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RE: Project Blank needs to be better than D.Buzz and Noise.Cash

in LeoFinance5 months ago

The think you miss is both of those operate basically in isolation. They are not connected to anything else. They are standalone apps.

ProjectBlank and Leofinance are built upon the same code. Hence you are going to have cross app integration at some point. We will see a number of features that are on both which enhance the user experience.

At the same time, the tokenomics are completely different. Once again, we see how the Blank token is part of a larger ecosystem, Leo, thus adding even more value. The ability to feed into one's LEO or governance holding is big.

No contest in my opinion.

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Indeed it is not a contest, just that they will be unfolding same type of content. And the most of all the usability is king, so let's see how easy will be for someone to post and find his way around and grow. If that ingredient is good, the others will follow.

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