The Danger From The Likes Of Facebook

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We are all aware of the situation with the social media companies. Over the last couple years, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all showed how dangerous they can be.

The fact they are able to close down accounts is a very dangerous thing. This, of course, can depend upon where one is located in the world. However, freedom of speech is a topic that is very important and should be held high by all. Without the ability to contest what is being said, tyranny is the result.

Nevertheless, few seem to truly care about this. There is something else, however, upcoming that is even more treacherous. How about outright thievery? Is that something that people will look the other way regarding?

People who are involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain tend to discuss the idea of gatekeepers and the elimination of them. Being in this position gives an entity enormous power. Essentially, nothing happens without its permission.

Right now, there is a lawsuit about to be tried where Epic Games is suing Apple for its practices on its platform. The fact that it took down Epic's application plus charging excess fees is being contested.

What is really going on here is that Epic does not like the control Apple can exert. It is the gatekeeper for that system, which has a huge number of users.

However, we need to be mindful, Epic seeks to be the same thing during the next phase of our technological evolution.


Both Epic and Facebook are well aware of the progress towards the Metaverse. This is something that is starting to unfold while accelerating throughout the rest of this decade. The emergence of mixed reality is the first step into making the Internet "3-D". From there, things will really begin to take off.

If one is able to control the on and off ramp, then the highway is actually controlled. That is what these entities seek to do. In this instance, Facebook is really positioning itself for massive impact.

Many are aware of the Oculus VR headsets. These are the most popular VR device out there. Facebook, which owns it, put a low price on the product in an attempt to get users. There are a lot of people who believe this is being subsidized by the company as part of a much larger plan.

To utilize the Oculus headset, one must have an active Facebook account. This is no surprise and most people will simply activate it in that manner. Here is where things will get very dangerous.

VR is going to be a realm that we see affect a significant portion of our lives. We are now moving far beyond social media. Instead, we will work, be entertained, socialize, and engage in a host of other activities. Thus, we will have a lot more riding on these activities.

Does anyone feel comfortable with Facebook assuming greater control over our lives? On the surface, this is bad. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

Keep in mind that Facebook is taking a commanding lead in the VR headset world. This is likely to continue. The challenge here is that Facebook creates a "Walled System". Basically the idea is all activity takes place behind its wall. Hence we see the permission enter the picture.

This is no different than today. Nevertheless, we need to look at the impact of things going forward. As we enter the Metaverse, our use of a Facebook account is not going to simply be for social media activities. The development of different cryptocurrency use cases is going to apply here. What is being constructed today will be used tomorrow.


Let us take an example.

Suppose one uses the headset to access a game. During the game, value is earned on a particular NFT. This is something that is made stronger due to the success of the player. Since it is a universal NFT, this means it has value outside the game itself.

It is also easily stored. Since one used the Facebook account to log in, the wallet system is standard. This is natural since it is tied to the DIEM network (and you thought that was just about having its own currency). Since the wallet system is incorporated into the Facebook account, guess where it resides.

If you said behind its wall, you are correct.

Here is the challenge: what happens when you close your Facebook account? Or worse, what happens when Facebook closes it for you?

This is the danger of gatekeepers. The cryptocurrency industry is doing a great job of building infrastructure to tear down those who exist in many industries. Yet here is another one being erected right before our eyes.

The hope is that the idea of social media and finance merging is becoming crystal clear. It is not longer about a few well followed content creators having their earnings cut. This is much bigger.

A company like Facebook can keep growing simply through technological advancement. Spending a billion dollars to acquire Oculus was a drop in the bucket. They didn't develop the technology but they will benefit from it. Plus, they will use it to control what people are able to do.

This is a situation where the company is playing 4-D chess and the regulators (as well as the public) is trying to learn checkers. It is so far out in front of what most people are aware of.

For this reason, one of the most important aspects of blockchain is to inhibit the control a company like Facebook (or Epic) is trying to amass.

There is a clear danger from the likes of Facebook and it is up to each of us to put forth effort to counter it. This is not a situation that will go away on its own.

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Zuckerberg has your best intentions in mind. I am sure lulz.

How much do I have to pay you to change the first photo? Can't stand him!

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A million virgins and a herd of cows is the going price for dystopian Kings.

He very sexy boy...


For you maybe

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The photo I posted, I was thinking he looks truly evil in it.

Scary stuff.

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You are into the AI side of things - rumour has it that he is a working experiment in mind control - look at his eyes - something is very wrong in there


They have had mind control for a very long time

He looks like an idiot, like a stupid kid in a suit.

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It is an opportunity to practice your tolerance and acceptance. 😁

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That is even more cruel 🤣 I'd rather close my eyes 🙈 and erase him from my memory.

There was a time when I admired him for what he has done. Then I grew up and saw reality.

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Well they were always been dangerous because they don't wanna let go of the control they have over people and that's why I love hive because you can earn while you also learn and engage with your friends I think it's a big win for crypto community that they can't stop all the accounts because the cant stop people and their curiosity on knowing what crypto is

That is very true. They always were dangerous. However, when it was relegated to just social media, while detrimental, it was not the end of the world.

As we start to delve into a more powerful online world, we can see how they can move to truly catastrophic for people.

I agree we need to establish Hive as a major alternative. And not from just the social media perspective.

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To utilize the Oculus headset, one must have an active Facebook account. This is no surprise and most people will simply activate it in that manner. Here is where things will get very dangerous.

A friend of mine made a fake facebook account and is going to call customer service and demand a refund for his Quest 2 if they ever want his ID.

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Good luck with that.

Mega corporations these days do not engage in customer service. They could care less.

And can you even call Facebook. I wouldnt be surprised if the only way to get a hold of them is to text with their bot.

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lol text their bot by logging into facebook that you're locked out of because it doesn't trust you lol

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Now that's

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The Oculus Quest 2 is a thing I would like to purchase at some point but the Facebook account requirement really puts me off. I know that they will harvest everything I do. I just hope that HTC will bring out a competitor even if I have to pay extra.

The metaverse should not be owned by anyone, it should be like a new utility open to everyone.

My hopes are that because it has been pretty much started in the open source world that through hacks and creativity It will become a platform like Linux.

For now I hope that anti trust and anti competitive charges will be brought against Facebook for the Quest.

I would think once they're so popular and affordable to be in every household there'll be a hack that one can use to circumvent the FB nonsense. Tinkerers love to mod stuff.

You could be right.

Or someone could just adopt something completely different and have FB drown as it pisses the world off.

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I really hope that they have not damaged their competitor's profitability too badly and that by the end of the year we will see more headsets to democratise the space. I think HTC Vive will have a launch in the next few days.

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Lol. FB drowning is the ideal result. I’ll dream with ya.

I have heard rumours that it has already been hacked to get rid of The Facebook but what we really need is more choices of headset.

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I just hope that HTC will bring out a competitor even if I have to pay extra.

Certainly that is what we need. Other companies to step up to the plate. Unfortunately, they are trying to play catch up. And ultimately, arent we just switching one centralized entity for another. The fact we have choices is good but what does it really get us without controlled accounts.

The metaverse should not be owned by anyone, it should be like a new utility open to everyone.

It wont be owned by anyone. However, is someone is controlling the gate, that makes it very powerful. And that is what I believe Facebook is seeking to do.

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Its precisely the problem right now. Most people are just too used to giving facebook their data and I really do hope people understand that having the gatekeepers is not in their best interests. I stopped using Facebook a long time ago and haven't went back since but I do think that there needs to be more decentralization. Otherwise the system will only change slightly on the surface.

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People are going to learn very quickly if things keep moving in the direction they are. We are going to have to see a lot of people adjust. To do that, we need a new log in system.

This is where the opportunity is.

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The likes on Facebook can be very dangerous, for example you like some hot chick and your wife sees that :))) Also 4-D chess :)) the next level of chess must warp space and time :P

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Man that's a funny way to explain it I wish that never happened to anyone because if it did their is gonna be war in the house

Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum ("Therefore let him who desires peace prepare for war.") - Vegetius. This roman dude had one hell of a wife :)))

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the next level of chess must warp space and time :P

That is true.

I look forward to watching you when you are playing it on your at home quantum computer with biological integration while also making memes.

That will truly be a historic day for humanity.

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When I 1st entered Second Life and made my first money teaching there, I had no idea about FB. It was in 2006 when I've seen on TV that a German lady has made 6mil USD by selling virtual land there.

This is great article and I just felt the need to tweet it!
Thank you for providing a great insight!

With appreciation for your work,

Interesting to see you bring up Second Life @regenerette! I've often thought of them as the first generation online autonomous economic system. It has always interested me how we talk about Bitcoin around here, yet Linden Dollars predated BTC as "digital currency" by a number of years... even if the methodoology was quite different.


There was something there. I look at that platform as the first real test case for the Metaverse.

The concept seems implanted in people's minds.

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And they were not the only ones. I will look for my old accounts for other small social networks that paied people back in the days.

Thank you so much for your feedback.
Tomorrow I might go and check how many linden usd I have in my SL account. I completely forgot about them.


You were around the alt reality space for a long time. So you saw the development of it. That is very impressive.

I would suggest you put some articles together about your experiences/witnessing of money making opportunities and how it can be applied going forward.

Personally I do not think there is enough discussion about that.

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I will copy your suggestion and put it in a Follow-up folder with new ideas for Hive articles.
Thank you for this feedback so much!

I'll also go and check the value of my linden dollars that I still have there, I don't even know if they're still selling.

What a great reminder and a powerful reinforcer for one of my next posts.

Thank you so much!

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No problem.

People often wonder what to write about on Hive or Leofinance. It is amazing how we overlook our own experience. Here you have a wealth of experience with Second Life, something that is a precursor to the Metaverse; something that was tokenized.

Yet it is overlooked.

I think you could have a series of valuable contributions on that end.

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I'll search through my old email and look for other websites that I have used to make money or tokens along this time, even since small social networks started to pay.
Thank you again for this wonderful idea!

At the end of the day, I am sending you my appreciation and a hug!

You are 100% correct.

That’s why I started working on the Crypto Class Action 3 years ago - Regulators wouldn’t do anything because they didn’t understand what Facebook was up to or crypto at all.

Now my case is ahead of similar cases now being brought by regulators.

The entire online advertising industry is a series of interlinked cartels with Facebook and Google in the center.

It will all be brought crashing down, but so much damage is being done while these cases work slowly through the Courts.

Google had a big Court loss recently in Australia on privacy and there are more beatings to come.

That is how you take down the establishment.

It is more the proverbial "death from a thousand paper cuts". You arent going to slay things that big head on. But over time, on slice upon another upon another starts to add up.

As word starts spreading, things will change. That is why it is so important that we have an alternative out there for people.

We need to just keep building.

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On a similar token, many of these startup blockchain companies need to be very aware of what their processes and patents are. With more and more corporations getting involved in crypto currency. They could easily file a patent for something that a smaller blockchain start up created but didn't get the chance to file the papers on. Imagine if Facebook suddenly holds key patents to blockchain technology or components. It could be very scary.

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That could be an issue although I see that more at the application level.

A bigger issue is the corporations getting involved with their big money and buying things up. We still have a lot of centralization especially at the app level. They could go in and buy things just like Steemit Inc was.

This is what we need to prevent.

Looking at ALL angles is vital.

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That is true, if I am a startup blockchain company, I might have grand ideas about decentralized this and that, but when Facebook dangles a couple billion dollars in my face, that might all go out the window!

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Well the fact of the matter is most blockchains are really centralized. That will be their downfall according to Dan.

That is why Hive is doing something great; it is decentralized more than the rest. Even though we have some large stakerholders, none are the overwhelming majority. It would be very tough to get 30% of HIVE let alone a majority.

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You talking about They call me Dan or Dan Larimer? Have you been following the whole EdenOS thing that Larimer is working on now? Sounds like a complete overhaul which might finally make some of the haters happy.

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Theycallmedan. I dont know what Larimer is up to.

No I have no idea? What is taking place?

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It's called EdenOS. It sounds like a total rework of the governance and block producers over on EOS. Using funds from Block One to change things up and hopefully remove the pay for votes collusion that has been going on. Plus a bunch of other stuff. The way I understand it anyway.

Its no wonder one needs s facebook account to sign in to almost everything online nowadays, the control of Google is what is even more disturbing, it's funny how a billions of people on the internet pays relativity no attention to this I mean, just a few people are awakening to this but it's not even enough impact.

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You hit upon something very big and the theme of my article tomorrow.

It is something we need to look at.

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Of course, I'll be hoping to read and engage and usual, I definitely feel it's s big issue and it's actually quite alarming too.

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It is a big issue and one worthy of exploring ideas about. We need to keep up discussions like this.

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Exactly, I mean a regular Facebooker would have their lives tremenduosly changed I mean a lot of them don't even know how the world is changing.

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Many found out that an algo change on Facebook wiped out their business in a day.

The platform is more than just social media. That is what people need to realize. Social media and finance are becoming one.

I am not sure FB would sit well with people in that light. But that is what is happening.

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I want that article now. I like being pleased, not teased. 😁


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Aww. I was trying to show support for one of my new favorite authors. I didn't mean to present as demanding or impatient.

You like being teased a little, it's only natural :)


Hmmm. Odd. I think you might be right. I feel like I didn’t need to know this. 😊

Facebook is past.

The thing is many people still don’t know it.

Yeah, none of the kids use it. The ones in my life tend to speak of it as a dinosaur... grandma's social media. None the less all the so called adults I know are on it and seem to be willing to cling on to the bitter end. Everyone I know would have to be banned from Facebook in order to even consider moving to another platform. Even after I tell them you get paid for upvotes on Hive. It's like they don't even hear me...

That is true yet the kids are into Instagram which is owned by FB.

So same thing, just different application.

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Damn it, I forgot about that. Their reach knows no boundaries. We’re doomed.

Actually they are not. The social media app might be headed to passe but the company is not, at this point, heading to non-relevance.

Zuckerberg is a lot of things but stupid isnt one of them. He understands where things are going PLUS he is knowing of how to leverage that.

That is what makes them dangerous.

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Suckabegs handlers are evil geniuses, but the boy himself is a mindless actor like elon musk

Despite all, people prefer to use them to get some likes and satisfy their egos.

Facebook & their likes are control freaks. On these websites, users are the products and our data is being misused against us to empty our pockets and fill theirs.

In the past decade, they have created this toxic environment where everyone is hooked onto them without actually realizing their true intentions. Their mods can screw your hard work with a click of a button. I used to excessively spend so much money on their ads and one day they suddenly shut my account without any reason. Made me lose my entire business in a single day. I had no choice but to create everything from scratch and explore other platforms.

Blockchain-based social media websites are giving power back to the hands of people. We finally own our content & have a chance to improve our financial state by contributing to these platforms. I wish more and more people realize the value of their privacy & data by using better alternatives as we have here on Hive.

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The control is highly profitable and they are no different than any other business. However, their power is really unseen throughout history but in the scope and pace of the damage they can inflict.

More than 2 billion accounts gives FB a lot of access to peoples lives. Also, as you mentioned, they can wreck a business in a day.

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If that is the case, what is the difference of the use of FB in Twitter? Is it both the same function? Am I right? Will you explain that for me...

I am not following what you are asking?

Could you elaborate or perhaps rephrase the questions?

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I'm sorry if my English is bad to understand? Please be patient with me.
I mean, what's the difference between using FB and TWITTER? Because TWITTER also has a LIKE button but a HEART button. Because you said,

There is a clear danger from the likes of Facebook and it is up to each of us to put forth an effort to counter it. This is not a situation that will go away on its own.

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I remember the days I used to play games via Facebook and there was one particular one where I had invested so much time in and one day the developers just decided to stop with it. All of my leveling up gone... And now wondering "what if I really had earned some coins from those games?..."

Well developers abandoning projects is another topic altogether. I get what you are saying and agree with you. However, that isnt really FB's fault and could still happen on a platform like this.

However, the difference is that on Hive, nobody is taking your account. You got hit with that game but your FB account, I presume, was still in operation. What happens if FB zaps your account? Then all that is there is gone.

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I'm aware that it's not FB's fault about the game developers moving on 😅 and it was a "risk" and still is when making use of those platforms owned by others.

And I get what you mean about the power social media companies have over "our" accounts... When we open an account we kind of sign away our rights to the content. Luckily I haven't done much on those platforms the last couple of years, but I do know entrepreneurs making use of those social media channels to promote their businesses and services and even the people who use it for private purposes; to all of them a shutting down or "silencing" from the company would be a major loss.

My account was recently disabled after breaking their "terms of service"... Being based and speaking honestly about political issues is a no no on their platform unless I tow the left-wing SJW intersectionalist narrative as a latino.


You know exactly what I am describing. And this is on a social media platform for espousing a point of view. What if you wallet was tied to it, containing monies from the last 6 weeks worth of work? Or how about the idea of your investments in NFTs in there?

All of that would make for a really bad outcome; much worse than having your social media account banned.

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Interesant y bueno sabes lo pro y los contras de los likes

Perhaps the single greatest challenge in this will be the process of shaking people out of their apathy. Giants like Facebook and twitter have "trained" the vast majority of the world to believe that the "standard" for how much effort one needs to put forth to participate in any given activity is called "log in with Facebook."

Therein — for example — lies one of the Hive Ecosystem's great challenges... it's not "plug and play" in the sense most people think of it. LeoFinance comes as close as any, with the ability to create an account with twitter information... but that still ties someone to the very thing blockchain is trying to get away from.

Not saying I have any great solutions here. And I'm not sure where it leaves us, either. Trying to "poach" the people who are closest to being fed up with the giants? Or trying to create some some standardized blockchain based "Open ID" type facility for individuals, so you essentially only create an account that subsequently can verify everything you sign up for? But then... that reeks of centralization, again.

A challenge, to be sure!


Giants like Facebook and twitter have "trained" the vast majority of the world...

They are masters at that. They operate on a psychological level that most companies cannot comprehend. It is all down to a science.

We certainly need to poach those who are most upset with the traditional social media sites. That is where we see a great deal of potential.

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I have never trusted them and can imagine now having some value locked away under their control as well will make the doubly dangerous. Why can't people see this how bad FaceBook really is and at the end of the day people will be screwed big time.

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One of the problems I see is that a lot of people don't even know or just don't care about all the data that's being stolen and all the control that Facebook has over their lives on that platform.

We really need decentralized ecosystems to go mainstream.

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All the more reason to support and put our money behind open source technology as much as possible.

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