What Hive Is Missing: The App To Bring In The Users

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Everyone wants to focus upon different blockchains. Around here, we talk about Hive and all that it offers.

Let me ask you a question: what are your thoughts about Flow? How does that stack up compared to Ethereum and some of the others?

Never heard of Flow? That is understandable because it is not the most publicized blockchain out there.


What you might have heard about is Top Shot which is partnered with the NBA. This is one of the leading NFT applications out there. Obviously, the partnership with a major sports league does not hurt.

However, it does bring up a point. Does anyone know how Flow compares to Hive or Ethereum or Cardano? What is the transaction time? How much volume can it handle? What is the market cap?

Certainly some will be interested yet most will not. The masses do care about Top Shot, at least those who are basketball fans, as well as CryptoKitties.

The point is that people are not rushing towards Flow because they are excited about blockchain. It is the applications that are built upon it that are getting the attention.

Another area thing that is helping with the success is, as it applies to Top Shot, they understand customers. Let's be honest, people take the path of least resistance. If anything is too complicated, most people will move on. They are accustomed to doing things in a certain way and that is what they tend to stick to.

In other words, applications that excel in ease of use are going to find success. Those that make people deal with keys right off the bat are going to lose out. This is how humans operate.

For example, do you know what Top Shot did that was genius? It is so simple it is baffling yet it aligned with what people do. They allowed for their products to be purchased using credit card. Imagine that. People do that all the time on the Internet. Yet, in the world of crypto, we want everyone to use the native currency and pay for things how we desire. The masses are not ready for this step.


Consider the process with Hive.

Someone is interested, so he or she signs up. Immediately, one is met with having deal with a multitude of keys. This takes confusion to an even higher level. Not only is there one, but 4 that an individual has to figure out. People are accustomed to username and password, yet Hive is doling a bunch of keys, which mean nothing to the newer person.

If that individual does figure out the keys, he or she starts posting an commenting. Since the person have little in the account, activity can be stopped quickly due to a lack of Resource Credits. What the heck are those?

So now the excited individual is stuck not being able to participate. What is the most logical things that happens?

Close that tab on the browser and move onto something else.

We need to look at things from the individual perspective, the one who knows little. What was described here was just getting started and it already looks like a nightmare. We didn't even touch upon voting power, staking of tokens (powering up) or HBD. Instead, we just dealt with the process of signing up and posting/commenting.

Rarely do we hear discussion about upgrades that are focused upon ease of use. Rather, we get more news about fancy stuff an application does yet it still too complex for the average person. This not only affects retention rates but also attracting new people to the platform in general.

Thus, success is going to come to those applications that make it very easy to operate, just like Top Shot did. By operating in a manner that people are familiar with, they can transition into this at a pace that makes sense.


It is for this reason that I am so high on Leofinance's microblogging application. They hit on a number of issues. To start, people can sign up in manners they are accustomed to. Shortly, in addition to Twitter, one can use Facebook, Google, and email to get started. Again, almost all understand this.

At the same time, that is enough to get started. The Hive account that is created, and thus the keys, are still in effect. They are on the back end, waiting for the person to claim them. However, not doing so will not preclude the ability to engage. Within a few seconds of getting to the website, one is operating just like on Twitter.

That is how an application becomes "Killer". No hassles. No confusion. No technical stuff. It is simple and straightforward.

One of the problems with technological advancement is human adoption. The reality is that technology is often ready long before people are willing to adopt it. Here again, we see how humans go at their own pace. This process cannot be rushed or people will reject it.

Until crypto developers understand that, things are going to be slow going in this world. The growth rate, as impressive as it is, is still small compared to the more than 4.5 billion people who are online. With slightly over 100 million, this is a drop in the bucket. Nevertheless, even with great potential, expanding is still like pulling teeth.


We recently saw Voice in the news as Dan Larimer left Block.One. This is a prime example of what an application failed to live up to its potential. The simple concept of having to go through KYC for a social media application is too foreign to people. Did Facebook or Twitter become huge by doing that?

Once again, "on paper" from a technical perspective it might make sense but it failed in the market.

People simply are not going to use something that is highly complicated. This is why so many blockchains, including Hive, have low usage rates compared to the rest of the Internet. We still lean way too much to the technical side.

As stated, this is something that Leofinance is solving. The microblogging application is the one that will be able to bring a ton of users to Hive. It is simply an application that offers the benefits of Web 3.0 with the ease of Web 2.0.

This is very important. Nothing we really see on Hive accomplishes this with a great deal of success, at least not with the potential market that Twitter presents.

People talk a lot about marketing. What are you going to market? Overcomplexity? Driving a ton of people to a place where they get confused and end up frustrated is not a way to grow.

By the way, marketing ease of use is not a viable approach either. It is not a selling feature because it is expected. Online users expect something to be easy.

The dumbing down process is crucial. This is not going to change anytime soon. People are not going to spend a long period of time trying to figure how something works. Sure, there might be a few but the masses will move on.


This is a point that is missed by many of the crypto people thus far. Unfortunately, the corporations understand this and will be the ones to step in to deliver it. It is why the powerful tend to take over. They have people who understand human nature and give people what they want. Individual developers tend to look at things from their own perspective expecting the masses to succumb to their view of things (see Dan Larimer).

What do Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter have in common other than success? They are stupidly easy to use. It takes very little time and understanding to figure them out. From the moment one opens up an account, he or she can operate.

The same is not true in the cryptocurrency world. We still focus upon blockchain, talking about Ethereum versus Cardano. The reality is the masses will not care.

What is needed is the Killer DApp that is stupid easy to get started with. Again, I feel that Leofinance is bringing that to the table.

That is what is going to make a blockchain excel. In the end, most do not care about a database, decentralized though it might be. They care about the applications that they want to use. However, if it is too difficult, they are going elsewhere.

This is how humans are. Either we accept that or keep fighting it. But it is unrealistic to expect it to change.

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flow is new to me, I've never heard it before.

Does anyone know how Flow compares to Hive or Ethereum or Cardano?
I had no idea I had never heard of it, I had never asked myself.
We already lost if from the beginning we are giving them to take care of their keys some small 40-digit keys that are impossible to learn.
You know I wanted to buy the old Steem with my credit card, thank God I did not do better today I would be crying in a sea of ​​losses of 500%
Exactly because of those complications of not knowing how to use their hundreds of keys, we are not the same, there I am with my 10 accounts that I have created for disabled friends who were disappointed on the first try.
Hopefully they implement those big changes to make things easier, like facebook twitter or insta, so that people do not get disappointed and as they take flavor they will see how to enter.
Voice I got the invitation and sent them through a tube when I was fucking with taking a photo and fill it here and fill it there, if I put a photo it will be one that I want, not the one that they force me to take, therefore, do not enter there is the I code waiting for it to enter but to complete the kyc do not screw me
There they stayed, who cares. I am the one who loses by not entering or are they who lose that I share everything I know on their platform for a few pennies, no sir, ever.
Let's wait until I read and hopefully solve that, I think that before massing my banners I will wait for Leo so that people do not find it difficult and feel that he is learning without effort.
Well then I'll wait to change this to make it easier to retain the masses.

Money likes freedom, the period of full unstake should be significantly shortened. I propose 30 days max, 10 periods of 3 days each.
Put HIVE on BitShares we have dexbot for all for free


No put HIVE on @hellotelos we have a better DEX based on EOSIO not shitty 10 year old larimer flow bitshares lol

we have better dex bots @avral; https://alcor.exchange https://t.me/alcorexchange and got HIVE on @tipcc and I got steem on tipit, we would have PHIVE if @aggroed and @someguy123 responded but theyre too busy now

We have a much better system its why @appics went to telos and not ever to hive lol telos recently went from like 1 cent to 35 cents in a few weeks

bitshares is dead. let it go man

we need to develop Hive on telos . and THrIVE





There is no such thing as a better DEX on EOSIO.
BitShares has an order matching engine built-in core - pure P2P
With BitShares you can borrow USD, CNY at 0% APR, rest of the world has interest, up to +20%
BitShares has a Liquidity Pool built into the core, there is no risk of exit-scam by the people who wrote the smart-contract.
BitShares has a shorter LIB than EOSio (except BOSCore)
In the end, I am not bothered by the increases on TLOS, I have quite a lot of these tokens myself :P

I agree with all said, but it looks like Leofinance is turning into one of the most complicated projects. I bet that even 10% of current users don't understand what's coming, not to mentions newcomers. They'll be lost in the crypto Leofinance jungle.

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I do agree! exactly my thoughts since I habe been here (Not for so long). I am really fond of the idea behind. I see a huge potential once the mass will jump on it. BUT as long as it stays so complex and difficult to use, it will suffer the same destiny like MySpace when it was replaced by the way easier version called Facebook. to the People behindert: I more than strongly alert you for losing your pull Position by being too complex

I fully agree that onboarding is a pain in the butt right now. People come in here confused AF and if they arent interested in writing articles or curating at the moment they honestly simply don't feel like it's a blockchain for them.

Hive is starting to have a lot more platforms built on it however the marketing of it is low and thus it really doesn't gain much traction. The hive name really doesn't hold all that much "value" and power and it will take serious dedicated work from everyone to increase that value.

That means no crazy spam, actually producing good quality products built on the chain and really brining publicly to the platform.

If the NFT website just has crap on it why would anyone stop by and use it? Bring on a high profile figure to use only Hive for its NFT and things will skyrocket.

Build a bunch of cloned platformed communities that all do the same thing as the hive blog platform wont contribute to anything besides more confusion and division more than anything. Things need to be constantly built on top of the community such as hive is doing.

If we really want Hive to thrive we need great developers constantly producing things and improve easy quality. The issue with most devs is they don't think on a customer front. To them it makes sense to the average joe it simply doesn't and this is where project managers etc can be extremally helpful. After that you need serious marketing power behind it but someone who knows what they are doing. I've seen so many random marketing proposals that get funded and honest they make zero sense to me or totally miss the mark. We all need to seriously start upping our game.

I've seen so many random marketing proposals that get funded and honest they make zero sense to me or totally miss the mark.


My first question @bitcoinflood is what is being marketed. As you just explained, there is a diversity of users. You know as well as I do that "if everyone is a prospect, nobody is a prospect". What is the target market?

The kinksters are different from the leos who are different gamers who differ from the truthers/conspiracy people. Sure there might be some cross sectioning but for the most part, people have different interests. How are you going to target that in a USP that can be used to construct a sustained marketing campaign.

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That's kind of the issue with Hive. Hive in itself really isn't marketable as it's just everything and anything on the platform. However the focus on tribes built on hive is where the power is. That's where your target markets come from and how you build thriving communities that both increase the price of hive and also the value of the tribe involved.

I've done a little work on this front in my spare time as I could and it's been slowly brining people into Leo. My next focus is to mass bring over people to project blank. I had hopes of getting that done last week but work turning into a huge mess and I honestly can't see myself devoting my time to fully marketing here on Hive/Leo etc with the current payout. As much as I hate to say that honestly. So it will be done in my spare time for what I can do. I enjoy it, I love it and hope to one day soon to be able to do it consistently as I want to see tribes/communities like LEO thrive.

I always say, my first greatest investment was in myself. My second was investing in others. If I see a project that looks promising I'll do whatever I can in my extra spare time and resources to help it succeed because I believe in the project and the people behind it.

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@lordbutterfly, i am interested in hearing your thoughts around this, re. your marketing proposal

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True, but for that we need more developers here. I think we should market developers to come to hive and start building more projects like leofinance. I think it's that what the recent marketing proposal should aim to.

Don't get me wrong but we will need more than just leofinance to get hive to other places.

Have a great day :)

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It is the chicken or the egg.

Yes you can market Hive to developers. In fact, if you are going to try to get the name Hive out there, that is where you need to focus. Those will look at the benefits of the blockchain and decide how it all fits in.

Of course, if the developers are building stuff that isnt easy to use, then we will not see much activity. When you think about it, a lot was build on steem/hive over the years that failed.

In the end, a lot of this is too confusing for people.

Don't get me wrong but we will need more than just leofinance to get hive to other places.

That is true but we have to start somewhere. And it only takes one app breaking through to put a chain on the roadmap.

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So basically we need developers that build in a user-driven design technique. I understand what you are saying, what we should try and do is convince developers to build with designers. Problem?? A lot of developers think design is not useful at all, and that they know what needs to be done.

And having a better market cap as well as more users are attributes that can make developers to risk and come here to build. Not to say that with a better market cap the DHF has more resources to incentivize developers.

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And having a better market cap as well as more users are attributes that can make developers to risk and come here to build.

If people are drawn by a higher market cap, they tend to leave as soon as the next bear market appears.

We saw that on Steem when the price fell, people left. As the bull runs, we are seeing more come back.

In short, those people do not provide much value.

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If people are drawn by a higher market cap, they tend to leave as soon as the next bear market appears.

100% this. We'd have a better chance of retaining people who have been deplatformed or people passionate about free speech. Trying to retain people who come here to simply milk rewards during a price pump is counter-productive in the long run.

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This is pure gold. The discovery what is lacking in the customers journey and fixing it is something that EVERY brand (I know, you don't like this word close to Hive) needs.

I don't have much knowledge in Leo but some of my Hive pals says it is great. So I believe you. We just need to get it to people. That they make first trial and then get in love. Like we did, first on Steemit, then Hive and the end maybe on Leo.

Upvote and resteem (or whatever lingo we use;)

I totally agree with that. Hive needs to be linked to something that people already know and then direct marketing efforts in this way. But what is it? Microblogging? Yes, maybe. Where is it? It's been quiet lately ...

Where is it? It's been quiet lately ...

Cant argue with this.

I have no idea of the time frame, no word is out.

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Of course, I don't blame you, I hope you understand, but first to drive such hype and then such silence, it's not something that would give me confidence ... because it would be possible to explain in a different way what happened ...

It was very entertaining to see you casually throwing some shade on Dan Larimer :P

Brilliant guy with a lot of innovative ideas but I think one who suffers from what many who are highly intelligent are plagued with: they dont truly understand people.

It is that disconnect that makes it hard for them to "get down to the level where everyone else is".

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I would be disconnected as well if I would be rolling in cash :)

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but it doesn't need to be that way. the cash can even help us connect to true self if we choose to use it for the highest good.

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Leo Finance

Simplicty, exactly! That is why, I believe, that @leofinance is such a big success. Keeping things as simple as is possible.

Though the idea of sign-up on HIVE using traditional media sites is not new, there was never any follow through and the project was dumped early for whatever reason by another HIVE application/blogging interface. I will not mention them as I throw enough shade around (working on that). Leo Finance took that dumped idea and ran with it!

Given, things like investment in decentralized finance (DeFi) is very difficult to dumb down, it is much easier to learn about it on posts and videos provided on LeoFinance.io then anywhere else. This attracts more retail investors (those looking to capitalize on the DeFi craze both internally and externally of HIVE).

I am very excited about the CUB project. It is going to open up investment in DeFi to a bunch of small investors where Ethereum was not financially viable to those with small amounts to invest.

This is a rhetorical question as I already know the answer, Are you doing the LEO dance? This LEO PUMA is!

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Hehe I just stumbled on Flow yesterday while surfing through coingecko, I think it was one of the famous and pumping tokens. Now this clears things up, and to be honest I really did see it as a huge upstand from the current rank crypto is, and having looked at the close companies to this project, I was certain it was a killer.


It kinda feels like the world is slowly moving into gaming precisely, but that aside - I also find it needed to have similar innovations on the Hive blockchain, dealing with all these keys can be so frustrating, hopefully the highly anticipated projects from leofinance.io can bring in something new, so I'll take your word for it.

This would surely draw a bigger crowd, because user friendly design is one key factor that if not in place, it totally makes things with potential lose their worth.

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hopefully the highly anticipated projects from leofinance.io can bring in something new, so I'll take your word for it.

It is not the end all but it will bring in users and help the numbers. That is what many people follow. It is also something that can be marketed since it is easy for people to understand. There is still the challenge with Hive's complexity yet people can operate without being fully aware of all the different features.

They can get involved slowly, in stages if you will.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 46 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hey @taskmaster4450, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

All this has been discussed ad nausea already. What is new in the post? Sorry to be sceptical here, but this is not the content newly onboarded users want to see here.

If leofinance doesn't deliver with their app now with all the hype it would be close to a catastrophe. Fingers crossed...

There's a fair amount to unpack in this post! You get it, most won't.

I'll say is again, I think HIVE blockchain will be successful when no one knows it's there, operating in the background. No hive blog, no rewards coin, get over it. That's not the problem HIVE needs to focus on solving. just my opinion.

Majority of people on this planet are just focused on putting food on the table and a roof on over their head. People want problems solved with ease of use, frictionless processes, path of least resistance. 99% of people have no clue what product market fit is.

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I agree that applications will drag users in but I wonder how many will truly enter the block chain and stay. I can only think that new users can't understand the dust threshold, tribes and etc. They will post whatever they feel like is acceptable (based on a few other posts that are rewarded) and expect something similar. If they are active, they might just run out of RCs.

These new users don't understand the various tools available to let them post. I personally like DBuzz for this reason as I have seen quite a few small buzzes about not having enough RCs and people have been helping them. I think there needs to be something pinned as a guide or something for new users for general basics. It might be nice to see a memo in your wallet asking you to go to discord, but I doubt people would check it.

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Yep, you hit the proverbial nail on the head here:

One of the problems with technological advancement is human adoption. The reality is that technology is often ready long before people are willing to adopt it. Here again, we see how humans go at their own pace. This process cannot be rushed or people will reject it.

I can’t say it better.

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There is nothing like K.I.S.S. It's an old saying some may not be familiar with. Keep It Simple Stupid. I onboarded a friend the other day. He was quiet for awhile. Then I got an IM "I apparently don’t have enough credits or tokens or what ever the hive coin is called.'
I got him straightened out quickly. But, how many people are going to do that and not just get frustrated and never come back? One of the sites I want to use has KYC. They want my id, a selfie of me holding a sign with the site and date. I think they may want a blood type too. There are so many stumbling blocks to get into these things. I'm surprised we have the numbers we do. I'd love to know how many signed up and stayed active.
Keep it up Leo, you will continue bringing the masses here.

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That's calling a spade a spade. It's something most of us see but don't want to necessarily admit out loud. Just because we see the value and potential of what this place can provide and made it through the onboarding process, doesn't mean the masses will. Hopefully PB will be the first step of many that make it "easy" to participate. People can learn about all the great things behind it once they are here and enjoy using it.

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This is part of the reason I love the WAX Cloud Wallet so much. They allow you to create and login to your account with the social media logins that you already have created. Gmail account, Reddit, Twitter, etc. It is super simple and it has been around for quite some time now. It is amazing to me that more people aren't jumping on board. Some of their NFT sales even allow you to buy with a credit card. The latest Street Fighter sale is a good example of that. I agree with you, Hive needs some kind of killer app. We have for a while now and until that happens we probably won't see mass adoption. Hopefully Project Blank is that dapp.

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Although i totally agree with this, i still think that way too many people don't even know the existence of Hive/leo. Hopefully, if the new marketing proposal passes through many will discover it and see brighter days. At the same time, leo does whatever they can to bring more awareness with their projects!

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Agree it is the simple things that work. I am only here because I took the time to learn and understand, others are not like me. Developers are not sales people and tend to lose what is real as not everyone is on their technical level. Dumb it down and you have a winner as people are comfortable at those levels. Hive is super complicated and way above what the average person in the street can do.

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I fully agree with everything you said but I feel like you’re overlooking the DeFi factor. Over the last few days I think I may have begun to lean towards a who gives a rat f**k about the masses, anyway? With all the improvements over Ethereum that are coming to, or already on, HIVE, why do we need them? Once the Eth crowd realizes they can trade here with no gas fees we’re golden. I’m tired of trying to sway morons toward their best interests. Let ‘em rot on Facebook.

Lol. Jesus. I don’t know where that came from or if I even meant it but I’m gonna leave it here anyway.

I do believe that the easier it is for a person to use, the people will come onboard and stay. Ease of use is the way to go.

Well... I think the way is kinda "simple": link Hive to something that people already know and use more easily.

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I do really enjoy d.buzz probably use it almost everyday. There are so many possibilities for dapplication and integration. A snapchat like application would be interesting

I have heard about FLOW, And since I heard about it it has made a big leap forward in the standings too… But for now, HIVE is enough. HIVE meets my needs.

The lack of personal responsibility is the biggest problem. People feel anxious when depending on themselves only. It's true that we have to fix the system rather than to learn them how to be responsible.

Microblogging if done properly will be the true killer dapp!

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It's no wonder why is it so.

Here (Hive and other platforms) the devs rule the world. They excel in technical aspects or at least they think they do. What they lack is imagination and knowledge of how to sell their products.

In the real corporate world, it's the other way around. The profit rules the game there. And they know how to play the game.

Here the profits are made on promises and beliefs. Most of these are never delivered. EOS comes to mind ... Nothing to show for such a ridiculously high income.

What is the remedy, or the fix as a dev would put it? If you really need it. Put somebody in charge that is good at attracting people and selling usable products.

Yet, remember that Steem wasn't built to attract the masses and be a financial success for its owners. It was built to give freedom of speech to its users. Yet, it turned out differently. But I am digressing and have no quick and easy solution to offer.

Maybe a direction to point to:

  • user-friendly products and usable products,
  • super easy onboarding and account maintenance
  • efficient promotion in the real world.

Is @lLeoFinance going in this direction?

On the first two points - mostly and yes. On the third ... not yet, I think.

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You mentioned Voice, and it's disappointing how it ended. It was hyped before without giving a great result.

I agree with the adoption. I can feel ProjectBlank, being a microblogging platform, can contribute for adoption.

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HIVE needs ProjectBlank!

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This is an excellent analysis and I agree with most points especially on the Voice thing.

The use case or added value of an application that is running on whatever is key.

Re blockchain in general I still think there needs to be more joint-efforts of all the chains to work together instead of fighting against other chains to get toward near mass or basic adoption.

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I did the onboarding a couple of days ago and it was confusing. Took a detour to Ecency to create the account with hivesigner, and after roaming around, recovering an old account from steemit and get lost again, I finally chose keychain and more or less got settled.
I'm not completely new to cryto, and this was weird.
Thinking and figuring out things burn calories. Would you ask a person to run a mile to be able to register to an account? Well, a complicated system is the equivalent.
Of course after it's done it's rewarding, and I'm loving Leo, very fun and in depth articles.

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Not heard of Flow or Top Shot. There are so many projects out there these days. Hive needs something make it stand out. It is not even in the top 200 cryptos (but was briefly recently). It needs that 'killer dapp'. Splinterlands seems to be the biggest one for now and it even has a promotion with Brave, but that does not even mention Hive. That is a missed opportunity, but maybe they don't want that association. Would they split off and use a different blockchain?

The new user experience has to be better. I think new users should be encouraged to use Keychain and their keys should be more easily imported, with encouragement to back them up. There is a mobile Keychain app now.

People should delegate to anyone they bring here so they can keep posting and point them to good tutorials. We need an index of those that is easy to find as Hive can be confusing. People need to know the technical stuff, but also what is acceptable to avoid getting flagged.

Great article @taskmaster4450! The additional points made by @bitcoinflood were also very insightful.

When I think of HIVE, as well as many other blockchains, we are not just talking about a single functional use. We are also talking about forms of value that are becoming more and more regulated. And necessitating various levels of KYC.

No easy answer!

Appreciate the insight on flow. Going to take a look.

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I do think Hive should go the Demon Soul way, for those who don't know it's story well it's a long and beautiful one a story of success but not seeked, well maybe but the heart of From Software and vision of Hidetaka Myazaki was not indered. The game is hard but not hard for being hard, it put you in an hostile habitat and let you figure it out by yourown self, so that when you overcome difficulties it's your own gain. Hive and the whole ecosystem is hard to grasp, it has evolved so much in few years that its baffling to compare to the other social networks. At some point I think it's up to human as whole to elevate and not finding always the minum common denominator, I too hope that more people will embark for the journey but it can't be made easier it will make the learning more shallow.

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It’s too complicated to sign up. Make it easier.

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We don't need the masses, if we 10x we will be wishing some folks would leave.
The moonshot for hive will be in the no fee defi arena, iyam.

very entertaining