CUB Airdrop: Leo Is Going To Make Us Wealthy

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Things are moving along hot and heavy with Leofinance.

Many are awaiting word on #ProjectBlank and when that will be released. Today, we got an announcement post, yet it was not regarding this application. Have no fears, it is still on tap, just this one has jumped ahead of it

LEO token holders were alerted that they are going to get an airdrop. Again, with the delay in #ProjectBlank, we are unsure of when that snapshot will be.

What we do know is that within the next 24 hours, there will be a snapshot of all Leo Power and wLEO in the liquidity pool. Those tokens will be eligible for the CUB token.

This is a Hive-Engine token that applies to the Binance Side Chain. Since the two cannot interact directly, the H-E token can be thought of as a coupon. The next announcement will reveal the details about how it applies to BSC and what needs to be done.

Here we see the establishment of the foundation for Cub Finance. This is a platform that is going to be build over on BSC. We can expect applications and features similar to the DeFI we see on Ethereum. The advantage with BSC, much lower transaction fees.

From the announcement:

In all seriousness, CUB is a DeFi-based smart contract application on the Binance Smart Chain. We've adapted a collection of smart contracts and Binance protocols to build an entirely new application for the LeoFinance ecosystem.

This new application has in-built mechanisms that collect revenue and burn both CUB tokens and LEO (bLEO) tokens. It will also feature bLEO pooling and token lock mechanisms (as a replacement to the Geyser).

We will also see applications that are becoming popular on BSC.


So why is this going to lead to enormous wealth?

To start, bLEO is going to provide another pricing mechanism for LEO. Just like the wLEO liquidity pool provides a situation whereby the price of Ethereum can help the price of LEO, bLEO will receive similar benefit from Binance.

Also, being associated with that platform, the branching out extends in another direction. One advantage BSC has over Ethereum is the fees. This is where the DeFi potential is greatly enhanced. Ethereum DeFi is becoming a rich person's game. With the fees going so high, basically one best be playing wiht large sums of money. The same is not true on BSC where the fees typically run under a dollar per transaction.

Ultimately, one of the main goals is to drive traffic back to Targeting the area where we will likely find a lot of DeFi users could net tremendous results on this front.

We also see the idea of Cub Finance emerging as its own ecosystem. While tied to Leo, it is a separate project. This means that the development there could foster a great deal of growth. BSC is known for having DeFi projects with market cap in the tens of millions of dollars. This is no different from Ethereum. The money is there as exemplified by some of the yield farming applications.

If you will, the way I read it, think of Cub Finance as the platform upon which other DeFi applications will be build on BSC. These will likely mirror much of what we see on Ethereum such as Curve and Compound. The idea of locking up tokens is a big part of this as exemplified by the total value locked stats posted on different sites pertaining to DeFi.

However, we need to keep all of this in focus. This is not shifting things away from Leo but, rather, back towards it. Everything that is being done, now and in the future, will lead to assisting the value of LEO.

From the announcement post:

LEO lies at the center of our entire project. When we launch new applications - #ProjectBlank, #CubFinance, etc. - we want them to tie directly into the LEO token economy and our amazing community. How exactly we tie it in will become abundantly clear when Cub launches and when ProjectBlank launches - which are two very different platforms but have the same mission: expand the LeoFinance economy and userbase.

A few weeks back I wrote a post about not selling any LEO. There is a reason for this. While not knowing what the specifics of any of these projects, I did grasp what the team is trying to do. All that is done is meant to grow Leo, meaning more components put together, each feeding the larger organism.

There was also an article discussing the Leo ecosystem going to a billion dollars in token(s) value. This was posted understanding that many project will be rolling out, most (if not all) tokenized. CUB is just another example.

In this end, this token will serve as the foundation for CubFinance, the DeFi platform on BSC. So while it appear, on the surface, to be separate, it is actually part of the larger picture.

To fully what is taking place here, it is vital to start linking together the pieces. This is not about one application, one blockchain, or one area of focus. Instead, it is the totality of tools that are being provided to people once they enter the Leofinance ecosystem.

As token holders, we are positioned to benefit. As this expands through development, the appeal is likely to be tremendous. Between finance and social media, we are looking at two major industries converging and Leofinance is placing itself, at least to a degree, at the core of it.

Thus, when you look at token(s) appreciation, if the development continues in the direction we saw so far, we can presume the value will just keep building.

Here is where we see the separation from a lot of other things out there.

It is best to focus upon the totality of it all, not just one or two applications.

That is where the real money is at.

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The LEO ecosystem really looks poised to hit the ground running. I think the different pieces should create some nice synergies. social platforms pulling people towards the DeFi products, and the DeFi Platforms introducing customers to the social platforms.

Nice to see some deflationary mechanics with the CUB token, I think it's expected now with a DeFi platform.

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The same is not true on BSC where the fees typically run under a dollar per transaction.

That's whole lot better than Ethereum fees but man the Hive blockchain is sooooooooo under appreciated. Maybe I'm just so used to Hive's fee-less transactions but even a dollar seems like a lot to me in comparison.

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...the Hive blockchain is sooooooooo under appreciated.

I agree with this. It takes infrastructure. The challenge for Hive right now is that it is lagging in the smart contract department. Until that is situated, we will still see things lagging.

That said, Hive has a great opportunity through projectblank. This will open up the ecosystem to a lot of users. Once that is released, the Twitter army will have something to go nuts with.

It really is aligning up, in my opinion, to be the Killer DApp of crypto. It will put things in the forefront to the average user.

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@taskmaster4450le the projectblank itself would increase the popularity of the hive ecosystem and that is why i totally believe that everyone should support the projectblank...

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The challenge for Hive right now is that it is lagging in the smart contract department.

which is so true,that is why they need to really work on that,an effective smart contract department would really make the hive blockchain to grow so big...

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The Twitter army is eagerly waiting #ProjectBlank, and yeah we will be nuts.

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I will be trying to chase down @nathanmars once that is released.

We will see thousands of blanks the first day. It is going to be nuts.

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I wasn't expecting the Cub Finance announcement but that is massive! This is a great chance to learn about how DeFi works for anyone who perhaps didn't have the capital and wants to play around in the space. I'll be powering up what I can before the snapshot and have reached one of my self imposed targets of 1,500 LP, in fact I'm close to 1,600 LP now. There is now so little liquidity!

All these different arenas Leo is tapping into will lead the way for other communities to follow suit and when all the stars align, damn, it's going to be spectacular!

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Since CUB will be off chain and Binance US is annoying, is there any way to offload our CUB airdrops to another person. I went through part of the process for KYC on Binance US and quit because it wasn't worth the trouble. Their customer support took forever to respond also.

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I don't think Americans can use BSC.


You'd need VPN, etc. You'll have to do some work so they won't see stuff moving to American wallets. Otherwise, I'm sure CZ is more than willing to invalidate everything.

Thanks. I don't like the US government's way of interfering with other countries and trying to tax everything.

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It is what they do best.

The USG likes to stick its nose into everything around the world.

As for taxation, that is government in general. The USG doesnt have a monopoly on that one.

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I believe airdropped coupons on hive engine will be tradeable. So one can buy from their and claim airdrop before last date.

That's my thoughts. Nothing official.

Yea I am hoping that I can just sell my coupons on HE to someone who can participate. At least I can invest those tokens into something I can use.

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We are going to have to have a workaround because yes BSC is not directly available to US citizens.

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Sounds like a huge pain. The government needs to stop getting in out way to use our money and crypto.

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But but but, it is to "protect" investors.

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We know it's a lie and it's not about protecting. It's about creating an advantage for themselves and to punish people who are doing what they are doing.

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I disagree.

It is about protecting, the establishment and keeping the small investor alientated.

The regulators never go after the bankers. Why? Because once they leave the SEC (or whatever agency they are in) guess who hires them?

Just a cozy little club.

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I was talking about the regulators not protecting the normal investors. I completely agree that the SEC is in beds with the hedge funds.

If I were to reword it, I would be saying that the regulators do not wish for the regular investors to do what the hedge funds do on a normal basis. This can be seen in the GME events when they wanted to charge people who did their research. GME was heavily shorted so is there a problem telling others to buy it? No and I think hedge funds would work together on their actions all the time. So what I was saying is that the regulators are not protecting the retail investor. They are just trying to expand their advantage for their friends and block others from using the same tricks.

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The Leofinance project is so comprehensive and scary. Sometimes it feels as if hive engine, splinterlands and leofinance are the only visible parts of the hive chain when it comes to development.

I am curious about something; the airdrop of cub has nothing to do with project blank? Does this mean that there will be another airdrop based on this upcoming snapshot for the token that will serve project blank?

yes separate, two airdrops.


It may feel like that because people tend to concentrate their effort and attention to a few areas as we can't be everywhere. Give it a few months and you'll see the whole ecosystem in a different light. So much is going to change.

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You are right. my areas of interest are limited. I have not truly explore the whole of the hive chain. It is all exciting.

Two separate snapshots; two separate airdrops.

Sometimes it feels as if hive engine, splinterlands and leofinance are the only visible parts of the hive chain when it comes to development.

It might feel that way but there is a lot happening especially at the tribe level. We are seeing a lot of projects expanding and growing, although they might not be visible to all.

User growth is still stalled but I think that will change.

And do not forget about 3Speak. They are rather quiet but they are working on a large update.

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I love it. This is good to hear. Continuous growth shows a healthy platform. I can't wait for that user growth. With these developments, more persons would definitely find it of interest to be invested in the hive chain.

I have a feeling projectblank will take care of user growth. I am not sure about CubFinance, at least in the near term, but the team seems to think it will lead to a lot of users for Leo.

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well maybe we should just keep our fingers crossed and watch how everything unfolds

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i still prefer the projectblank to the cubfinance

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They taught the same about Metamask integration but it didn't bring masses and investors.

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so what is the difference between the token CUB and bleo? or are they the same thing? Without a doubt, it will be better to operate in binance smart chain than in uniswap where the rates are colossal, this will give more entry to "retail investors" for this financial ecosystem

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No they are not the same thing.

We are not sure, at this point exactly what the difference is other they are two totally different token with different use cases.

bLEO is just wLEO on BSC. It is likely to end up in a liquidity pool although there could be other use cases for it.

CUB is likely to be, at some point, a governance token. Yet, before that, it also will have an application(s) tied to it.

As usual, the details are not there right now but both will have value (well bLEO will be a mirror for LEO and wLEO since they are all LEO ultimately).

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Thank for good message!
I can't do more on LeoFinance excapt upvoting due to low internet and military coup.

This post cleared most of my doubts which appeared as soon as I read the announcement post .

This is not shifting things away from Leo but, rather, back towards it

This was what I was afraid of when the post said CUB won't be on Hive Blockchain , I felt oh then are we going away from Hive ? Is that good ? But now you made it clear.

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Too many look at blockchains as black and white, all or none. The future is blockchain interoperability. This is now the Internet formed. Until that happens, the fragmentation stunts growth.

Leo is operating on a different level, leveraging the benefits of different chains for its own growth. We need to remember blockchains are really back ends, something that the average person is not going to care about.

That said, it is the activity tied to it. And if Cub gets people into the Leofinance ecosystem, some of them will end up as and blank users as well as the other apps that are developed in the future.

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Yeah to be honest I never thought about it in this way too. Airdrop on one blockchain and claiming on another + one project existing on two chains. Incredible. Making use of the best features of all chains.

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The challenge was there are actually two blockchains in operation, Hive and Ethereum. The CUB token needed to get to wLEO holders also.

Then you add in the third chain where the token's utility is, BSC, and I can see how it could be a mess.

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After the announcement post and reading comments I see people are more confused than excited. This is kind of normal if you think of it. We're not user to being taken to another blockchain.

However, your post and the one coming from Khal with the details clarifies things and we're going to be fine.

I just hope more people will understand the opportunity we have here and choose to invest and hodl, instead of selling everything for pennies. What we do now will matter very soon and now is the time to work hard.

The offer is diversifying day by day, we already have our fingers in a number of pies and this is just the beginning.

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After the announcement post and reading comments I see people are more confused than excited.

I think this says a lot. The communication of late is simply awful.

Leofinance, at one time, excelled at its communication, laying out a road map and operating in a clear and transparent fashion.

Now it is acting more like Steemit Inc, with the announcements of announcement bullcrap. It was funny for awhile but now I see it as a hindrance.

Confusion causes a loss of confidence, something that Khal should pay attention to.

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I think Khal need to understand that most of the users don't have his level of understanding as many of the details are technical. Post should be simple, more explaining so the 70 years old granny and grandpa can understand it too.

We're all learning here as many of these things are brand new, have never been done before, or should I say are invented now?

If we want mass adoption, communication needs to improve. There's no other way. Just my 2 cents.

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That is true.

There is also the aspect there is information he has which is not out there. Thus, while it might be clear in his mind since he knows how the dots are connected, everyone else is going in circles because they really dont have the right information.

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Exactly, I was thinking of that as well, just find it difficult to put it in words.

I'm not sure in what relationship you are with him, maybe you can try talk to him because if this goes on, it's going to be a problem. People missing out because they don't know and it's going to affect the whole community.

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I could try but he is hard to get a hold of. I understand he is busy, trying to pull a lot of things off at one time.

It most likely dropped down on the list. But, in my mind, it is vitally important. A lot of smaller token holders here and they are the ones who are easiest confused since they tend not to be experts in this stuff.

They depend upon the information for guidance.

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Regarding the importance of the matter, worth a try. After all, you have nothing to lose. So please do!

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@erikah that announcement is too technical,even those that are not newbies still find the announcement complicated

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Unfortunately it is true. I had to read it a couple of times and then read comments to make sure I understand it right.

I hope the next one will details will be more clear, otherwise a bunch of people will miss out a great opportunity.

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the announcement sounded too complicated..he should have made it simple and well explained...

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Finally, someone said it.

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It's fantastic, I know some people are sceptical but there is no reason bleo with It's interest earning staking capacity can't reach $200 - $300 really quickly.

Absolutely wrapped (no pun intended, is that a saying in the US also?)

Leo to the moon!

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That would make LEO very valuable. If it pushed LEO to the numbers you mentioned, oh boy.

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LEO can possibly reach 10$ before end of this year,if this wonderful projects are managed successfully....

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It could.

We will have to see what projects roll out.

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i hope the projects that is rolled out will not disappoint us...

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Defi is all the rage.

Reef Finance will also help once it is released.

All Leo projects in the one spot no need to sell or move just click between the ones you want and Reef Finance takes care of the rest and provides you with the best options.

Imagine having a tab called Leo. In it access to all Leo projects. That's what Reef Finance is hoping to achieve.

Value +++++

i am looking forward to the more detailed posts!!

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I was saying just the other day that I had a feeling once they finally got around to actually announcing the first project the rest of them would probably come in quick succession. It was just a matter of getting through all of the announcements of announcements to get there! Like you said, I have a feeling Project Blank is not going to be very far behind this latest mind blowing drop.

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Woo hoo... great news. I need to stake some more LEO now.m

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Thank you once again for a very good explanation of the benefits associated with being a member and stakeholder within @leofinance. It is true that Ethereum is becoming a rich person's game due to the huge fees associated with any type of transaction.

CUB Airdrop: Leo Is Going To Make Us Wealthy

As my dad used to say, You ain't just whistling Dixie brother! (Keep in mind my dad would be well into his 90s if he were living, I just liked his funny exclamations.)

The Cub Project will indeed open up investment in the @leofinance decentralized financed (DeFi) endeavors by a much larger economic demography (especially folks with limited financial resources).

Three blockchains to rule them all! HIVE, BSC, ETH

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Coming from a technology angle, I love convergence. From the perspective of what we see forming on here, it is a similar idea. Get many tentacles going and then pull them all together.

Each one will forge into the market/userbase at its own rate, yet enhancing all other aspects of what is taking place.

Since LEO is at the core of it all, it will only keep growing.

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No one builds like @leofinance builds that is for sure.

Leo Finance

the bottom line is that we will have the most adorable tokens in the crypto world, who doesn't love lion cubs ? :)

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LOL ironic you said that. I am thinking about going to some of the different funds and talking to them about starting a cat tribe.

What the hell. It make YouTube with everyone posting their cat videos. Imagine the attention would could get for providing a place for people to post pics and videos of their cats.

Plus they could get rewarded for it.

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that's genius :) cat videos and pictures are always popular.

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This is what it means to be an early adopter--benefiting from a project you watched grow. Leofinance is growing at a fast pace which is almost impossible to keep up with.

Looking forward to hearing my details news on cub financial. I might just be partaking in my first DeFi project.

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This is what it means to be an early adopter

It also means watching the balance in your wallet grow a great deal too. LOL

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I got myself to 5000 lp and 500 liquid just to be sure. Wasn't easy but I did it!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I think having some of each is a smart move. We will have the details in a few days about what to do with all this.

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I enjoyed the live stream you did with @jongolson it was very informing, I learned quite a bit..thanks

very well, CUB is a first small and big step of Leofinance towards its growth.

not. I figured out if today's snapshot is also valid for Project Blank or not, but we'll find out soon 😎

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There will be two snapshots, one for CUB which should have happened and one for Blank, done at a later date.

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Let's get rich my guy. Great insights

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Actually maybe CUB is LeoFI what Cake is to Pancake?

It's the staking reward token, and they'll offer a CRAZY 200% return for staking things with CUB to lock that up.

This is probably going to make us rich.

Exciting isn't it?!?

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My thoughts exactly

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

There is a good chance that is at least part of what CUB is used for.

There are other apps on BSC that we could also see mirrored.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Looking forward on CUB and bLeo. I only have Pancakes on BSC, so I think I'll get some bLeo and CUB.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Looking forwards to #cubFinance and BSC as much as I am looking forwards for #projectblank! It is always enjoyable reading your posts and I believe you can express ideas in a really simple and informative way. Personally I am building an app through BSC so seeing #cubFinance and learning from it will bring me closer to realizing my own objectives. Anyways thank you so much for this!

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From the link posted by @taskmaster4450le:

The CUB snapshot will occur at 9 AM CST on March 3rd, 2021

So you have just over 2.5 hours to stake!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

If you want to but there is also a reason to keep LEO liquid.

Sadly, this was not properly explained.

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Will we need to buy BNB ?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I would imagine some is required to transact. The fees are low but they are there.

Someone who is more familiar with BSC should answer this. I would presume it is akin to ETH in that regard.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I guess I will be buying the BNB dips just in case.

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I am also very excited about what I am seeing in Leofinance with the LEO token, I like the idea of involving LEO in the DeFi world, but I have reservations about Binance because it is a centralized platform, so there is a possibility that funds can be blocked for any reason, I say this because it has happened to me with other platforms. Hopefully Hive will offer us the possibility to integrate our tokens to our own decentralized defi medium.

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Without a doubt there is a drawback to what is taking place on there. That is why we shouldnt put all our eggs in that baskey.

BSC is certainly centralized which is a problem. We cant promote the idea that is anything other than that.

However, it could bring in a lot of exposure to Leo and Hive since it is becoming very popular.

Ultimately, to excel in DeFi, we need to go where the money is until we can bring it to Hive.

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If you manage to colaborate with pancakeswap for a promotion/pool in there, this is as huge as it gets in BSC.

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To be perfectly honest, the CUB announcement was a bit of a surprise for me, but still very cool. This might be a more reasonable way for me (and lots of people) to get their feet wet with DeFi. So far, I have just been observing from the sidelines... just wasn't "feeling it" as a very small investor, with the cost of those GAS fees. I just hope Hive eventually gets on the bandwagon... we've got the chain capacity and speed, and fees? Time will tell.

Will the Leo Finance ecosystem become a $1B behemoth? That would be quite something, wouldn't it? Wonder what that might do to the market cap of Hive... pull it along, or have no effect?


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...just wasn't "feeling it" as a very small investor, with the cost of those GAS fees.

BSC does solve that since what costs $40 on ETH is a buck or two on BSC.

I just hope Hive eventually gets on the bandwagon... we've got the chain capacity and speed, and fees? Time will tell.

Ultimately I think it will. We still need more decentralized smart contract capabilities. Once we get that, we can start to create applications that will fill the void.

In the meantime, it is up to us to try and attract users in.

Will the Leo Finance ecosystem become a $1B behemoth? That would be quite something, wouldn't it? Wonder what that might do to the market cap of Hive... pull it along, or have no effect?

I would say it most certainly would help to draw the value of HIVE higher. To reach that market cap, we need to have a successful, thriving social media application(s). Projectblank could be that. If so, it will eat up a lot of Hive.

In my mind, Hive's future value is going to come from the user base. Call it the ultimate Network Effect, the combination of social media and finance. Yet to truly get there, we are going to need a few more applications to break through in addition to Leofinance.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 46 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Happier times, better days , cheers to all!

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really amazing to see how things shape up in this space and more that are unveiling each day passing. LeoFinance is the definition of crypto endless possibilities. CUB Finance is something that is just out of the box and I see this community as the first on Hive to reach out to a tri-blockchain partnership which is the future of crypto sustainability.

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LeoFinance is the definition of crypto endless possibilities.

Welcome to the digital world. The only limitation is development. There are hundreds of directions that Leofinance can go in. The only think slowing it down is the pace of development.

That said, the more things go up in value the greater the resources. Hence we could things accelerating in a wonderful manner as we head into the second half of the year.

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It does all sound really exciting and I hope to get in on the ground floor but I just can't get my head around Defi, Where does the value come from? I understand that you need to pool one token with another but don't understand the mechanisms as to what value that creates. Who is the customer?

Obviously, you are very knowledgeable about how all this works in general and are a great explainer. Would it be possible to write a post titled 'Defi for dummies' for numbskulls like me. I'm sure it would be a smash hit.

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I'm really new to this ecosystem, can someone link me to an explainer on how I can put my LEO into these liquidity pools? I'd like to participate but I'm scared that my own naivety is going to cause me to miss the opportunity. :(

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Let it rain... Lions need that!

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I believe the potential for the CubFinance application is huge. Leofinance team aims very high in my opinion, very ambitious. Can you imagine CubFinance becoming one of the most popular defi apps on BSC and what that will mean to Leo as a whole?

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This looks like another wonderful project. The fact that an airdrop will be done to existing LEO holders means that the CUB token will be more decentralized and distributed. I look forward to loading up some once it hits the market. Thanks for this detailed post.

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