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There are many different ways to look at blockchains and how we value them. Many simply look at market cap believing that tells the story. This is something that is easy to disagree with since markets are rarely logical. Hence, they can either drastically over price something, or under price it. Either way, it is not going to be very accurate.

Thus, we need other ways to view this projects and what is taking place. For me, I am a believer in watching the development. In the digital world, that tells the entire story. Of course, that will not directly result in greater activity since more people still need to be attracted to what is being created.

Ultimately, that is where the true value comes from. The user base is what provides the activity. It is the Network Effect that truly adds to the ecosystem. If a project has more users, the chance of long-term success is greatly enhanced. Over time, the idea is to add more growth, reinforcing this idea.

We often see how this is a trudge. A lot of this does not happen overnight. With Hive passing its first year in operation, it is good to take a look at how things are progressing.

The growth of Hive is not something many are talking about. However, in looking at the weekly numbers posted by @penguinpablo, we do see some trends that are very encouraging.

To start, how is the activity on Hive? Which direction is it going in?

For a summation of this, let us look at the first chart.

After peaking out last year after the initial launch, we spent a lot of time going sideways or down. The low was the end of the year for the number of posts (including comments). Since that time, we have seen some fairly steady growth on the blockchain. The amount of activity, at least with this metric, is expanding.

Where is this activity coming from? Is it just the same accounts being active?

The next chart tells us that we are seeing a jump in the account category also.

We also see the long term sideways move from just after launch. However, the last couple months saw a big jump in the number of accounts transacting. What caused this is anyone's guess.

Some insight might come from the sign ups.

Here again we see the chart exhibiting a certain upward trend. Hive is creating more accounts on a weekly basis as compared to a few months ago. The key is that it is a significant amount, more than double what it was before.

How many of these accounts end up with people staying and getting active is impossible to gauge from these charts but there has to be a certain percentage.

This could explain, at least somewhat, the uptick in activity.

Then we have the posts and comments broken out.

Bear in mind, that the comments are on a per post basis, meaning that it is an average, not a raw number. Of course, we see the average drifting up over the last few months while the number of posts increased. This means the total number of comments is jumping at a nice rate.

Finally, we have the number of votes. This tells a similar story.

After looking at the numbers a bit more closely, there is no denying the trend that is in place. Hive is getting more active. We are seeing growth according to all the metrics. More accounts are using the blockchain, resulting in a greater amount of activity. This is a very positive sign for Hive.

Certainly, detractors will point to the fact that the growth rate is not that great. It is evident that we could progress at a much quicker pace. Also, the raw numbers are not all that impressive when we consider the totality of the Internet. Having 14K accounts transacting weekly isn't going to win Hive any prizes. However, it is a starting point and the direction, at least for now, is evident.

The key, of course, is for this to continue. As they say, it doesn't matter where you start from, only where you are going. For Hive, the numbers do not matter as long as they keep growing, hopefully at an accelerating pace.

Could all of this be playing into the increase in the token price? Perhaps although it is more likely the overall bull market is feeding that. Nevertheless, when trying to justify a price move, if that is possible, having increasing numbers to back it up is of great help.

This means that while the market could pull back, the floor of the value of Hive is being raised. As activity increases, the chance of others being attracted to what is here also goes up.

Here we see how it all keeps feeding itself, expanding the entire ecosystem.

A growing user base is vital for the long-term success of Hive. We are seeing more things being developed which is expanding the offerings to those who are here (or are arriving here). Eventually, this will help to feed into the numbers even more.

In the meantime, we need to do all we can to keep the trend going. Larger numbers tend to draw more people. As things grow, the rate can accelerate. It is evident that we are still awaiting that one application that will send things into overdrive. Whatever form it takes, having a solid foundation to build upon is vital.

Hive is known for its community and it is obviously getting larger each week. Some of this might be from older people returning as well as some new people joining our range. Either way, it is good to see the activity moving in the right direction.

We all have a hand in this since this is truly a community driven ecosystem. If each of us has an "ownership" mentality, it completely changes how we view what is taking place.

Those who are business owners will look at these charts, understanding how positive they truly are. Any business that has a trend like that, if it can be extended for years, will certainly end up as massive.

Hive is on that path. We just need to keep it up.

There is no doubt that Hive is growing.

All charts came from this post.

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Trying to do my part! Helped 3 new users get started last week (@maxgou and @katiolus have both gotten started, and @olebull will start writing on leo soon). Expect to get 3 more up and going this week:).

Hopefully, we can use the recent rise in value and momentum to get the network effect going. This time, with the ability to build and grow our own communities.

If any of them need HP to engage, have them drop a line in the daily @leomarkettalk post and I will delegate 50 HP to them so they can comment and engage to their heart's content.

We need to support those who want to join and get involved.

Great job getting people on here. 3 per week will be a great amount over the year. LOL

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I have delegated some to them, that should be enough for now but thank you for the offer :).

I think @maxgou could use some suggestions on how to find and connect with people of similar interest on @leofinance. He just asked, as a new user, for suggestions of the Best way to connect with people and build followers on Hive?, I think you would be the perfect person to help give some suggestions, or help him connect with the right people on Leo.

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I will drop by the post and comment on it.

Thanks for the lead. If you have anyone else you know who needs some HP to engage, just let me know. I am always willing to throw 50 HP or so in the direction of one who is looking to be active.

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@taskmaster4450le thanks for a great updatete about Hive :)

Thank you for making me more wealthy.

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I've gotten something like 16 people to join in the last couple months. I have tried for a long time to get this ball rolling, but now I feel we are getting some serious momentum! My next step is going to be getting a longboard company to create an account, power it up with a big investment, and then become a curator of skate content. I think it might be a new way for companies to "sponsor" riders, which benefits the company and the rider, rather than at the cost of the business.

That is terrific. Getting people to sign up is important. However, doing the later, getting a company, could really take things to a completely different levels. Get that company, or have someone, start a skate community and it all will tie in together.

Other companies will see a built in community ready for them to target.

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I'm thinking we memeify the company as much as possible, and probably sell a really ugly skateboard that resembles a Tesla Cyber Truck, which can only be bought with Dogecoin. If that doesn't get even slightly viral, than I don't know what will!

That will certainly have a chance of going viral especially if you get the Hive twitter army behind it. Let @nathanmars in on that and he will spread it all over Twitter to help get it more attention.

Coupled with a new community/concept, and it really could kickstart things.

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Isn't it beautiful how we already have a group of investors and marketers ready to house any great idea that comes along?

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Yes there are a lot of entrepreneurs, who are ready to rock and roll with different projects.

It is exciting to see how much we can push things once the infrastructure is in place.

We have the makings of some great things. We also have the Hive Twitter Army ready to go when there is some good stuff to promote like ProjectBlank.

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The numbers are looking good right now and we still haven't gotten Project Blank released yet. I think it is quite hard right now since most people tend to move towards short-form content.

I wonder how many of this is caused by the run up in price of HIVE jumping up. I was expecting more a jump in comment counts because of the phishing attacks earlier this month but I guess the amount they left wasn't really large enough to change the numbers by much.

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Hard to say if it is the run up in price. I have a feeling that is part of it since it did bring a few users back. I know a couple appeared on my feed after swearing that Hive was garbage and dead.

So it has an impact I believe.

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Sometimes I think that those who say "hive is garbage" are kind of like those who yell "I want a divorce" but don't file for separation. Unless they emptied that account and left their finally "goodbye" - then they are still here.

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Yea its weird how the skeptics come back after the situation changes. But it all adds to the engagement level so it doesn't matter as much.

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Yes their comments count too. LOL

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I hope this is an indicator of natural growth and not just bots posting content. Either way, it's really good to see the community expand. Cheers to everyone!

Well some of the post could be custom JSON from the gaming. These charts do not break things down. Maybe @dalz could do the types of transactions on Hive for the last month or two.

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I have bought some accounts for some friends like
@brianbe @rmejia @robestrada @ luisr13, among another couple out there and I have invited them, some of them started and then they kind of got discouraged since they thought it was something simple but it is not like that, others are starting I am making the greatest effort to retain them but People seem to find it difficult, if 4 years ago I had had myself teach me what I do, uf, I would have grown faster.
but well, let's hope everything goes well and our beloved platform grows to allow us to achieve the much-desired financial freedom that we believe in, and if I suppose that the increase in the Crypto world that is almost on everyone's lips is generating that many people sell
And the other thing is that many who have their account abandoned are taking it back when they see the price of hive go up, that's where the great gold diggers appear, who are only here when there are fat cows, never in skinny cows, and well this is normal that happens, that when there are lean cows they just go away, but hey.
I think that is what could be happening, in the end both things are important, the numbers will always be seen by someone and the developments are there to show how much we are progressing on the path that amuses us and allows our growth.

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De acuerdo @galberto, ahi vamos, despacio pero tratando de avanzar.

Thansk for sharing the graphs. It comes to show that Hive is getting discovered by many. Hoping for mass adoption, and waiting for ProjectBlank become a huge contribution to Hive.

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I think ProjectBlank will send the numbers off the charts. In the meantime, we will plug along, growing as we can. If we can add a few hundreds truly active users a week, that will really help things greatly.

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I see micro businesses with only one person shouting from the rooftops go to hundreds of thousands of readers every day. It is just a matter of time before it happens here.

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It is great to see the growth growing. I am really likely how we are seeing a huge number of people commenting and manual voting now.

There is a lot more of that as compared to the past. It is vital that we keep it going. The age of bot voting is leaving, at least well reduced from the past.

The numbers could really grow with another couple thousand active people.

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Good stats and looks like the block chain is moving in the right direction. I wonder how many accounts purchase Hive that would be a good data snapshot. Are we able to see how much Hive is coming into the network Vs being minted?

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Hive does not grow on trees. When someone buys Hive, they need to find a seller.

Personally, I would love to see amount of comments split between obvious bots like hivebuzz or various engagement tokens and the rest. Automatic comments have been around before but I feel the percentage has risen recently.

I would say the exact opposite. I think the amount of comments by the bots, as a percentage, is decreasing. I see a lot more people, especially on Leofinance, who are commenting a great deal more.

Either way, it does feed into the overall numbers. Some posts do get a lot of interaction though which is a positive.

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Exchanges have high liquidity levels. I've bought majority of mine and brought it into the block chain.

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The original post has statistics on transfers to/from exchanges.

There is definitely an ebb and flow that comes with the bot comments. It seems like every time there is a new service (wine, beer, luv, engage) the number of comments by bots go up.

I think there is lots of room for the bots. We just need to have lots and lots more humans than bots.

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Bot comments are totally fine. I was just pointing out that deriving any conclusions from the raw comments-per-post graph is misleading unless one puts some effort in assessing whether the environment has been reasonably stable.

I am sure there is a way to look at up. Check with @amr008, maybe he can pull it up.

As for those purchasing Hive, it might be tough to see where it comes in from but again that might be attainable.

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The great thing for me is that I picked the Hive Boat early on while it's growing at a rapid pace. 😁 Bang on.

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That is true. Whenever anyone joins, it is an opportunity to start growing and building. This will help put on ahead of people joining a year or two later.

The compounding factor is enhanced by time.

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I have been here since the first run. Of course I automatically had my brother, husband, join and I created accounts for my children.

Then I stopped.

Now that I have been here for years, I have people say stuff like "remember when you used to blog," I tell them I still do.

They are looking at me more closely now.

I have a handful of cousins who are ripe to join very soon, because they see how my time on the platform is starting to compound for me.

We just need to hold on and keep winning. Mass adoption is coming, there is no way for it not to.

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That's a lot of new account creations and not so much new posting activity?

Is there a breakdown as to what platforms are generating the majority of these new signs ups? and a way to reach out to them and see about providing some type of training onboarding for new accounts showing them a video on how to get started, best practices for blogging etc?

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I think tipu is leading the way. You would have to look @penguinpablo's original posts. Those stats are in there on a weekly basis.

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Whatever growth is good in my opinion and what we see on the charts is great, not only good. Those of us who are here day in day out know some of the users come and go based on the price of HIVE.

I like to believe the new growth we see is due to LeoFinance's simplified log in possibility and the price growth. This is going to be better. By the end of the year we're going to see different, better numbers. We're known as a strong community.

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It isn't just price.

I myself for example LOVE being active every day. However, I have four children, who are pandemically homeschooled, and need to bring home at least 30,000$ income per year (fiat we can spend, hive earnings left on here don't count). Sometimes I just can't be here.

But I always check in.

There are lots like me on here who for some reason or another come in and out yet have a very hardcore commitment to long term growth.

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No, you don't count in that category. I was referring to another segment. Those who miss half a year or one year or more. They drop out, them come back and see how far others are and start to be active again.

I see you here all the time, so you're a hardcore user 😀

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Leofinance is not the top account creators though. There are other platforms pulling in more people.

Either way, if they get here, there is a chance that they get active.

We are going to have to see if this trend continues.

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Leofinance could well take a good chunk of the Reddit bunch if done correctly. Nothing in comparison to the other apps but could be a strong group of active players which would bring a lot of attention to hive in general.

Hoping to transfer the Reddit forum knowledge onto Leofinance and start the bridging of knowledge.

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The challenge I see with the Reddit crowd is there are not a lot of long form content creators on there.

Most of them like to post a link and then have people comment on it.

We need to appeal to the long form people, maybe from medium.

That said, Blank could really appeal to those people on Reddit and Twitter. It is the ideal app to share links and quick ideas.

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looks promising! also don't forget the change to the convergent curve which is going to help people getting more payout from their comments which should help in engagement

Has this change been imposed already?

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No next hard fork.

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Awesome that will be great and hopefully encouraging engagement!

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It should take place in the next few months.

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I agree with you completely. That is something that is going to really help to change the amount of engagement.

It will be interesting to see how much the bigger accounts support comments.

I look forward to it because it will be a Hive raise for me since I am penalized for the comments I vote upon for the most part.

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I didn't even realize I was penalized. I love upvoting comments. Sometimes reading comment sections is more entertaining than reading the "new post feeds"

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With Hive, because of the curve, there is an effective penalty. This is not the case with the tribes so the upvote for LEO, as an example, does not fit into that category.

That will be changed in the next hard fork.

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Do you know of a good post that explains how that will work?

I haven't quite wrapped my hear around it.

I upvote comments so I want to really understand.

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I think googling for convergent curve should bring up some good posts explaining that. Basically, it will go back to linear, meaning that posts/comments with low payout won't get penalized.

Mission Hive. Wonderfully written. Hive is the future and Hive tokens and games are all doing their part too to boost it. Curated on behalf of the Neoxian city paper.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

We seek to have Hive a part of the future. We all have a part to play in this so it is up to us to keep pushign.

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yes, indeed.

If you ever create a paper version newspaper of Neoxian News, I would love to buy a copy.

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The trends are looking good, lets hope it keeps on going in the right direction!!


i suppose it dont need much explanation

No it doesnt although I am not sure how you come up with the price for Hive transactions.

There is no fee. So as long as there are RCs, one can transact all day long.

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1 staked hive at $0.69 = 25 transactions per day

A better calculation would be the price to lease 1 hive per day.

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That is true but then you can do the same thing the next day, which would cut that in half.

And the day after...and so on.

One is still left with the HP after doing all those transactions during the day so it is not a true cost.

Hence it is feeless.

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Ultimately, that is where the true value comes from. The user base is what provides the activity.

This is why I laugh when people talk about Cardano or the next next killer blockchain. Literally no one can claim to be undervalued like Eth and Hive, they are the only chains with real users.

EOS could make a claim too, but not as big.

I think the claim there is actually on Telos. I think that took over the real user base by now but I could be mistaken.

Cardano has great potential in my opinion but it is far from a done deal. The activity that is taking place on the other chains is real. Cardano is still speculation at this point.

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When I judge adoption I look at number of users in gaming and social categories on websites like dapp, stateofthedapps or dappradar. Unfortunately telos isn't listed on any of those websites, so I can't see the numbers.

Telos however, ranks first on blocktivity but this comes with a disclaimer that most of the activity is generated by a single miner entity. XRP is ranked second on blocktivity with a similar disclaimer. Since I know XRP is basically BS, I don't know how reliable the adoption of Telos really is.

Coming back to dapp rankings according to the websites mentioned above, the blockchains that appear in the top for gaming and social apps are the following:

  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • WAX
  • Thundercore
  • HIVE

We know Ethereum doesn't scale for social and gaming, and it ranks below HIVE anyway so no competition on that front. ETH will focus on defi longterm, and avoid gaming and social, for scalability reasons (that's just my opinion though).

EOS has lots of bots which is why I remain cautious. The activity spikes weirdly. One day there are 0 apps in the top ranks and the next there are a few. Unless they've seen massive growth recently.

WAX and Thundercore are both doubtful in terms of decentralization and I couldn't even manage to open one of their games in my browser. It basically doesn't even work. (if someone else could try using those blockchains and giving me some feedback I would appreciate it btw)

I know WAX has a legitimate NFT marketplace but don't know about an actual game similar to slpinterlands. Again, maybe I didn't try hard enough.

In short, that leaves us with one real choice when you look at real adoption, and it's hive. And obviously ETH for defi.

I don't look at gambling apps, exchanges, etc... because long term those don't matter without actual apps such as peakd, splinterlands.

I havent seen any numbers but I would think that BSC is going to start eating into some of the Ethereum dominance in terms of DeFi. The numbers might be small now but they will grow as smaller players (a lot of them) move from ETH which is for the big fish to BSC.

Hopefully HSC can pick that up.

Interesting take on the gaming. I think EOS will run into the same problem as ETH in terms of the fees. If it gets too popular, the price of RAM goes up.

I hope you are right about Hive. It would be good to get some insight into what else is being worked upon in the gaming arena. Outside of Splinterlands, it seems little was done to reach a lot of people with gaming.

That can always change quickly though.

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I agree with you on BSC, however calling it Defi is a stretch. Binance chooses who runs the nodes, there isn't community voting like on hive. CZ named it appropriately CeDefi (centralized decentralized finance)

Believe it or not but cryptobrewmaster and rabona rank well in gaming even though they are decades behind splinterlands.

That is true about Binance and not being centralized. Either way, hopefully we see HSC and it gets some apps that can attract a lot of attention.

That is good about those two games. I hope their outreach is widely successful.

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Lately I have noticed a lot of old faces returning after a lengthy absence. Any growth is good growth and things are moving quickly. Wish we could have Project Blank though as things will change quicker then.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That is certainly part of the recent uptick in activity. I noticed the same thing. A few are now on my feed who swore of Hive in the past.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Also a good indicator that price is about to rise again. Just don't get it as the last time I saw them I saw them as fairly large accounts compared to what I had and now they are nothing.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

LOL that is my experience too. A few on their powered down and now they have nothing in their account.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

When $2.00 hits, which is where I thought we would consistently sit at when I joined, lots and lots of people will be coming back.

$2.00 made me "enough" income commenting and posting for California Standards.

I would so much rather type posts and make comments for my living than the plethora of other random stuff I do all day every day to not have to have a "job". $2.00 and I'll be creating 4-6 quality posts per day. I am a freelance writer, I really can churn out that much quality content. - And so can lots of other writers that I know.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

$2 will get a lot of attention. That will bring in more people since the payouts will go up.

We will see what happens between now and then.

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Really enjoyed this post. The charts are a good way to show Hive growth and interest. It would be interesting to dig deeper and find/tell the story as to why we have spike in growth at certain times of the year over others.

Lots of returning users with the price movement which is great to see. They already know the system and should be more motivated to stay and be active when they come back to see so much growth and development.

It's still too complicated for a lot of the new users but I'm hoping to see an upgrade on the tribes that will fix this and get them growing individually which will speed up the process a lot. Having a hundred tribes adding to the chain and bringing in users would make a big difference.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

There is still a lot of complication to the Hive blockchain. We are going to see it trickle in until there is a concerted ease of use push. There are a few projects out there that are looking to add to that.

Hopefully it will come up quickly so we can get more people active.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think that tribes are the key to success on that scope.

When anybody can launch and run a tribe without technical knowledge then we can start bringing in big numbers. We can start niche tribes for a few hundred users and recruit our friends. It would need to run as smoothly as a web2 site and have a lower entry cost of say 100HBD an then we would see exponential growth.

The resource credits for me is the main reason behind the easy account creation process. I was thankful that it was introduced because big projects like LeoFinance, 3Speak, PeakD, and other apps out there are now able to onboard users easily for free or at least a very low fee. It was a long-time problem of Steem before.

The daily accounts transacting is the biggest win for me here too because, for almost a year, I see a trend of the same accounts (and blockchain games in most) are clogging the blockchain. Now, thanks to the constant efforts of the developers of Hive, noble witnesses, and big promoters of Hive like you.

I can truly say we're headed in the right direction. A more mature blockchain than we had 5 years ago. Yes, I still consider Steem as part of Hive. A dramatic part that made us grow stronger.

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As you say, maybe 14K users making transactions does not give Hive a prize, but it does give a forecast of what is still to grow, as you can see in the graphs how the activity is maintained and even increasing.

So we will soon see hive at the top of the charts.

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It is moving in the right direction, that is what is important.

We will see if we can continue it going forward.

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We hope that..

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!BEER Great Insights, I think the lockdown incentivised a lot of people to take more time to explore what might seem too complex at first glance. Signing up here could appear daunting to someone used to streamlined Fakebook logins and no need to be responsible for your own account. I think the boredom and restrictions are also causing a lot of those people to take the time they usually would not be ready to give to check it out.

I came back <3 I don't know how long I will stay with all the outside work I have to do. I am making an effort to post every day and say hello to a dozen of my old and new friends daily.

Nice graphs. Great to see activity increasing here on hive. This illustrate growth. We're gradually getting to where we ought to be

I would say we are still a long way from there but it is moving in the right direction.

At some point, we need to see the growth rate explode. A couple hundred new users active each week will not cut it for too long.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

True but we are sure moving in the direction. It's only a matter of time. I believe the launch of the microblogging platform and some more developments around hive will help with that

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

We just have to remember that growth is exponential.

And that there are lots of "overnight" success stories in life. We will get ours soon.

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I was just having a conversation with my brother in law this weekend and I was trying to explain to him all of the great stuff that is going on with Hive. His recommendation was for me to cash out and move that money into something else. I don't really fault him for thinking that way. He is a money guy and he has never used Hive. I think if he were to actually dig into it, he would understand why my stake is staying right where it is!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Ask him if he understands the concept of the Network Effect? Does he grasp what enabled Facebook and Twitter to grow?

If not, he is a money guy who is going to miss the money opportunities going forward.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I understand what you are saying, but I don't think he cares. He gets the majority of his money other ways. He did do a pretty good Doge flip when it pumped a month or so ago.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

They dont care until they see huge monies starting to roll in.

Look at Tesla, most did not care until it went up 700% in one year. Suddenly it was on everyone's radar and a bunch of people regretting not getting in earlier.

It happens in all markets. LOL

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes it does. That is why I am I moving on board Coinbase when it comes out.

Looking lovely! The best thing about HIVE is that everyone can find their place here. If they can't, they can build their own on top of HIVE. Beautiful!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Well said. If you cant find what you want here, build it yourself.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yep, works quite well if you're consistent and work hard :)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It is definitely nice to see some growth around here... I have been a regular watcher of @penguinpablo's reports for a long time; things are definitely pointing in a better direction.

I am crossing my fingers that everyone is also doing their part with engagement and commenting; that the uptrend isn't just about posting and "harvesting" because the token price is up.

It will be very interesting to see how the numbers will move once the infamous "Project Blank" goes live... will it serve as the catalyst for some major long-term expansion? I certainly hope so!


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I am crossing my fingers that everyone is also doing their part with engagement and commenting; that the uptrend isn't just about posting and "harvesting" because the token price is up.

I am sure there is a lot of that taking place. With many returning as the price increased, that is all they care about.

It will be very interesting to see how the numbers will move once the infamous "Project Blank" goes live... will it serve as the catalyst for some major long-term expansion? I certainly hope so!

I believe the numbers will simply explode. The amount of activity will be enormous as compared to what we see now. The fact that it is designed for quick hits in terms of ideas sent out, we will see people who post one or two posts/comments a day suddenly doing dozens.

Look at the numbers on Twitter.

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Yes, the twitter numbers are mindboggling. 6,000 tweets... per SECOND.

Even a tiny fraction of that would make a huge difference.

One thing I have been pondering is how all these "posts" will spool in our individual feeds... if they will, at all? There has to be some kind of on/off toggle for that... or it would quickly become an unreadable mess, and *"regular" posts would be drowned out.


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It is not on the top level so it will not show up on your blog.

The "blanks" will be found in your comments.

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As much as you don't like looking at the price, it has a big influence in attracting new users and inactive users back

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It does. The problem is that those people tend to leave during the next bear market.

So we are right back where we started if we are only attracting people based upon price.

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Not if the price stabilizes as a decent level like $1 for example

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