them to abandon their companies, removing their skills (and wealth) from society. In her fictional narrative, society would collapse as the parasites took over.

While this made for a great story, it did not turn out to be near the truth. What she missed is that the "industrialists" became a part of the problem. They operate in manners that embraced the tenets which she rejected. This forged monopolies, allowed for price fixing, and ensured massive government contracts. At the same time, their power grew to the point of making the politicians and bureaucrats less relevant. Through the power of money, and lobbying, they were the ones actually setting the rules.

Hence, it is not the rich and powerful who are opting out and embracing the Great Rejection. Instead, it is the rest of society. The elite designed and took advantage of a system that simply does not work for most people. We see so few with so much that we know, inherently, something is very wrong.


Cryptocurrency is the solution to that wrong. As more people embrace it, there will be far greater wealth generated than ever before. At the same time, we will see it distributed a lot wider, toppling the hierarchical system that we see in place.

The Great Rejection is not about working within the present system. On the contrary, it is about obliterating what is there. While many are awaiting to see if the governments of the world will give permission, others realize this is not part of the agenda. There is no waiting around. We simply are going forward with something that is completely different that exists and whatever gets in the way will be undone.

Most are not apt to take things to such a philosophical level but that is exactly what is happening. As more money is pulled from the present system, especially by individuals, and pushed into crypto based projects, that is going to enhance the entire industry. In short, each dollar makes this one stronger while the other is weakened slightly.

At the end of the day, the Great Rejection is underway. With each passing moment, it is only getting more powerful as more solutions appear.

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Lets stop calling them 'Elite'
Not one of them is bulletproof.

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Elite doesnt mean bulletproof. I am not sure what your point is here. We know what they are and when the term "Elite" is used, we know exactly who is being referred to.

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I've always heard it as implying that they're somehow better than the rest of us.
It gives them too much credit.

I feel you in that this shift is happening and wonder a lot not in how it will affect will affect us but more until which level it will affect us. In the end ht world functions in a sort of balance (ish) and when you take that balance away nothing is secure anymore to a lot of people.

In the everyone owns anything that is a good thing, until it is not, because someone will always stand up to also own your stuff (well maybe not yours of mines, but from a lot of people who are not aware of it) until that leads to a sort of anarchy.

I do feel times are changing a lot at the moment, but I am wondering in what kind of world this eventually will leave us. I am happy the current system is starting to loose its strength, but I am a bit scared in what it will grow into

View this all through the perspective of digitization and the Metaverse. Than you can see what it is morphing into.

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Cryptocurrency is the solution to that wrong. As more people embrace it, there will be far greater wealth generated than ever before. At the same time, we will see it distributed a lot wider, toppling the hierarchical system that we see in place.

And maybe this is the reason the elite group doesn't want cryptocurrency to flourish.

I would say that is at least part of it.

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The Great Reset sounds a lot like a return to the feudal days of the middle ages to me. People work the land of a feudal lord just to get by. Not something I would be looking forward to. I guess unless I was one of the land owners. The Great Rejection sounds much more appealing.

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Perhaps The Great Rejection is the start of a movement where each person is treated as a sovereign ("state" is too loaded a term to use in this context).

Each person relates to every other person sovereign-to-sovereign, recognizes each other's concerns, aids each other mutually, and trades with anyone and everyone using whatever medium of exchange is good for all concerned. We each respect what our fellow sovereigns own, and even if we disagree with them we respect their boundaries.

I know this sounds like something in the far-off future, it has to begin sometime; why not with cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and all that's related to them?

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Nothing wrong with that idea and starting now. Of course, the problem is that many in crypto/blockchain want to still act like they do in the traditional system. But I agree, we starting now is a good thing.

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Change happens and this has serious consequences for many. No one likes to share the wealth like kids and their toys. This is trying to be dragged out and delayed for as long as possible but I don't see any other solutions as it is going to happen.

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Very good point. They will have to go kicking and screaming.

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I prefer the great rejection more and I don't like the great reset. We have a bunch of rich idiots trying to say that we shouldn't have rights to own anything and I would rather throw them in some jail. I haven't heard much of them lately but Bill Gates sure isn't having a nice time right now.

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Bill Gates is one of the most elite of all the elites. He is a psychopath in my opinion with his depopulation agenda. He is so out of touch and blinded by his own arrogant view of the world, that his not so nice time right now needs to get 10x worse.

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Great write up. I touched this topic in the past as well, but you connected the dots way better. Crypto is the total opposite of what these mad leaders wish to accomplish. While they are solely thinking of empowering themselves and enslaving us, crypto is doing the total opposite. What this Schwab wants is basically resurrect communism. I live in an ex communist country and I tell you we won't accept that. We just got rid of it 30 years ago.

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That was my take on it. Right out of Marxism. Only the top will excel while the rest of the masses suffer. Of course, the West isnt that far away from that either. That element has invaded here also.

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hope so, but I see huge resistance from (trans)national institutions. If they want, they can make all crypto related things illegal and then the majority won't be using this system anymore... (see e.g. India) That is a huge problem.

It seems each time a country makes it illegal, usage increases. Prohibition showed itself to be a poor deterrent throughout history. Yet they still try to do it.

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that's a good argument; the only problem obviously is that they can definitely control/stop the fiat/crypto bridge. A solution to this could of course be to leave fiat completely behind. But will then businesses be cracked down for using cryptos as payment options etc.?

Yes but since crypto can be generated outside the borders they establish it can still outgrow them such that they have to remove those borders for the sake of their own continued survival. I think in this case they'll eventually build the wall around their city that enables the rest of us to lay siege to them.

good point. But as a citizen you are then again prone to prosecution under its laws. So I guess anonymity is king?

In some cases but prosecutions take time and resources that are already hemorrhaging away. It seems unlikely that would be a viable option long term I think.

A good example is people in Venezuela want crypto, they hate fiat.

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That is true. They do own the crypto to fiat bridge. That is why we need to keep pushing and expanding. The more value that is built here, the more people drawn in, the harder it is for them to control.

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Aside from crypto micro manufacturing of products houses/cars can offset the Davo’s mechanisms. Printing these items at a low cost can actually boost “ownership” as opposed to debt enslavement. We aren’t quite there yet but it will happen.

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That is true. The "decentralization" movement is not just in crypto. It is happening in a lot of areas due to the advancement of technology. At the core of all this is the advancing power of computation.

It is going to reverse what they are trying to do.

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You can see this is a plan in action. People need to diversify their assets.

If the elite want my NFTs they’ll have to pry them from my cold, dead paper wallet. Or they can just send me infinite money from their money printer, as long as they’ve converted it to Hive.

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LOL Yes well they really cannot deal with peer-to-peer transactions between nodes.

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The issue of finance in the world goes a lot from the cultural and knowledge of the people

People who today invest in cryptos would be investing in other things if it did not exist. This is in the person's instinct and subconscious.

If one day the world gets all the wealth to share equally for everyone. In a few years' time the money will return to the hands of those who were rich before and maybe even more.

Because who doesn't have money, never knew how to have money, it's a cultural and mental issue. The person will never have until he can change that. And it will not be winning from one hour to the next that will change. There are cases and accidents, but the vast majority will only lose and become even poorer afterwards.

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That is true a change in mindset is required. However what you refer to is often the lottery winner syndrome. When people get money very quickly, yes they are not prepared to handle it. That results in the loss. However, those who build it over time tend to do better at holding onto it. Yes you can always cite those who lost through a bad business deal.

But if you understand that crypto is just data and we are entering abundance, then you realize that what is lost can be quickly recouped.

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World finance ignores world poverty and hunger. Centuries of exploitation and the result is that they leave people starving, exhausted and without resources.

Cryptocurrencies are a weapon to overturn this horrible ecosystem that the continuous pursuit of human power has created. We hope well

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Without a doubt. The exploitation has been enormous and will continue if allowed. This will open people to other options. When they are pushed into a corner, they will be accepting of an alternative system.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 57 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

the plot from Atlas Shrugged become reality for much of communist Eastern Europe, everything was forcefully nationalized and most didn't own much of anything

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Funny timing; not that long ago a friend of mine sent me an article, and was rightfully questioning: if we own nothing... who does???

When you read about the great reset, it would seem a great thing, a step in a brighter evolution. But we don't even need to read between the lines, since it's blatantly in the open: rich get richer, everyone else gets the scraps. So... glad to be part of this crypto "resistance"!

PS - loved the writing, forwarded this article to my friend; he's in crypto as well, and gaining more and more interest about it. Cheers! !BEER

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While many are awaiting to see if the governments of the world will give permission, ....

People are learning that the government does not need to give it's permission.

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Feudal days coming?

Sometimes I think about this when I read / hear about the great reset or something similar.

Hey, @taskmaster4450.
We can only hope that the Great Rejection can be fully realized before the Great Reset takes place. They've been working on versions of this for decades, while the way out of it has not been so clear for the rest of us until now, and even still, we're trying to lead the masses, which move at the rate of molasses. :)

re: Atlas Shrugged

While there were certainly some industrialists that received the invitation to head off to Galt's Gulch, the way I remember the story is, many more did not. Instead, they went along (whether they were truly happy about it or not), with the government interference and overreach, because they thought they could benefit from it. The main protagonist finds herself in a battle with her own brother over their railroad company and its direction, as does the steel inventor Rearden with his wife and other members of the family.

So, I think quite a bit of what she saw happening has occurred in that regard. I agree, however, that we do seem to missing those who would create Galt's Gulch. As the novel often asked, and we seem to be lacking, Who is John Galt?