The Leofinance 12K Comment Push

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Last night I put up a post detailing @Leomarmettalk and how we reached a goal that was set for the month of April. At the beginning of the month, we set out to do 10,000 comments in the posts throughout the 30 days. Obviously, that meant we had to top 333 comments per day.

The goal of the challenge was to stimulate engagement on-chain. What we do on Leofinance is extremely important. Conditioning ourselves to comment is a vital habit to get into. The benefits are numerous as anyone who did this knows.

As a result of that post, the number of comments on @leomarkettalk's threat today exploded. We had an all time high of over 800 comments. That is some terrific engagement. We are very happy with the results.

However, as exciting as that is, and as much as we want it to continue, having all that activity in one place is not healthy for the platform. We are in the era of decentralization. Hence, the comments have to but pushed further out. So, while we are going to continue to try and improve the numbers in that daily thread, we want to encourage a wider approach across the entire platform.

It is really simple:

Leofinance will not thrive if most of the post have absolutely no engagement. Thus, it is our challenge to get as much as engagement with authors as we can.

This can be a problem for many people. Therefore, we are going to put forth a project to see if we ALL cannot attain greater heights.

The goal for this week is to have 12,000 comments done from the Leofinance interface.

This is a significant leap from where we usually are. According to @leo.stats, we did not even cross 10K comments last week (if memory serves me, I think it was around 9,500).

So how are we going to get such a big jump? What can we do to push the numbers higher while ensuring we get decent content. After all, we can hit 20K is we post bullcrap comments like "nice post, I really enjoyed it". Comments like that add nothing to the conversation.


We will call this the Question Challenge.

The idea is that each person commits to asking 2 questions per day in the comment sections of individual posts (outside of Leomarkettalk). At the same time, content creators commit to answering these questions.

For those of us without advanced math degrees, that means the question and answers can add 4 comments each day, per person. The power of numbers means this could add up.

Naturally, if you are an inquisitive one, you can ask more than two. If you feel the need, you can go up to 5 or even 10.

Think about it this way: in every day conversation, when we meet someone new, what is it we do? We ask questions back and forth. Why not bring the same concept in here? Questions naturally stimulate engagement.

They also do something else for those who find they are having difficulty with finding something to comment about. Some might come across posts where they don't understand the topic in great depth. This can make it hard to place a sensible, applicable comment.

So what should be done in this situation?

Exactly, ask a question. Hell, one doesn't even have to make it up. If it is something you don't understand, there is a lot to ask. We are not feigning ignorance in that situation.

Of course, the idea is engagement so ask questions that are applicable to the content matter. Posting a question about the shoe size of the author is not really pertinent to the conversations we are trying to start.

Numbers like this cannot be achieved by a single individual, or even a couple of individuals. It will require the efforts of many people. However, it is time that we start implementing the social in social media. As @hitmeasap write, we tend to lean to asocial social media.

Can we do this? I think it is well within reason.

Besides, we might just learn something in the process.

So there you have it. What are your thoughts? Is this something everyone is committed to reaching?

Let me know in the comment section.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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Well I will be commenting as usual though I am not sure if I have as much time tomorrow. But yea I hope people will help contribute to the push.

I also think people in LeoFinance are more likely to reward their commenters since it has a linear rewards curve.

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Wow that's a lot! But if 800 a day was possible .. 12k a month must be too?
I will try to add some comments to the grand total :)

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Well they are two different things.

@leomarkettalk set the goal for April of 10K. We hit that with a few days to spare.

This is doing 12K in a week on through the Leofinance interface. We did about 9,500 last week. So we need to up our game a bit more.

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Oh, I misunderstood that sorry.
I often see my notifications in peakd but when it's on a leofinance post, I usually first swap to this interface. So will try to make sure to keep doing that :)

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You have been an inspiration when thinking engagement, and I have been actively commenting for a week. I'm not a big poster, so it was kind of a relief to see that I would get upvoted for most comments!

  • I have been posting trhough several frontends, not much from LeoFinance. I am using mobile 📱 a lot so it's easier for me. Now that I have configured a lite-app of LeoFinance, I can use it more often as my frontend 😀
  • I think I am just sharing my thoughts about the post in my comments, sometimes exemplifying it with my own experiences, however I don't think I was asking questions a lot. I think it's a very clever idea to increase the overall engagement and to enhance the quality of our comments.

I will definitely be improving my new habit by following these tips!
Thanks a lot for your implication.

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It is just an idea. If one is out there commenting a great deal, perhaps asking questions is not the more viable approach.

This is done as a means to inspire people to get involved and try to engage more. There are lots of ways to do it yet it is up to all of us to up our games.

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I'm curious what you mean by "a lite-app of LeoFinance"? I'm currently working on LeoFinance and am interested to know what made it easier for you.

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Well I'm using this app called Hermit and it lets you create an "app" of any website. Its just a browser but it is optimized for the website you ask it to show. I'll let you do more research about it and/or try it! Maybe it can help you.

Should I create a detailed post of how I use it?

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Should I create a detailed post of how I use it?

You definitely should do it . I have heard about Hermit before but never tried it . If you make a post about it , many will find it helpful :)

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Alright! Would you like to be tagged when I post it?

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Definitely :)

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Without a doubt you should create a post about it.

Also, drop a link to that post in the @leomarkettalk daily thread. Just post that I mentioned for you to drop the post in there for visability.

I will take the post and push it to try and get even more visability.

It looks like it could help a lot of people.

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Thanks a lot! I'll definitely make it but I'll need some days, I want to make something well written and illustrated. Is that okay to post on the upcoming LeoMarketTalk post at the moment I submit my post?

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Interesting, I would just think to go to on my mobile browser. How does Hermit help you personally over just using the browser?

If you're seeing a real benefit for using Hermit, then I'm sure other people would benefit from it too, and so yeah a detailed post would be great!

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Instead of having a tab in my browser, Hermit creates something similar to an app, where I click in the icon to open it (this sounds like nothing but it really make the user experience easier. I have a Leo Logo on my app list and I just click on it to open it).
It comes with lots of features like adblocker, anti tracking, reading view, night mode, and you can create bookmarks.
It is also optimized in terms of screen space: there are no top and bottom bar, the entire screen is for the website.
I don't know for just using the browser but using Hermit, I don't need to login ever again.
And something I discovered recently, you can create a custom search bar, thus I was able to create a search bar to search for a user (it is basically where %s is my query).
Apparently you can also create custom push notifications if you have a special link, I'm wondering if something is doable if LeoFinance has a link to retrieve notifications. I should look more into that).

I'll think about making a post!

And here you can have a preview, it's nothing special like this but... you see, very simple, 0 distraction.

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Great, thank you! I think I've got the benefits now. Like you said, they're not major but all together makes for a nicer experience.

As for notifications, it's something on the list. Right now people use notifications from other apps, so I would just use until we have something done in leofinance.

And BTW you can create a custom search bar in most browsers if I remember correctly.

Yea it would be quite interesting and I think there are probably other people interested in it as well.

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Alright I'll tag you when/if I make it!

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I haven't tried using mobile but I have heard that there are issues loading when the thread gets too long and also when the reply chain grows too big.

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I haven't encountered such issue yet. Maybe it is because of that app I'm using (Hermit. See previous replies for more info).

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Great initiative. One of the challenges I see is that once a few hours pass from the time a post was published, it becomes hard to get engagement. Will the author or anyone else pay attention to your comment? It seems to me like the vast majority of new posts are alive for some hours and then they becomes mostly dead. Whereas on other platforms, if there is an interesting new post, then engagement on it can continue for multiple days, months even, with people going back and forth in comments. We have only sometimes been able to achieve this on Hive, whereas it is far more standard on other social media platforms. If we can have authentic quality discussions in the comment sections, lasting for multiple days and getting replies and upvotes, I think we may do far better than churning out large numbers of posts that have a life-span of a few hours.

I also think some frontend changes have to be made to help facilitate such engagement. For example, it is standard to have only the first (root) comment show, and then all replies under it to be hidden and expandable. This way a user can see what kind of discussions there are at a glance and expand the ones they are interested in. Notifications that you received a reply/upvote are also needed.

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The answer to your question is some will, most will not.

It is a problem when authors do not go back and look at their comments. There is even a comment button on Leofinance where one can scroll through the comments and see if someone else answered.

How many use this tool?

That said, we can only keep pushing so people will pay attention.

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Perhaps one thing we can do is to ask authors how much they are engaging back with the commenters on their posts, and what would help them in increasing their engagement.

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I am not sure we need to ask. Simply look at their posts.

Those who engage quickly become obvious, those who do not, well that is evident too.

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I'm up for frontend improvements like this on LeoFinance! I'm in the process of getting these improvements sorted so we can decide which will have the greatest impact on the project. Will create a post when I have more details.

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Awesome to hear! Really looking forward to it!

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Comments are an engaging way for both authors and reader. A reader might have hard time understanding something from a post. So an engaging comment is the actual way an author feels grateful that people value his post and commented their suggestions or questions.
I don’t post oftentimes on leo but I try to post comments to engage a post.
I even upvote all the good comments on my post to give an appreciation to the user.

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Comments also add to the conversations.

There are a lot of times where the information convened in the comment section is better than the post.

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Engagement helps a lot with retention. When ever I get frustrated with Hive, it's my friends in the community that keep me around.

Thanks for promoting engagement.

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Yeah it does help those of us who have been here a while.

If you get like that, just imagine the newer person who doesnt have that support system.

That is what we need to try and provide to newer people. Plus they have the frustration that this place is complex as hell.

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You know you can count on me for the initiative, the cake has a better flavor when you contribute to it! Let's go through those numbers and in a few hours I'll be stopping by @leomarkettalk

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Outside of the Hiveverse, how many people pay any attention to Hive?

In a recent video, @theycallmedan called it something like many or lots of and mentioned Kim Dotcom as an example. Obviously @theycallmedan has a finger on the pulse of Hive better than most of us do.

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I think he was talking about large scale investors. That is the camp that Dan tends to run in. So he is feeling them out.

Their challenge is the liquidity. Players who take large positions want to know if they can get out when they need to. With hive, if you had $15M or $20M in here, you might not be able to get out so easily without crashing the price.

It is one reason why market cap does matter. Well not that exactly but the trading volume.

If Hive was trading a couple billion dollars a day, even if it was sideways, that would attract the bigger money since a position like I mentioned could be move with ease.

As for average crypto people, I am not sure many of them know about Hive. More importantly I am not sure many know about the Apps.

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Was going to ask your shoe size before I finished reading the article LOL. Do you think that an increase in comments will bring in new users or just establish a better bond between existing users? Either way I see the upside

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I have a feeling it will help the ones here. It wont do anything for newer users although we might get a post with a lot of comments that gets tweeted out and someone sees it. That person might like the engagement and take a look.

But overall the idea is to have engagement so when new people do show up here, they are able to see activity. As I wrote last night, nothing worse than a dead forum (in the old days). People go where there is some action.

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I see now, I like the concept. I will do my best to add to it daily. I really hope that we onboard new users, but I think that it will take the creation of some new projects to do that (the leobridge being one, as well as blank)

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I agree it will take some other things.

The challenge, as I see it, is onboarding new users means nothing if there is little activity here. Nobody likes a dead site and if that is all they see, that is not going to inspire people to learn more about what is offered.

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Really interesting this initiative, certainly the comments reflect the commitment that people have with respect to a certain topic. I am activating to make comments on the publications that I like the most, leaving questions or a quality comment that helps or contributes to improve, I am in the process of integrating much more.

Thanks for sharing. Let's move forward.

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That is all we can do. Simply keep the keyboards humming and trying to get more engagement across the board.

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I love this initiative! I admit I often feel too embarrassed to ask questions that I feel I should know -- or rather, I don't want other people to know that I don't know them. This small push encourages me to ask these questions.

It was like in school, I would rarely raise my hand to ask a question if I didn't know something. Then someone else would raise a question and I would think how good of a question it was, and I was glad it was asked. Then someone else would ask a question which I knew the answer for, and I would think "that person is an idiot for not knowing that question".

And that's the problem: I think when I'm asking a question that everyone is like me, judging other people for asking questions.

And it's just not true. And even if it was true, that's their issue.

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I wouldnt worry about it here. This is a complex system (Hive) so there is no way to know everything about it.

And if someone is a douche when you ask a question, ignore them. Just go onto the next post.

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I agree with you that engagement is very important. And it's nice to see that initiatives from you and others pay off.
But indeed there is still much to gain.

The focus should be on quality and new users I think. I'm not a frequent poster, but I do see that I'm getting more comments now since my number of followers has grown.

Leofinance is doing a better job there. I think more other tribes and communities should focus on engaging with newbies and helping them start here. That would help making Hive grow.

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It would but it is the chicken or the egg. Everyone wants new users but what if there is little activity. Will those users stay?

Most likely not. Then all the onboarding is for naught.

It all starts with our own house. Those of us here need to keep at it, putting up applicable (quality denotes to me that we have to write another Gone With The Wind) comments.

Engagement is what we are after to motivate the newer people to hand around and jump in.

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I am up for the task ! Let's comment the shit out of this week ! Always maintaining quality of course.

Questions are indeed a great way to create interactions as the original writer feels like he needs to give his view / insight on the question asked. Or ven just say: "I don't have any fucking idea!" xD

Cheers and I will see you around


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Thanks for your support. It will only benefit us all.

It is amazing how a conversation can get going in a thread and things really explode.

Answering every comment we get is a great way to increase the numbers a great deal.

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This is the kind of thing I like to see from the big players on Leo Finance. I think I'm already doing this challenge for a while now :P

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I think it is a type of thing that needs to be done by every player on Leofinance.

Small and large have a reason to do it.

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If we all keep commenting on your posts about comments it will turn into a full time job just to answer all of us.

I would like to see some more posts as well that hold information that people don't know. We could create a lot more tutorials for people across different areas of hive and crypto as we forget that a lot of newer users know very little about what is built here.

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If there are enough upvotes given to comments, then it could be a good paying full time job.

I would like to see some more posts as well that hold information that people don't know.

That might be true, but what dont people now. And there really isnt a way to categorize them.

And it does not seem like posting is the challenge on Leofinance. Commenting (enagement), that seems to be lacking.

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I think this is a really great idea! I hope that we can hit the number that you have set. I will try to do my best to help us get there!

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You are one of the solid ones from what I can see @bozz.

Wish we had 100 like you on here.

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Thanks, I appreciate that. You'd regret that statement if you really knew me :)

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I dont really know you but I regret it already.

Yet it is true and it is now on blockchain for all eternity so I cant deny it.

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Haha, yeah, I guess so!

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Hash-tag: projectquestionalot ? ;)

As always, a great idea. I love it!

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This is something that I feel we can all get behind.

I have been checking the engagement reports for the previous two weeks, since I first came apon it and I try and improve on my own numbers, comments, replies, upvotes etc, and feel this is something everyone can do to challenge themselves to engage more and be a part of the change needed to help grow Leofinance.

These reports are great motivational tools and allow each person to strive for better and help to aid the growth of the platform is an added advantage.

If those of us that find ourselves in the bottom numbers dedicate a little time daily to achieving better numbers week on week and those of us not on the list work hard to get their, we could see remarkable improvements in engage.

And just like you have stated @taskmaster4450le, if somebody cannot think of something meaningful to say a question will not only give them some much need answers if there is something they don't understand, but also encourage further engagement with the author.

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They are really good motivators and a great way to get people involved. If we shine enough light on the subject, we can keep pushing the envelop.

This is something that I hope catches on. I am going to keep beating this drum until it either world or this place dies.

Committed to the end.

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I feel that way myself, when I commit to something I am either all in or not at all.

We need to beat the shit out of that drum until it makes something resembling the sound of growth and success.

The potential is available if only enough people are willing to open their eyes and as a community it is up to us to drive that Tesla all the way home.

Posts like these are a great reference point for the rest of us.

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I agree. We need to keep pounding until everyone pays attention and then pound it some more.

People tend not to react at first glance. So they need repeated reminders.

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So lets work in unison and make people pay attention, together we can build mountains, but alone they may only seem like sand heaps.

I use many platforms, although I may have only been using the Hive blockchain and Leo a number of weeks, one thing I understand is the importance of growth and community engagement.

This is something that a combined effort can improve and I will put a little spice into.

At the same time, content creators commit to answering these questions.

This is where I think this can go wrong. It's easy to ask a question, and this initiative helps with it. But if content creators really don't commit to answering questions, it will be even more discouraging to people.

But I'll withhold judgement. I'll commit to asking at least 2 questions a day on this frontend and will see the results.

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That is very true. There are a lot of people who post content who dont even engage those commenting on their own posts. It is sad really.

This should be the first step for anyone creating content.

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Excellent initiative, because if only 100 users make only 10 comments a day, the record you describe of 800 comments can be achieved.

And in leo finance there are more than 100 users.

The questions I have:

Are they going to condition rewards for comments? because honestly that does not contribute to anything, only to that by interest users make comments and when there are no rewards, there will be no comments.

What do you plan to do to get more comments? Because we need a good plan to stimulate comments, I have a plan in mind but it needs support, later I will publish a post about it.

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Are they going to condition rewards for comments? because honestly that does not contribute to anything, only to that by interest users make comments and when there are no rewards, there will be no comments.

This is up to each individual. I upvote a ton of comments as do some others on Leofinance. For Hive, it is likely to pick up after the next hard fork since the reward curve is changing some.

However, we honestly need to get away from the idea of doing things only for the rewards. I leave over 1,000 comments a week and very few of them get upvoted. At some point, people have to do things for reasons other than just the rewards, especially if they hold LEO. The more engagement, the more valuable the entire platform.

What do you plan to do to get more comments?

I cant do anything to get more comments since that is the choice of other people. What I can do is focus my attention on engaging and open the door for others to follow.

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I leave over 1,000 comments a week and very few of them get upvoted. At some point, people have to do things for reasons other than just the rewards, especially if they hold LEO. The more engagement, the more valuable the entire platform.

This answers all my questions, thank you very much.

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Congratulations for the target reached! Unfortunately, it seems it keeps eluding me, and I don't know why, because I know of it for some time.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It is a moving target. LOL

You know cyberspace, nothing is real.

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Can we get some user base analytics/breakdowns? I would like to dig into ore of the Leofinance data

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I am not sure what you want. There is a breakdown for Leofinance done each Monday by @leo.stats. We also have the Leo Engagement league posted each Saturday by @abh12345.

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Comments are what keep most authors going. I know that while votes are nice, I get way more excited about comments left on my articles, that some one read and actually took time to comment.

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What happens is more ideas flow in the comment section. It ends up being akin to a Hive Mind.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I also would recommend to to not only answer to comments but also drop the top comments to twitter.
That is something the authors have to do. Users who comment could share the post on twitter saying: I just opened a discussion under this post. In this way we also show the world how social we are :) and have parallel engagement both helping us to grow.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That is a really good idea. I didnt think of that one. Thanks for the suggestion.

We should send out articles that get a lot of engagement as a way to entice those on other platforms like Twitter to get a chance to join us.

Lots of good ideas.

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Love it.

Great idea about open ended questions to stimulate discussion.

I have done my two questions today already (plus other comments), and will gladly answer any questions on any of my posts.

n.b. I'm not stopping at two questions per day, i will feed questions in as i see relevant good quality articles :-)

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Thanks for your dedication to this. It is something that we only can achieve together. There is no way only a few of us can do it.

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This is a very nice idea. I used to be committed to engaging some time ago before I left to focus on dcity. Bala used to drop daily report on top commenters and this used to spur me to engage more. I wanted to top that list once but I never got a chance to as @creativemary and @galenkp were difficult to surpass. I can say I still benefit from such engagement up until now.
My greatest investment on hive was as a result of engaging with @pouchon when he posted about dcity. So I guess it's a great idea. If there is someone who can come up with a daily report it will be a nice idea

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Seems like you got a lot of benefit from engaging.

Perhaps it is time to start up again on a more consistent basis.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I definitely have to.. There is so much to benefit from

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I feign ignorance all the time! Does not bother me. I am a forever learner. I like this quote from a very smart lady:

A lack of knowledge creates fear, seeking knowledge creates courage.

— Candice Swanepoel, Super Model and Philanthropist

This Call to Action that you have put forth is something that is needed across the entire blockchain within all communities and niche blogging applications.

Rhetorical Question:  Will hitmeasap make more comments than me this week? Or, will we see someone else take up this challenge and be a new name on the leo.stats charts?

My hope is the latter.

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I set a high bar and hope I get overtaken.

If someone does that, I will be thrilled.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 54 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I won't commit to the question-centric aspect of your challenge, but I will certainly leave quality comments every day... and if I have questions, I'll ask them! I leave multiple comments every day as a general rule, but I'll do my best to ramp it up. Great initiative! :)

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Let's hope this works to help SEO.
I've seen comments being their own URLs. If these get counted by Google, Bing etc. each comment seriously contributes. We've also got "Posted Using LeoFinance" which is also a link.

I'll be expecting awesome stuff for the future. Only thing we've left to do (IMHO) is doing more SEO freindly topics that people are already looking for.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I will try to do my part.

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