Noise.Cash: People Still Trying To Build Walled Systems

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Some insist on operating the same way they always have.

We talk about change and how cryptocurrency can unleash a different future for humanity. Of course to do that, people need to behave differently. It seems that we are going to have to embark upon the same path for a while until the mindset of people change.

The discussion around Web 3.0 is a fascinating one. It offers the ability to unleash creativity and a new system whereby people are rewarded for their efforts. Sadly, many who are developing the applications are still constructing according to Web 2.0 applications.

We see no better example of this than with Noise.Cash. The microblogging application that rewards users with tips of BCash came out with this statement.

It does seem the people on Hive did a good job getting involved with that application and using it as a platform to promote some of the different applications this ecosystem offers. This obviously does not bode well with the "tipping committee".

While it is understandable they do not want to be overrun by spam, it is evident they do not have a problem with the posts as they still encourage them. This makes sense since activity is key.

However, where they err is the mindset that there are "competing cryptocurrencies" which they define as anything other than BCash. Certainly, it is obvious to see how they fail to see the big picture. It is this limited view that is stalling the effort.

These people want to have a nice walled garden whereby BCash is the winner. They have the competing idea that for them to win, someone has to lose. This is not the mindset that is needed.

It also is not the idea that foster openness. Instead, they are behaving in a manner similar to what Twitter and Facebook do.

Imagine, for a second, if the Leofinance team came out and said we are no longer going to promote or support posts that discuss anything other than LEO or CUB. Thus, anything that mentions Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even Hive will be disregarded.

That would equate to what Noise.Cash is doing.

Of course, there is another level to this foolishness.

They claim their goal is to have "Bitcoin Cash adoption". Well, isn't that accomplished by putting the token in the hands of more people? Certainly this is how adoption rates increase.

Yet in this instance they want to create an echo chamber similar to what we see on other social media platforms. Sure they will accept content about other cryptocurrencies and platforms but will only reward those that discuss BCash.

Ironic since the BCash users do not need incentive to get excited about BCash.


Noise.Cash has succeeded in taking a Web 3.0 concept, applying tokenization to social media activity and merged it with a Web 2.0 philosophy, we will only reward what we approve of.

We must point out that, as far as I know, this is not a Web 3.0 application anyway. It seems to be a centralized system trying to operate like a Twitter while maintaining control. Unless I am mistaken, the posts are not tied to a blockchain nor is someone in full control of his or her account.

Essentially, we are looking at a half-assed attempt at forging a difference. What started out as a successful project is quickly turning into mud. When one wants a platform simply to promote a single idea, that is not a very resilient system. In fact, it really has little point.

Talking about BCash is a good thing. Certainly, it is one of the tokens that is part of the change in the world and there is no reason to ignore it. While I am not an expert on it, I am sure there are many positives to that token and what is happening with that chain.

That said, limiting the content that is considered worthy of reward makes little sense. Here we see another centralized system of control. Again, this is not something that was hidden. There are specific terms of service related to this application, thus it does not pretend to be immutable.

In the end, we see nothing more than a walled system being erected. Sure they want to center it around BCash but it is still a controlled social media platform.

One of the drawbacks to the present social media applications is the fact that it is now evident that not all topics of conversation is welcomed. Instead, we have platforms that specialize in censorship. While Noise.Cash has not taken that step, it is not a stretch to envision this in the future.

The reality of the situation is the world does not need half-assed solutions to the problems faced with social media. What is needed is true Web 3.0 applications that are immutable, where the accounts are controlled by the owners, and nothing can be censored.

For this to take place, all content needs to be tied to a decentralized blockchain.

Hive and its associated applications provide this. We see a system where the applications are not competing with each other. In fact, if one steps back and looks at it, they all feed into each other. As one application gains success, it brings more users to the table who then can gravitate towards all else that is offered here.

Since all the data is pulled from the same area, the blockchain, nobody has an exclusive on the content. All applications can read it unless they decide to block some of it. Yet, even in that instance, the data is still on chain for anyone to read.

As for the microblogging, Leofinance is working on an application that will fit the criteria mentioned above. It seeks to be a true Web 3.0 Twitter-alternative where content is immutable and individuals are in full control of their account.

Once this finally sees the light of day, I think Noise.Cash will end up being nothing more than an afterthought. Simply, the world does not need another application where the user base is controlled.

It is time for us to move away from that.

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This would be a good time to launch Blank, It's getting old that we have no clarity on this matter. On the other hand, I guess I haven't had much time for it so it's all good. We all want it to work well before it's released so it doesn't scare people away.

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The timing would be impeccable if it was available. Sadly it does not seem that it is.

As for clarification on time frame, we just hear crickets.

I wish there would be some type of update and explanation about what is going on.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta will end up as a place where there will be a chorus of praise for BCH ... In whose interests?

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It might be a great place to promote BCash but who is the audience?

I think it good to toot one's own horn since nobody else is going to do it. However, if they want it to be a mainstream app, then it is going to have to accept more than just BCash "tweets".

At least that is how I see it.

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You are absolutely right!

I read the press release from the admin, in reality they will not ban the posts of Hive, Leofinance or other platforms but they simply cannot receive tips. I disagree but it is clear that the tips money is theirs and they do what they want with it.

however, all this is against decentralization and I am very sorry about this

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Of course they ca do what they want. However, it does show how it is centralized and not open to others from the outside.

It is a small group dictating it all.

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Maybe the Hive crowd that adopted was not open to others from the outside either. Did they interact organically talking about a wide range of topics including other cryptocurrencies? Did they go full Nathan? I never used the platform myself but here on Hive I never met anyone recruiting other than "Let's milk them while shilling Hive" approach. Was there a whole-hearted attempt at cooperation from "our" side?

Sadly though, people will manipulate the decision by Simon (the developer of BCH-backed platforms) and the platform will be dominated by some people who represent themselves as BCH lover though all they want is to receive free money from the others. Sad.

I always support "crypto-united" PoV for the sake of crypto ecosystem but sometimes it turns into endless disappointment. The devs could not realize the exchange of information between Hive and Noise thanks to mini-posts. I believe it was good for both platforms; I see some of my friends started posting on Leo while majority of my friends also post in noise.

#ProjectBlank, as you mentioned, will not likely to fall into such a wrong decision. At least we experienced an example with the decision you mentioned dear.

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Yes I can see all that happening.

Hopefully it is something that ProjectBlank avoids.

Since it is not content specific, I presume people will be free to post whatever interests them.

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Very Good point.

Not really. You make an overgeneralization sir.

It is the general consensus of the HIVE community that they are not interested in the projects developed by Justin Sun and associates.

I have read some posts about these projects. They just don't get any traction. HIVE is run by the community, not an individual. There is no one person to be angry with.

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There is no one person to be angry with.

Exactly and there are a lot of persons angry with STEEM and JS, if the content from Steem isn't rewarded here is because of the users choice.

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Says the guy who used to post about BLURT all the time and no one said anything. No one did the exact thing.

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Oh really? Didn't know that you can delete posts from the Hive Blockchain. Learning new things every day...

You cannot, what you can is stop promoting them

You are free to vote on any posts relating to any of those tokens.

Nobody is stopping you nor is there is central entity saying it will not support said content.

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Excellent. Thanks.

I tried to browse it and find what is interesting there but Most posts have 0.01$ rewards
I do not know how people earn there

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I dont know either.

But a $.01 reward can add up with microblogging. It is easy to send out 25-50 "tweets" and comments a day.

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It is sad as I know a lot of people have invested a lot of time into that platform. But it is what it is and no one can change their mind.

It's bad but in the same time it's good as we're going to have Blank, with a totally different approach.

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Ideal time if the app was ready.

It seems that it is not though.

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I think they are trying to find a solution that works for them. And the system is not an ecosystem that builds itself. Everything comes from one wallet. So I did know they would clamp down or close at some time. Most of the people there I follow are here and in Publish0x, and I'm ok posting there the links not expecting rewards for it.

i have read about before the good thing is that you can monetized your content, but at some point on user also complain about being blocked by one of the tipper in that system.
now with those official statement from their teams, i wonder how long and how will their user grow?

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i wonder how long and how will their user grow?

I wonder if there will be an exodus. It will be interesting to watch it pan out.

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I personally see it as place who only wants people shilling BCH. If they want it to be a place like that, then they will lose most of their audience. I understand the need to remove spam but trying to stifle competition is not good. It means they are no different from Twitter and other mainstream social media corporations Maybe when they see a mass exodus of people from their platform, they will understand what they did wrong.

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We talk about change and how cryptocurrency can unleash a different future for humanity.

Or we can already do it. By supporting other people on the blockchain, including upvoting their posts and comments, and commenting on their posts. People need to be more social.

Nowadays the real, human comments are rare on the Hive blockchain. The number of the average comments per post is 1-2, and most of those comments are bot comments, and there are a lot of posts without any comments.

That is true. The change in reward curve should help since comment upvoting can be done without penalty.

Of course, I always implore newer people to leave comments. It is how many can exposure.

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Today is the first day I have not posted on noise. Sad.


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Well i do not try to enter in noise cash because it would be a Little busy but maybe Good idea to take a few minutes to review, this tip concepts could get interesting if could ve implemented jefe on leo ir hive.

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I'll admit it kind of floored me for Leo and Hive to be called out like that. I guess the one cool take away from that is we were first on the list! lol Ever since they hard forked off Bitcoin though it's been their way or nothing else. Look at how great that's worked for them over the years. Everything else rallies and bitcoin cash the so called better bitcoin by them sitting way back at $500 - $600 when will they wake up and get a clue. I guess never.

Imagine for a moment LeoFinance where all you could talk about is Leo and Leo projects like CUB in order to be upvoted. That's pretty much what they are saying here.

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This site has grown fast I saw a post about a month and a half ago that said they had reached 50k users and I am sure that number has gone up a lot since then. Many of these users are probably from Hive and I get that they are paying for the free tips so if they don't want to give this free money to people promoting other crypto's that is their choice.

But I do agree with you that there shouldn't be any competition with crypto they both should be able to feed off of each other.

The main thing that killed me with their statement is that they said 96% of the posts were trash, they are basically saying that almost their whole member base is posting garbage. I think this is insulting to all of the members of their site since it doesn't state anywhere in their site rules what should be acceptable.

Yeah nothing like attacking those who support you.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta is gonna become just another crypto cult.

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Wow...1046 words...
I usually don't read such long posts, but I didn't even notice as I kept reading.
And regarding your thought... I agree, we (or at least I did) came into the crypto space to share thoughts, learn from each other and also for communities that built each other up. And I myself didn't see all those spaces as competitors though, it gave/gives me the chance to read other quality posts that I would otherwise might have missed.

I said they were shady in my first review two months ago, and this confirms it. They don't even have a bloody FAQ tab on noise cash or a road map I could find. And you are right about them being centralized, noise cash it's like twitter but with a lot of brain dead spammy users ( except hive users) and with dust amounts of free BCH

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LOL how do you really feel about it?

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When I first started using noise cash I knew it had a expiration date, too much shady stuff and lack of transparency, so this looks like the beginning of the end of their growth and success. I'll try to get out a memefied review of the recent changes :P Nothings warms my heart like bashing clueless crypto buffoons

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Was always going to happen as no site really likes to hear how competitors are doing. They will only have blinkers on for what they are doing. This is why project blank is worth waiting for and we must be patient. I have ventured off to other block chains to earn as you not only spread yourself too thin but aren't doing justice to your own growth.

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I never tried it since I am committed to doing things on chain here so my knowledge is from what others told me.

That said, if they arent accepting other crypto topics, what makes them thing that will reflect properly on them.

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Exactly right as crypto is not just one coin and everyone benefits if they all do well. If they had a strong community they would only get stronger. Project Blank will eat them for breakfast.

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I understand the frustration Hivers who used this app must be feeling after that announcement. Since I'm not involved at all (I was about to join at some point, but somehow I couldn't), I feel the best way to treat this is with detachment. They have their way, and throughout BCH history they were highly conflictual, I don't know why we would expect something different from them now. We will have our own platform, which undoubtful will be much better.

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I have a feeling when ProjectBlank goes live, many will spam the hell out of

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Haha, very likely. They'll have a hard time keeping up with the censorship.

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Competition against other cryptocurrencies to the point of censoring discussion about them is silly. It's one thing to take pride in one's "home turf" crypto. Most people probably have a favorite. Quite another to be hostile to other projects that are trying to do good in the world.

IMO it is silly for anybody to act that way. Collaboration is the way forward for any token that is destined to grow in value.

I read what they said in detail. I disagree with half of what they said and i made a lengthy post as well mentioning why.

The way i see it these guys are doing something that is against the purpose of the cryptos which is decentralization and freedom.

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Well they arent decentralized nor do they pretend to be. They have a clear ToS that all have to agree to.

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i can see their future. a community with people saying how cool bitcoin cash is, without caring at all about it, only for the rewards

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 51 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

Streisand effect in full force. BCH should have just stayed neutral and not done anything. The cost of the negative publicity is probably more than what it was costing them to tip.

But sir is not decentralized platform
noise cash only focus is Bcash adoption

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta made some good noise. Unfortunately, after this decision, users do not feel comfortable sharing anything over there. They might put restrictions on other things later. Who knows?

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I don't think people will stay longer there. First of all, the admin knows what brought people there. Those new rules puts other members off.

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