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RE: The Danger From The Likes Of Facebook

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That could be an issue although I see that more at the application level.

A bigger issue is the corporations getting involved with their big money and buying things up. We still have a lot of centralization especially at the app level. They could go in and buy things just like Steemit Inc was.

This is what we need to prevent.

Looking at ALL angles is vital.

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That is true, if I am a startup blockchain company, I might have grand ideas about decentralized this and that, but when Facebook dangles a couple billion dollars in my face, that might all go out the window!

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Well the fact of the matter is most blockchains are really centralized. That will be their downfall according to Dan.

That is why Hive is doing something great; it is decentralized more than the rest. Even though we have some large stakerholders, none are the overwhelming majority. It would be very tough to get 30% of HIVE let alone a majority.

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You talking about They call me Dan or Dan Larimer? Have you been following the whole EdenOS thing that Larimer is working on now? Sounds like a complete overhaul which might finally make some of the haters happy.

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Theycallmedan. I dont know what Larimer is up to.

No I have no idea? What is taking place?

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It's called EdenOS. It sounds like a total rework of the governance and block producers over on EOS. Using funds from Block One to change things up and hopefully remove the pay for votes collusion that has been going on. Plus a bunch of other stuff. The way I understand it anyway.