Hive Very Strong In Key Area According To Developer

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The world of blockchain is still very young. This is notably true for Hive, which just celebrated its first birthday since the fork took place.

Over the initial year, a lot was done to the base coding yet it is something that few truly understand. What took place and why was it done?

Last week, @raymondspeaks and myself had the opportunity to interview @blocktrades regarding the state of the chain. If you have not seen this, it is worth watching.

One of the key areas that was focused upon was the optimization of the chain. Not a lot was done to the base code over the last few years which made the chain extremely expensive to run. As it grew in time, this made it difficult to handle, not only from a financial standpoint but also the sheer volume of the data.

Optimization is not one of those sexy topics and having hard forks revolving around that as well as updates does not excite users. However, there is an important component that comes out of this.

When we look at Ethereum, the two biggest problems we see are the cost of transactions and the speed. It is limited in the number of transactions that it can do. The same goes for Bitcoin. Many point out the fact that it is absurd to spend more on a blockchain transaction than the banking system charges.

Hive already has the fees covered. Since it is fee-less, all transactions rely upon Resource Credits which are derived from Hive Power. Thus, as long as that exists, one can transact all day long.

Yet what about the number of transactions?


This is one of the key points from the interview. Blocktrades mentioned that one of his top priorities after the fork was to work on the scaling of Hive. Though the efforts, this blockchain can scale to a much greater degree than it could before.

In fact, it is now order of magnitudes better in that area.

How much can Hive handle? Sadly, this is a question that depends upon many variables. The true answer is that we will not really know until we get to that point. This is one of those finicky things about development. Nothing on the testnet can replicate what happens as compared to the mainnet.

In other words, real world traffic is often varied and impossible to guess.

For example, when trying to determine the number of users, what type of data are they sending through? If Hive becomes a platform where Layer 2 is made up of games, that is much different than millions of blog posts going through. Financial transactions are also much different from Custom JSONs, which take up a lot less room.

Nevertheless, Blocktrades feels comfortable that Hive can scale to whatever degree is required as growth takes place. Of course, as we near the next barrier other things can be done to enhance things even greater.

Also, we must keep in mind that optimization is still taking place. This is an ongoing process that seeks to keep making Hive more efficient in its operations.

It seems that Hive is being positions very strong in this regard as compared to some others. Development teams elsewhere chose to focus upon different criteria while leaving scaling aside. We are seeing the results in some of the more popular chains.

Having the "horsepower" on the chain is very important. It means little until you need but, when you do, it is great to have.

If we look at this situation from the ground up, having a strong base layer will only enhance all that is tied to it. Again, look at the applications on Ethereum and what they are dealing with.

Another important area as it pertains to growth is the ability to deliver enough accounts and Resource Credits to the user base as it grows. Many who are unfamiliar with how this process works, which is likely most of us, had some concern about that.


Blocktrades once again put that to rest. There are ways that the Witnesses can alter things that will deliver more accounts and ability to transact to a growing user base. Thus, we can see a great deal more growth before that becomes a problem.

Many might look at this cast it aside since the blockchain is using very little of its capability. That might be the case yet the best time to deal with scaling issues is before the scaling is needed. Again, if we look around, we see how difficult it is to scale when a blockchain is at peak capacity. It opens the doors for others to sneak in.

We often mention how Hive can so far in its first year. At the same time, we marvel about how this is not the same ecosystem as it was last March.

Now, we can go one step further and say it is not even the same blockchain at the base layer. The code was changed to optimize it in many different ways. Even the replay times were dropped significantly.


A final note from the interview: Many want to know about SMTs.

The view on that is very simple. Buildings SMTs at the base layer makes little sense in terms of the time required to bring them to light. The reason being is they will be limited in what they can offer.

At the base layer, SMTs would resemble Hive. They would be Proof-of-Brain, providing the ability to replicate what Hive offers. However, that is all.

Thus, a much better option is to add a Layer 2 Smart Contract solution that is fast, easy, and cost effective to operate. This would allow developers to create tokens for whatever purpose they wanted, while programming the contract as they see fit.

It is something that different teams are working on.

In the interview there are also some things discussed upon the upcoming hard fork that will take place in the next few months.

Exciting times ahead.

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i watched part of the interview yesterday. one of my highpoints was when Dan spoke about not wanting the blockchain to depend on blocktrades to run. this was a huge relief for me, knowing how steemit dealt with the community when it had the ninja mined stake.

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That is a great point to highlight.

He is not looking at this to be one company at the center of it all. There are a number of developers, both within Blocktrades and outside of it, who are doing work on the base code.

I am sure, in the future, there will be more others can do.

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It's great to hear that we're ahead of the curve from the horse's mouth. I'm very curious how things will work out when the flood gates open and we'll see a ton of new users, I think we'll be very grateful for all the hard work blocktrades has put in ( and I'm sure many of us are grateful as it is)

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I think we'll be very grateful for all the hard work blocktrades has put in

Without a doubt. The work put in the past years (and the fact that it is ongoing) will certainly pay off as we see the growth happening.

Having a strong foundation at the base layer is showing how vital it is when we watch other chains.

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One has to commend our coders and developers.

Thanks for sharing.

@tipu curate

We definitely don't know how much the block chain can handle until we get to that point and I wonder if Project Blank will cause this bottle neck. We all expect it to onboard many new users and each one is expected to do quite a bit of transactions over its lifetime. I hope there aren't too many issues when the hard forks takes place and that there is a more permanent solution for the HBD peg then as well.

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I guess it depends upon how much volume is sent over. One thing is that it will not be doing top layer blog posts, which should be bigger I would think.

We will see how quickly that thing does grow once it is released.

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Thank you for including a textual synopsis of the interview, since so many of us are unable to watch any 3speak videos since they refuse to stream smoothly. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated! There's good information here! 🙌

How much can Hive handle?

More like how much Hive have to handle?
Much posts, only a few comments.

And most of those comments are spam-like, attention seeker comments. Even under this post.

For example "Interesting and useful :))"
Comments like that are meaningless to the author.

People should stop writing these general, false/fake positive, ass licking, attention-seeker comments. This leads to nowhere.

I would agree with you although this is not exclusive to Hive. Look at the number of comments compared to the number of views on a YouTube video.

Engagement is something that many of us try to promote. Yet few take the time to leave a strong, applicable comment.

Sadly, this is the norm I believe. There are some who do engage, most simply do not.

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Yes well that's what happens when money is wrapped up per action in a system like that. People worry more about if they will receive any money and be compensated than presenting quality information. They just want to monetize the vote. So thats why projects like im' involved in focus on ubi. Which means value goes out for being part of the system so you can focus more on being creative and taking quality action instead of just mining and looming for can i get a buck for an upvote and that being the overall goal. however to accomplish that at the same time that can't be the main motivating factor and often times it is. So we kinda get rid of that issue.

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I watched your video earlier and it was insightful for sure. I was amazed at the amount spent each month of $75k to keep steemit afloat but HIVE is now a far cry from what the STEEM chain was and it is a lot more accessible now (to run a witness for example) with MIRA, HiveD/Hivemind (I got lost with the database acronyms!).

As you discussed in the video, I don't think SMTs are really needed now with Hive-engine. Building the 2nd layer smart contracts makes more sense and I'm also glad to hear the changes to curation in the next HF too.

Anyone reading this, definitely watch that video with blocktrades. The Crypto Salad series should be on anyone's radar who interacts with the HIVE chain

With all that is being worked on, I think we see many more choices by the end of the year in regards to smart contracts and token creation.

It will be exciting to see what comes out.

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I agree with that. Hive-Engine seems to be actively developed.

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Spending the time on the foundation on which development will come can never be emphasized enough how important this really is. I wonder how many projects will run into trouble further down the road because they were already running instead of walking. Being able to scale up is hugely important as it avoids embarrassment and becoming the laughing stock which you probably wouldn't be able to recover from.

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I wonder how many projects will run into trouble further down the road because they were already running instead of walking.

Hard to tell.

What we do know is that many are not focusing upon scalability to the degree that BT is. We are fortunate that things went in that direction.

At least there are no worries about us adding millions of users.

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It really is amazing to me that Hive is still somewhere on the second page of coinmarketcap. There aren't any projects that can do what Hive does as seamlessly. It is really still the beginning.

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Hive has the opportunity to make history. Unlike many other blockchains that have a foundation or central entity running them, like Steemit Inc, we have Blocktrades trying to go the other direction, where they are not needed for future development.

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Hive can scale to whatever degree is required as growth takes place

While the vast majority of projects are having issues about scalability, Tx fees or gass-like stuff, Hive is quite comfortable with such basic issues while dealing with Layer 2 solutions. No more words needed 💁🏽‍♂️

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Absolutely amazing! I am always blown away by the Hive Devs. Once this is rolled out it rill be the Polkadot killer.

Fast, reliable and cheap.

I still don't know why Hive isn't at $36 minimum. I believe SMTs will push it there. Fantastic work everyone

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We aren't at 36 USD yet because not enough people know how great we are.

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Soon ❤

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That is a good outlook.

A few more DApps that many of us are waiting on and the secret will be getting out of the bad.

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I am not sure how it will be a Polkadot killer although I dont know much about that chain.

I would like to hear more your views on this.

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In short Polkadot has a high supply of tokens and has still reached $AUD40. It is a chain of multiple chains that can link into any block chain. It has cheap fees and a great system which allows communities to start up their own block chain with their own dedicated "road" reducing congestion. Fees are paid in that parachains tokens and at the end it meets polkadots main chain to save transactions. But the low fees and parachains enables polkadot not to receive congestion.

Unlike Ethereum requiring votes to make change Polkadot can upgrade and make change. Noting Hive requires hard forks for its major changes it is done and decided by witnesses I believe?

Hive is moving into the realm of a great interoperabile block chain with low fees and reduced traffic. It kinda has its own parachains and can establish witnesses relatively easily as it grows.

I'm not fully across it all but the changes being discussed are similar to what polkadot is trying to achieve with many devs and investors flocking to it over Ethereum.

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Very exciting time for hive, I am powering up all my rewards daily and want to be a part of the hive community long term - I feel right at home here and I feel things are working smoothly!

I do that daily also. I keep stacking them each day too. My commitment to Hive is long term.

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It definitely sounds very exciting. I can really appreciate the time they have put into making sure out base layer is good and stable. That is going to pay off in spades as things really start to ramp up in the next three years. I know a lot of people are excited and hungry for SMT's, but I really respect the decision to leave those to the 2nd layer. That makes a lot of sense to me and I think the communities and Hive-Engine have already proven how well they can work at that level.

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The ability for developers to get creative is the reason. Why limit what they are going to do by simply replicating the Hive token? People can obviously create the PoB token if they want but they will be able to do so much more.

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Really enjoyed the interview and your questions. Would be happy to hear more interviews like that, with other folks who are developing interesting things.

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We will try to get them on .

Hard to find some that are doing a lot of stuff.

Thought Blocktrades would be someone people wanted to listen to since he is leading the team that is developing the core code.

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I have a curiosity. If blocktrades at some point wants to fork anyone off the chain, could that be possible?

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Anyone can for the chain just like Blocktrades forked Steem.

So yes they could do that if they wanted although I fail to see what the incentive would be short of another attack from an external threat.

I think he is more interesting in building more software products as opposed to just spending his life working on base code all the time.

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The question here is given the amount of transactions on the Ethereum network
And look at the amount of transactions on the Hive network
Can Hive understand the matter if it reaches millions of daily transactions such as Ethereum?
Or is it still the same?

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There is no doubt that Hive could handle all the traffic that Ethereum has and a great deal more. It would happen without the excessive fees.

So in comparison, based upon these parameters, Hive is a much stronger chain that Ethereum.

Of course, if you based it upon Smart Contracts, Ethereum is light years ahead of Hive.

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The age old tradition is to make doubly sure that you build any foundation (Hive) well.
A strong pile driven foundation can handle any number of floors (Levels) that one wants to build up on it in the future.
This is what @blocktrades and his team are doing and it should be lauded and appreciated by all.

We are happy with Hive and may the future be great here for all of us.

Interesting and useful :))

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Yeah give is really coming straight to light and is spreading to other people

A strong foundation is everything. One of the worst things you can do in any real world application is grow too fast. If your business is not ready to handle the promises you make it will die a very fiery death. The only reason Ethereum is weathering their storm as well as they are is because there are no real viable alternatives. People just have to grin and bear it and eat the high fees. Alternatives ARE being devised and some, like BSC, are already doing very well.

With Hive, the baselayer is in place and will continue to strengthen. When the masses come (and they WILL come), the underlying tech will not only allow this platform to support that growth, but will give it the power and freedom to thrive. This place really is a goldmine waiting to be discovered. We're still so early in the overall development of crypto that most people are only interested in the big names (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and then new flyers (shitcoins). At some point in the not-so-distant future, they will start to look for network effect and value. When that day arrives, Hive will provide that opportunity in spades.

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This is good to hear. The good news just keeps coming, it seems. !BBH

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Great interview, and its really evident that hive is a very capable blockchain.

I wonder why BSC has become the new low cost alternative to ETH, particularly on defi, and why hasn't defi grown on Hive? or even EOSIO blockchains like EOS and WAX. Maybe because porting from ETH to BSC is much easier than going to a new environment.

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This was a great video. Thank you. It was nice to hear blocktrades as it was my first time to put a voice to the account. I am most excited to see the change in curation at the next hard fork. I think it will shake things up a bit but I think taking Leos lead would be less complex.

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Thanks for fielding this one. Scaling is a huge "boring" issue that not a lot of people want to discuss. My only worry is that RC pools will not be implemented in time for the next big boom, and many users will get left out in the cold and not be able to transact due to not having enough RCs. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there, but as you say, sometimes it's smarter to build the bridge before you need it.

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Hive goes in raw no rubber and buying and holding will make you grow taller by 5 inches, your penis will grow by 2 inches and you will finally have grown chest hair like tarzan. SUPPORT HIVE !

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