Hive Is Changing Lives

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What real world impact is there?

This is a legitimate question. When it comes to cryptocurrency, what is really happening?

We see major Wall Street institutions starting to get involved. They are setting up platforms for their wealthy clients to trade crypto as well as buying in themselves.

Does this really accomplish much? Sure it is great for the market cap of an asset class. Yet, if we are honest, the last thing these people need is another asset to make money from. Wall Street has thousands of different ways to generate a return. At the same time, is anyone from that part of the spectrum really having their life changes as a result of cryptocurrency being introduced?

The answer is most likely not.

We could say the same thing for Elon Musk and Tesla. Sure, the gains from Bitcoin look good on the balance sheet. Taking $1.5 billion in turning into near $3 billion in a quarter is an outstanding achievement. However, the fate of Musk's wealth or Tesla's future were only nominally impacted, at best, by the Bitcoin acquisition.

Thus, we have to look further to see what is truly making a difference.


While Hive is not the best known blockchain nor is it the biggest, it does have something going for it that is different from most others. What is taking place on here is changing the lives of some everyday people. In other words, we are seeing a meaningful impact "on the ground".

For this article, I will highlight one individual because I believe she epitomizes this concept to a great degree. There are others who are following a similar path and, hopefully, there will be hundreds of thousands more.

A number of months back, one user, @celi130, put an introduction post on At that time, she was greeted in a friendly manner, encouraged to participate, and received some upvotes. The votes she received put her on the trending page for a little bit, something that is quite an achievement.

However, this is more than just getting a few tokens in one's wallet. This is a serious change in direction for the life of this individual and her family.

She resides in Venezuela. As we find out in a follow up post, this had more impact that many realize.

Continued after I responded to the comments, I dedicated myself to making this post that has only been 16 hours my first post in Leofinance is generating almost two years of salary in my country Venezuela, equivalent to almost $ 20 and its value continues to rise.

A single post made what was the equivalent of almost twenty months salary. That is certainly a nice thing to wake up to.

Of course, income and expenses do not quite coincide. The cost of items such as food far exceed what the average worker earns. Hence, the payout from that post, at that time, helped her to buy 10 items for her family.

If this was the end of the story, it would be a nice piece to uplift us a bit as we go through our day. However, there is more to this.

There is a saying about giving versus teaching a man to fish.

If @celi130 simply took the money and split, that would be a situation we saw all too often. However, it appears she understands that, in spite of needing the money, the difference between income and wealth.

Hive can provide an income to people. More importantly, Hive is a sensational vehicle which to build wealth upon. Naturally, to achieve this end, we need to do more than just cashing out the first chance we get.

We see another post from 3 weeks ago. In it, we find out the progress towards 1,000 power. It seems she set down a goal of have 1,000 LEO, CTP, and HIVE staked.

There were three screenshots enclosed to show the progress.

This one idea sums up what many of us spent years writing about.

While cashing some of the tokens received is often necessary, those who focus upon building have the capability to really change their lives.

In this instance, in spite of being in a country where the average wage is $1 a month, this individual was able to stake over $500. This is building future wealth for her while also helping out the platform some.

It is a story that I think we all could agree that needs to be repeated 100K time over.

Of course, this does not come without effort. In the latest post, we see the commitment shown towards the ecosystem and individual building.

Here are the goals set down for the Proof-of-Brain tribe.


Notice what first set of goals deal with engagement. How many people on Hive are beating this drum each day? It is something that many promote as the path to success. Again, here is something who is taking that suggestion to heart.

We don't know how the next few years will pan out. However, if it goes like many of us believe, the value of these tokens will be much higher than today. That $500 can turn into $5,000 or more with price appreciation along with continues effort.

How does that impact someone in a country where the pay is about a dollar a month?

The bottom line is that Hive is changing lives of people who are really in need of help. It is great to see the TVL of DeFi on Ethereum surpassing $50 billion. However, on a chain where, due to the transaction fees, one must be moving around at least $5,000, this is not dealing with the average person. It is a game for the bigger players.

Hive offers something for everyone, no matter what the income level or present economic situation. One can enter and simple get involved.

Presently, there are people from Nigeria, Brazil, Venezuela, and Indonesia who are following the same path. In fact, while the numbers are different, Hive is also impacting people in the developed countries in a positive way.

Hive is changing lives.

However, to realize that, one must be willing to put forth the effort. A long-term view is required since things tend not to happen quickly. It could take months to get noticed whereby the upvotes add up to something of value. Most of us went through that when we started.

And, most importantly, wealth is not derived by cashing every token received out. That is not only short-sighted, it also does not exhibit commitment to the expansion of the platforms that are on here. A percentage needs to be staked to improve one's influence on chain, not only for governance (with HP) but also curation. This ends up increasing the payouts that one receives.

It is all about compounding and those who utilize Hive for this purpose will see a difference in their life over time.

We see a clear example of it here.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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I find it also hard to believe that the common salary is 1$ a month! How can that be?! Anyway, great point; I was talking to @josediccus about the possibilities of fiat conversion. Seems like that it is pretty hard in a lot of countries, however:

The government are trying to limit the possibilities that blockchain, DeFi and Crypto will bring.

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That is happening in many places across the world. Crypto and blockchain need to keep building to counteract that.

In the end, we will see who wins the race. The push towards decentralization keep happening whether they like it or not.

It will be interesting to watch.

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interesting to watch, but the ones whose lives depend on it probably won't look at it from an armchair position

That is how it usually works @tobetada.

Those who truly need it won't engage.

Sad but that is how it works out.

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I find it also hard to believe that the common salary is 1$ a month! How can that be?!

A hyperinflated currency that is near worthless due to a total collapse in confidence in the government and, hence, the economy.

There are a lot of areas where this can all help. Of course, the developed countries have people struggling so it is something that is beneficial there also.

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As a Moderator of #ladiesofhive I had posed the Question to our gals: How has Hive benefited you? Our Membership boasts a delightful majority of Venezuelan and various South American ladies whose personal lives can attest to that.

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That is great. I hope there were a lot of positive responses.

Do you have a link to the post that you put up? I would be interested in what the responses are.

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How does that impact someone in a country where the pay is about a dollar a month?

Where I live approximately UD $23.50 per month (ZAR 350) is what has been given as a grant payment for people to live on. Now if they own a cellphone most do, are able to communicate in English (one of 13 languages here) they could spend some time learning to earn in Hive.

Do they listen even when you share on Twitter and Facebook where most reside out of choice.... No! Kudos to those who are joining and committing to taking up the challenge, now earning.

My first reply Big corporate, Bankers etc. = FOMO these guys jumping on board now are starting to see the potential, gaming the system to work for the rich.

Likes of normal people need to take a good long look, start questioning even though governments are introducing all kinds of taxation or new hurdles to maneuver through, the long run is investing, growing!

My first reply Big corporate, Bankers etc. = FOMO these guys jumping on board now are starting to see the potential, gaming the system to work for the rich.

Ah ok I see what you mean.

Yes kudos to those who do get on board and start the process of long term earning. It is not easy nor is it a quick process. However, we keep seeing more people becoming case examples of exactly what is taking place.

Many will ignore it simply because they do not want to do the work. It really comes down to that point.

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People ignoring this learning curve do it to their own detriment, as a first or secondary income stream it will be well worth time and effort. Anyone scared of putting in time and effort now will regret it in a couple of years down the road. IMHO

I am lucky to not need to cash out but I do plan on compound what I earn on HIVE. People need to realize that it takes time and effort to earn tokens. The largest problem is that some of the new users expect instant returns in both the markets and on HIVE.

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The largest problem is that some of the new users expect instant returns in both the markets and on HIVE.

That is absolutely true. The expectation level is set at "unrealistic". People do not seem to view things in terms of how they are elsewhere. Because this is Web 3.0 or something, they think it is magically different.

The reality is the skills required elsewhere also apply.

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I've started a new strategy where I find people making content in poorer countries, then sorta sponsor them, by getting them a Hive account, and then doing my best to make sure their posts do well. One kid put on a longboard race which i helped fund, he's now posting regularly, and is trying to get others to join.
This also had the added bonus of showing that I am legitimate, when most of the longboarders I invited in North America refused because they thought it had to be a scam because they couldn't wrap their heads around where the money came from. Now it's just a matter of keeping this ball rolling, and getting the larger scene to start to recognize that Hive is the best tool for growing a community.

It is a slow process but one I hope you keep clawing away at. We need 1,000 of such initiatives. If we did that, we would find more people succeeding.

That said, we still need a few more applications to fill in the holes. Hopefully we will see a lot of this throughout the year.

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Yeah i love that Hive can be used in so many ways, and I think the potential is massive, but I agree the we have a lot of work to do still!
Personally I'm debating between making my own front end / token, or doing some kind of campaign where i ask for delegations to my HP so I can sponsor more people. It's either that or a proposal, assuming it would get funded.
Any suggestions with your experience here, as to what might work best, so I can do more? Or people I should talk to that could show me how to start something where people delegate me power in return for something?

If you have a solid idea for a tribe/token, and a decent lite paper, SPI (Steem Power Investments) is looking for people to sponsor. :)

I think the idea could be huge. The white paper hopefully will be good too, but I’ve never written one before 🙏🤷🏼‍♂️

THey specified "lite" paper, which I presume means it doesn't have to be too extravagant, just a good outline of what you want to accomplish. Good luck!

I thought it was just a typo, and just assumed white paper. lol. Either way, I’ll do my best, and hopefully I’m not the only one who sees my vision.
Thanks for the reply.

Lol. That’s kinda what I thought the first time I saw the term but I guess it’s a thing now.

A front end is always an interesting idea depending upon what you are trying to do. That could hold enormous potential.

As for support, many look to supporting with upvotes but it is equally as important to start engaging and mentoring newer people.

This is how we can help to pull people forward.

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I've started a new strategy where I find people making content in poorer countries, then sorta sponsor them, by getting them a Hive account, and then doing my best to make sure their posts do well.

I live in Hungary, and nowadays my pension-like monthly income is about $250 USD. I think that I can call myself poor. Even to the standards of my own country, because the minimum wage in my country in the current year is around $558 USD per month, so nowadays I receive less than the half of the minimum wage in my country.

I do not even know how is this even possible.

Ok, so are you asking me to sponsor you, or why are you telling me this?
If you looked at my account you'd see I'm talking about sponsoring longboarders who are making skate content, so unless you plan to start posting skate content, then I'm saving my vote power for that.
To be fair, I took a quick scroll through your page, and it just felt negative. I think you need to do more networking by interacting with people, finding a good community of like minded people, rather than making posts complaining about how the last post didn't get enough engagement. Yes it sucks to make a real effort on a post that doesn't get seen, but consistency is important, and I just stopped scrolling after I saw a few negative posts. I wish you the best, but this isn't the way to get attention on Hive.

Ok, so are you asking me to sponsor you, or why are you telling me this?

No, I am not. I tell this not only to you, but to everyone. Everyone, who see this comment.

I think you need to do more networking by interacting with people

Even more? Nowadays I often spend the half day on commenting.

To be fair, I took a quick scroll through your page, and it just felt negative.

Of course it is negative. What else would be after trying since 2017.05.17 (almost 4 years), and almost constantly getting ignored since then.

I wish you the best, but this isn't the way to get attention on Hive.

Then what is the way? Having a lot of Hive power? Sorry, I do not have much. I observed that most of the successful people have a lot of Hive power.

Well if this is how you are commenting on every post, no wonder you’re getting ignored. You’re coming across as someone asking for pity, and most of the time I’d just ignore comments like this, but tried to be helpful, and you just double down on the hopelessness.
You blame the lack of HP for your engagement, yet you have significantly more followers than me. Only reason my posts are doing well is because I’ve spent years growing my connections here, I bring lots of people to Hive, and people see that I am a positive force on Hive. Never do you once see me complain about not getting enough engagement on posts that get missed.
So clearly I cannot help you, because you’ve already made up your mind about why your are unsuccessful, and you’ve already given up.

Hopefully you can turn things around by finding the right communities or subjects to post about, but complaining will just hurt you. Good luck with that.

You blame the lack of HP for your engagement, yet you have significantly more followers than me.

Mostly inactive followers. They left the platform long months/years ago.

I’m sure plenty of mine are inactive too, but I’m not trying to win the pissing into the wind contest.
I’d try to give you more positive feedback or advice, or tell you that even bad luck runs out eventually, but you’re clearly set in your negative mindset, and there is nothing I can do to help you like that.

hive has given me the gateway to the world of crypto and I learned a lot about it now I'm learning how to trade and how I will succeed in changing my life

That is one point that is worthy of a post on its own.

The knowledge that one gains here is tremendous. That is as, if not more, valuable as the money recieved.

Again teach a man to fish...

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I agree I have learned more on hive than I would have done in high school and its practical

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I would say the same for me but high school was so damn long ago for me, I honestly cant remember it let alone what I learned. 😁

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😁 me neither

I have read some of @celi130 posts, and they are really good, seems like a fair amount of effort is put into them.

I have never understood why wages (and prices) are so different around the world, as we are much more global and mobile than before. cryptocurrency doesn't discriminate on where you are from and has no borders (I would love to find out if anyone in space has actually transacted in crypto or not.. but that's another topic). So lets hope it can start equalizing wealth and earning opportunities around the world, and in the process bring some people out of poverty.

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This is the new way the internet
is saving lifes, families and helping
others to generate income from what they love to do.
Engagement is key.

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Hive indeed is changing life ...a lot of lesson have been learnt following the cryto world for 3years.... Wish to establish hiveghana ,print T -shirt and bring many on board, we can all join and build a better future for hive

Changing lives, one block at a time - feeless.

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That is a huge deal. Something that it seems many developers are overlooking. We are going to see a lot of projects fail due to the transaction costs on other chains.

Hive does not have that.

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HIVE is a life changing crypto for many!

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That post from Celi made me cry. I wonder what the situation is in Venezuela, but seeing how she earned is enough for two months salary in the country, I felt proud that Hive brings such a change in her life.

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Evidently it is rough there.

It is great that people have options. Hopefully more follow suit and join us here.

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It is definitely great to see this. I can really appreciate people who need to take money out to live their lives if they are at least powering up a little every now and then. Not that there is a right and wrong way to do it, but this is definitely the smarter choice of the two. I finally got that big break I was hoping for and I am looking forward to taking care of what needs to be taken care of with it and then using the rest to invest back into my accounts. Gunning for that 10x! If she continues on this path it will definitely change her life!

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Gunning for that 10x!

I am confident you will find it.

In fact, I believe you will get that in more than one token you are dealing with.

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Absolutely love this. "Hive is changing lives". Finally it feels like there is a platform that is made to benefit the every day person. By sharing what we love and engaging we are creating real impacts on our lives and everyone else's lives in our community. Great highlights here, thank you for sharing it!

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Yes it is for the everyday person, if that person wants it.

Sadly, most seem to not want it.

Good to see you on here @rob23. I hope you take full advantage of all that is offered here.

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I'm glad to be here engaging with content, I really enjoy the process. Let's hope more people are able to find their niche on Hive

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Hello, thanks for the mention in this post ... How you represented each post in detail.

Well, I did go beyond just receiving income and spending. Start with stacking goals or a fund that will later help me change my daughter's future. I do not know if one day I will become a great whale here, but if I grow my Power HIVE, LEO, CTP, CINEMA AND CURRENTLY POB.

Since I arrived at Leofinance my life on this platform has changed, because I saw something different that I did not see before, how large whales voted for people who were in zero power. That their votes was not that they were voting among themselves. There were friendly hands like yours who gave me advice:


In starting stacking I made a post about her advice as it rumbled in my head. It takes a motivation for people to stack their power that will not only be to become whales, or win in cures.

Because many start in this new world sometimes even lost, just looking for a solution or help to help them survive in their country. Seeing that by creating content you can pay your bill and buy food they go with that objective, they continue with it because there is no other motivation until that moment of only covering their basic needs.

But if we saw hivepower as a fund that we are accumulating for the not too distant future, it cannot help when we are not that young person who can spend long hours writing. In a fund that one day that we are unemployed we can withdraw a part while we seek a new economic stability, or a fund that cannot change the future of our children, as is my goal and motivation.

That in this way, by stacking, we are contributing with the platform so that the value of the currency increases, by having a good contribution the platform is well beneficial for us. But many people are unaware of the value of Power in stacking.

Today I thank this Hive platform and all of the second layer of Hive who have helped many people to get ahead to pay a bill or buy food. To each of the people who make lives in Leofinance who have helped me with advice, comments, votes, have made my economy stable, that I do not need a job to cover basic needs, that in the future this will multiply change everything for my daughter and me. That which he just read is almost at $ 0.85 and the hive $ 0.64 imagine when this cryptocurrency is above $ 2 or $ 5 because not seeing it at $ 10 or the promima bitcoin I will be riding on this rocket that me will lead to the moon.

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That in this way, by stacking, we are contributing with the platform so that the value of the currency increases, by having a good contribution the platform is well beneficial for us.

This is a very important point to mention. I am glad you put it in here.

There is a self serving altruism to it. If we amass more HP, we are supporting the network and hopefully the token itself.

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What we see as small is not the case if you have nothing. Hive will continue to impact many and at some point will impact in whatever country you live as the price has to go up at some point. We are all hoping to one day use Hive for something more than a passive income.

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I (again) totally agree with you. 😎👏
This is the right way. And every individual who realizes this and perseveres on this path will sooner or later experience satisfaction. But it's necessary to be persistent.

But it's necessary to be persistent.

No truer words were ever written about Hive.

It is a battle in persistence. Quitting or slacking off will not lead to success.

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It was reading her story that made me create this "contest" here

I myself am being very grateful for everything that has happened in my first "back" time. My financial situation was greatly affected by the pandemic and I broke down.

And seeing the power it has to help people in the world, is my first purpose here at HIVE. I have already written some posts talking about the power we have in hand, especially those who have big votes. The help you may be doing in someone's life.

We certainly do have the ability to spread around a great deal of wealth. This is further emphasized when we deal with those from poorer countries. The impact can be that much greater.

This is the real power of Hive. We can change lives since it is already happening.

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I was able to talk a few times with that user and if he invests in the platform I think he was doing it for his daughter as I understood, very different from the majority of Latinos who withdraw profits daily.
ps: I have nothing against them, many people may need that money, I don't know

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That is a great weakness that most Latin Americans have, that the money we receive we spend, even if we earn more than we have been used to having what we do is spend, it is like some of the bad habits the more we earn the more we spend. Lack of conscience of saving, of investing, that in order to enjoy good wealth in the future we must invest.

But sometimes we even get into things that are necessary, mostly because of consumerism. That we want to eat well today without thinking about tomorrow.

Sometimes, as I said, what comes here they do not see the importance of Hivepower, because the only thing they have been able to see is to become a whale, that the cures are paid.

But seeing that they have accumulated a lot of money that perhaps they have never had in their hands, they prefer to have it in their pockets or at home, eating better or buying equipment.

  • Lack of motivation.
  • Lack of information.
  • Failure to change bad habits in the administration of our money.
  • Ensure a future and not just live in the present.

There are many reasons that you should see why people do not accumulate their power, before arriving at Leofinance I had no interest in accumulating my power, I only published and already, I withdrawn my earnings. But now my thoughts are different I know it was also thanks to @taskmaster4450 for his great advice ...

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You seem to be doing well.

I am really happy at the progress you are making. Nothing will make me happier then when the prices of those tokens you are working at staking take off and you find yourself in a completely different financial arena as compared to what you are accustomed to.

And passing your experience on is of great value even if many do not take the suggestions.

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There are a lot of people who need the money, there is no doubt. The same holds true for those in Nigeria as well as many in the US and EU.

However, those that are able to keep some in and grow their influence, stand a chance to come out a lot further ahead. The example here is not one who is wealthy or even affluent in her country but someone struggling.

Each have to make their own decision but the pathway forward no matter which fork one takes.

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You're definitely correct, while I don't know this user, I can testify from a personal perspective. We have the resources to make hive the biggest blockchain ever, I guess we can work on that with time.

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Yes from what I see you are a testament to what is possible and I hope you are sharing that story everywhere.

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You mention the financial gains from the Hive rewards but Hive provides so much more than that! I wouldn't bee here if it weren't for Steem (2018), I was new to the crypto world and I landed on Steem (I don't know why or how) but it changed my life. I became part of the Portuguese steem community and learned SO MUCH from reading posts and exchanging messages with other members.

I lost a lot of btc investing in steem back then but the knowledge I gained allowed me to make 10x the amount I lost. The big value of Hive is the community and how we usually support each other.

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There certainly is a lot more to be gained than just financial rewards. That I cannot dispute. The relationships we form and the interactions we have are equally as important.

However, we do live in a monetary world, one where we cannot get away without having some resources. For this reason, we need to get as many people involved in the process as possible.

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I can't believe that the average income in Venezuela can be $1! As far as I know, Venezuela is full of oil. Of course, a communist-inspired regime, a dictatorship, huge inflation, but still $1 !!
This is not what you are talking about here, you are talking about the ability to earn money from online activity, on a blogging platform that happens to be Hive. Which can change the lives of some people in developed countries, the examples are close to us.
Of course, the activity and the degree of understanding of how to make money are important ... but more importantly, there is the Hive, the place where all this can happen!

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It is really true Hive is changing lives, I cannot believe that $20 is the equivalent of 2 years salary in Venezuela!!

I knew the situation is bad on that side, but not to this extent, it is good that she took Hive serious and can earn 2 years salary on one post, kudos to her.

Hive has also changed my life as it has made me expand my crypto investments .

I have always kept on sharing how Hive has changed my life and will continue sharing with every latest update in my life.

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It is a classic hyperinflation story where the value of the currency is crushed so much that it is near worthless.

I have always kept on sharing how Hive has changed my life and will continue sharing with every latest update in my life.

Those who are dedicated get compensated in so many ways and not just financial.

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Nice story. I know her.
In regards of the topic, if it wasn't for Hive I'd probably be stuck in a 9 to 5 now or in search of a job considering the world wide pandemic.
Hive is indeed life changing and its one of the few blockchains that have real life use cases.

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It would be interesting to see a list of the people who's lives were changed and the stories associated with them.

That would make for an interesting interview.

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I'm willing to participate and was thinking to invite myself to a crypto podcast here in Romania and talk about Hive. These guys are pretty new to youtube, but some renowned crypto investors and their channel is starting to gain traction.

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Telling our story in as many places as possible is vital.

If you want, you can come on one of the podcasts that I do.

DM me on discord if interested.

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I don't even feel like a Nigerian anymore because hive has made me live above the boundaries of a Nigerian, I made a post today, too often when I share my experience on here with other people around me, they either ignore or think I'm crazy, most think its impossible, while most spend their time on twitter, I'm here on hive engaging, receiving value for my time, I don't know a better way to put it to them, I can only keep sharing my excitements, unfortunately most people who read me are already here, while the others look away, I've tried many formats of title, one thing I've found out is that majority of Nigerians don't like to read, everything I've been able to know has been from reading far and wide, I wish there were more people who'll do that has vigorously as I did, now I'm reaping the rewards,...

Well...I'll keep trying, I'll keep writing. I'll keep doing me. Thanks for your inspiration tasky

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I can only keep sharing my excitements...

That is all you can do. Just keep telling people what you are doing and the results you are getting. There is little more than you can do.

They say you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make then drink. We can only tell people about Hive and encourage them to get involved.

I am glad you feel you superseded what is taking place in your country. That is part of the transition to Network Based economies.

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passive income and compounding it's a great incentive once you start gathering a significant amount of hive or leo or any other token here. I may not always be able to show up as much as I do now but my account can vote just fine on it's own and profit from curation

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And the passive income you have set it keeps growing as time goes by.

That is the key. Your account will be big, more in your bags, a year from now than today.

It all keeps adding to what you have. That is a vital component to building wealth.

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wall street is here
and we are here to before they
yes wall street is good because give us an expositión to other kind of capital.
Yes hive is give the oportuniti to winnn an awesome amoung of money, but the most great rich are the knowledge that let us get.
guau i am happy for ceci he is get a great advance here,
i hope they continuing their growing veri fast, usually i have a lot of venezuelan friend that come here and only win a little and spend the money and forget the richiest that they could be.
this is a great news to see.
the goals are the key of success, if you do not have one you do not where you want to go.
it is important have the goals very defined.
yes hive is gives us a great form to win and save money for the future, we hope in the future lets us the longed financial freedom

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All good points. The money coming in is going to help the growth.

Hive is offering something to the average person.

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Corporate, Big Players = FOMO

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Not sure how that applies or what it means in the context of this article.

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Full reply followed below, this was something I do find interesting people are chasing big earnings, not considering smaller cryptocurrencies. Hive being an excellent avenue to learn/earn, opportunity for small business, or simply save by having so much here on offer.