The Leofinance Brand Is Going To Take CubFinance To Great Heights

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The world of cryptocurrency is wrought with dangers and pitfalls. We see this with each craze. The allure is just to tempting for those with nefarious intentions.

It was something witnessed during the ICO craze and now we are seeing a lot of it in the world of DeFi. Each week, it seems like there is another story relating to how people lost their money.

Here is a headline from CryptoPotato:


Relatively speaking, this was not a large rug pull.

From the same article we see this:

TurtleDex is not the first project launched on Binance Smart Chain to rugpull. As reported by CryptoPotato, another incident took place on March 5, when Meerkat Finance stole over $30 million worths of crypto-assets. The farming protocol took 13.96 million in BUSD and over 73,000 BNB.


Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Just between these two incidents we see more than $32 million swiped, with little likelihood of getting that back.

Keep in mind, these are not hacks. The smart contracts are not failing. This is the originators of the projects making off with the money. It is far too easy to set these up for the potential payoff. Someone with the development skills can fork some of the DeFi apps out there since they are open source.

Once that happens, attract some investors with obscene payouts and then pull the rug when there is enough money in there.

Since all of this is done anonymously, there is little to follow. Investors obviously petition the exchanges to freeze the wallets that funds are moved into. This may or may not take place. Law enforcement is of no help of course. This means people are basically on their own.

When it comes to DeFi, this is the biggest risk.

It is also one that CubFinance can remove.

CubFinance operates on BSC, just like the other ventures mentioned. However, unlike them, this is not being done anonymously. Instead, this was put together by @leofinance, a platform with a 2 year history on the Hive blockchain.

This is an important fact that cannot be overlooked. In a world which can resemble the Wild West, branding is vitally important. This is a way to stand out from the mess of uncertainty that is bound to be present.

The question becomes how does a project establish trust? This is a hard thing to accomplish, especially when doing it from scratch. Each time an exit scam is pulled, the using public will become a bit less trusting.

Individuals who are on Hive are well aware of what Leofinance is about. We sat and watched the developers bring out application after application. At the same time, the value of those tokens when from a couple hundred thousand to over $7 million. There was even a hack in which the team made everyone who had money invested whole again.

Where else do you see that in crypto?

The answer is you do not.

So let us contrast. TurtleDex and Meerkat pulled exit scams, taking people's money. Yet Leofinance gets their Ethereum Liquidity Pool hacked and they make everyone whole.

That is a stark difference. It is also part of the story that needs to be told because this is what will propel CubFinance to great heights.


How important is two years? Consider the fact that Ethereum is just approaching its 6 years since going live. In an industry where most of what we deal with is only a couple years old, or less, it is a lifetime.

Leofinance has this on its side. The fact it brought out so many different applications will enhance its standing. When Twitter on the Blockchain is released, that will further provide validation in the DeFi world.

Social media is huge and the barrier is much lower. However, being able to promote that as a successful application, especially if it can get tens of thousands of users, will only propel Leofinance forward.

This, in turn, will reflect upon CubFinance. In a world where rug pulling is fairly common, this can make all the difference in the world.

Branding is a way to instill confidence in people. For example, why does McDonalds spend so much money and time on pushing their brand. The reason is consistency. People know what they will get from McDonalds. The expectations are set and mostly met. Those who are looking for fine cuisine are not frequenting that establishment. Yet for those who want that type of food, no matter which location you visit, it likely will be close to the same.

Leofinance is starting to embark upon a different path. The brand needs to be one of reliability. In a world of chaos, this is a calming factor. It is also a very profitable one.

The interconnectedness of the different projects is vital. With the expected release of LeoBridge, we see another application that can be pointed at as a piece of the large picture.

Basically, when people ask what is Leofinance, we can point to:

  • Hive.stats
  • Leopedia
  • LeoDex
  • wLEO Liquidity Pool
  • CubFinance
  • LeoBridge (soon)
  • Twitter on the Blockchain (Soon)

In the wild world of DeFi, point to a project like CubFinance that has a family of applications associated with it. The reality is that does not exist.

Here is the biggest advantage. The potential Network Effect that Leofinance can have within its own family of applications is truly amazing. This is something that is not commonly seen in the DeFi world.

For this reason, the brand can take CubFinance to much greater heights.

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I am in full agreement with all of your points. I was one of the folks made whole after the Uniswap wLEO hack.

Innovation is the hallmark of LEO Finance. Not only that, they promise then deliver.

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Yeah things could have taken a much different path. But the team stepped up, restarted with everyone made whole and then move ahead.

It will be a great part of the story going forward.

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Yes the exit scams are definitely going to be a huge problem. This is one the things that will make Cub Finance different because I doubt LeoFinance will pull a scam.

I have heard stories about the wLEO pool being hacked and the team paying people back for their lost. So I think only makes me think of the applications LEO are making more favorably. If other people see how good the track record is and proves that Cub is not an exit scam, then we can definitely benefit alot through the network effect. The reason why? Because it would mean we would have loyal consumers and they would be willing to try out the new stuff coming out by the team.

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How about a price drop today
Will CUB and Leo be affected by Hive's price hike and selling ramping up

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Price tends not to reflect what is going on.

If you want to truly see what is happening, ignore price; it can be very misleading.

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Thanks for this advice

Dang, this is what I get for taking a break from the blockchain on the weekends. I saw this article and I was thinking I should post about this. I was busy with life stuff though so it didn't really fit into my schedule. I figured someone would run with it. Nice job. This is definitely what I like about Leo. They built that trust before they created the platform which I think speaks volumes.

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That rugpull is a black eye
for #defi.
At the same time it is trust builder for
#cub finance to grow into something really big.
#Leofinance will shine and thrive.
Great post!


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More info why you see this.

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Thanks @onealfa.leo.

Always good to see you.

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The whole LEO ecosystem is a sleeping giant, those of us in the know can see what is on the horizon. Good times are already here... better times are right around the corner! Thanks for the good work.

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It certainly is. Things are going to keep building upon each other which will have a tremendous impact on the overall value.

At some point, I can see this entire thing, and all its tentacles worth a billion dollars.

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Agreed! And at the rate of development, (and overall market hype), we might be closer to those levels than we can think. LeoBridge could turn CUB into a monster in no time... Project Blank will publicize the developments and who doesn't like reading and getting paid to do it?

  • Twitter on the Blockchain (Soon)

This will be huge and will likely draw more attention and investors. We all know the power of social media, pairing that with a credible project dramatically increases the potential.

It will draw more investors and gives all of us a way to promote all that Leo offers, including CubFinance.

There is a lot being formed here. The list of apps is very impressive.

I believe it will be much larger come the end of the year.

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I agree. I'm very optimistic about this project. :)

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Network effect is right, as we discussed earlier today it is all about filling the holes in the existing ecosystem. Leo Finance and the numerous projects that have been created under that umbrella are branching out and diversifying in ways that should make all users and investors confident.

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Piece by piece they are getting there. It will take a lot more development but the foundation is being laid.

That is when things get really fun when the stuff being build after has a lot more immediate impact.

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Yup that's one of the things i highlight when promoting Cub. These guys have been aroudn for two years already. This is no rug pull. The aim is to build an entire ecosystem.

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Been around two years and have a much bigger roadmap in the works. This is just the start.

Leofinance is playing the long game, not just quick hit and run with a few bucks.

LEO and CUB are already at $10 million in market cap, the goal is to 100x that.

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Can't wait for Project Blank. Hope they have enough new account tokens saved up. Running out of new account tokens to meet demand would be a HUGE missed opportunity at growth.

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That is a legitimate concern.

The one good thing about the delay; each day allows them to claim more accounts. Thus the number keeps growing.

Hopefully someone has a hundred thousand or so laying around.

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It's a good thing that Leofinance considered Defi. It's like now or never, and gladly they did it now.

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I am not sure it is now or never. DeFi is just getting started.

That said, the earlier the better. It will present the opportunity to brand things even more.

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Cool article @taskmaster4450. Once LeoBridge opens, we might observe an influx of investors from ETH & Beyond. LeoFinance getting their code audited will add on to the Project Integrity which they have established in all these years. Our highly engaging community is capable of pushing it very far.

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It will be interesting to see how much of an impact LeoBridge has.

This could be one of those proverbial game changers. There are billions that could flow back and forth between the two.

We will see how quickly things scale up.

That could eat up a lot of CUB and LEO.

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True. In theory, that should make each $LEO & $CUB more valuable on the market. Looking forward to it.

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Somehow such situations can drift investors towards good projects such as CUB backed by trustful communities such as Leofinance. When you get burned once you're paying much more attention next time when investing in similar projects.

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It all can feed in and help the overall network effect. With so many applications appearing, we will see the users jump a great deal. Some will find their way into other Leo projects.

That is where the true growth will come from.

Confidence is key. If the trust is there for the Leofinance brand, it really can stand out in the wild west atmosphere we see.

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If we wanted to make a pagaragone with the world of information there are real news and fake news and what often distinguishes one from the other is the source.
The more reputable the source, the more likely the news is to be true.
The same is true in the world of cryptocurrencies and Defi.
Leofinance has proven to be a serious and reliable project and the evidence is clear as you have well written in your nice post.


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Very interesting article. I have been using Hive and LeoFinance for a short time, but from the beginning I realized that it is a serious project with a great future. Personally I hope Leofinance goes very far and we can last for a long time giving more and more value to this platform with the interactions and valuable content that we share. Hopefully many more people join this great project and create a real demand for tokens to solidify the network, that would be wonderful.

Thanks for sharing the info colleague, best regards! 👋

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I think the user base explodes when the Twitter project is released. That will really be a terrific feeder system into all of this. From there, they can be promoted Leofinance and CubFinance (and whatever else is developed).

That is where I think we will see things separate between Leofinance and the rest.

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I agree. Cubfinance is not a rug pull.

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100% vote for that one. This is bang on the cash. They handled the situation fantastically after the hack. This ensured a strong community and saw people return.

I have heard in the real world people are cautious about Defi and new projects and CUB is being watched atm. So I'm friken buying as much of it as I can.

$10,000 here we come baby!

$400 is the first milestone though. I hope we hit that this year though.

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$10,000 here we come baby!

$400 is the first milestone though. I hope we hit that this year though.

wow you are very optimistic arent you?

I am not going to argue with you on that one. There is so much potential for the project that brings legitimacy to the table on this. So much crap in the DeFi world, that we could be seeing a legitimate platform being developed.

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The pieces keep falling into place and the momentum continues to build. Every new wrinkle the LeoFinance team brings to the table keeps pushing the boundaries further and further out into the "mainstream" world. At some point, it's going to start spilling over and LeoFinance will become part of the mainstream. To me, it really is only a matter of time. Quality rises and the LeoFinance team keeps putting out quality applications. It is very apparent to the community who has watched it grow. It won't be long until the rest of the world starts seeing it too.

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I love it how you put some background trust in there.

For me this is exactly one of the most scry things in DEFI right there

'* Ow just send your tokens and they will be staked*' is just something that is super tempting for a lot of people, and I am glad that LEO is working on that trust. The amount of scams will surely continue over the next period of time, as so many are seeing how easily people are dumping their tokens to make more of it

Scary stuff!

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What you say, I totally agree.

Since leofinance has shown to be a place with responsibility, how many sites say that they pay for doing half work and in the end it is a lie, or as you say the case of the defi based on BSC, I used to say a lot that bsc is not reliable, but the truth is those who develop the defi that deceive.

And as in this era everyone wants to be a millionaire without making the slightest effort, the scammers see a golden opportunity in mediocre people who believe that everything will fall from the sky.

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Yep, wherever money is and whatever the form, scams will be present. And the track record of Leofinance is very important to establish trust in a different community. It's interesting how the whole wLeo hack incident and especially its resolution now plays in favor of establishing reputation for Leofinance.

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I don't think I'll wander very far from the den as far as defi projects go. It's very reassuring to know that it's run by Leo Finance.

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Very true and I saw the meet up with the gemz team they even provided security by lending some eth for the week as collateral. Many must be worried as to what is legitimate and what isnt and at least with leofinance they can see that we are "verified".

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We being insiders knows what LeoFinance is capable of! It's just the beginning, consider what will happen when thing news start reaching the real world whales and institutional investors with millions of dollars investment at their disposal.

Cheers to the trust and branding!!!

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Well, Leo Finance has your favorite thing in the world: the network effect :)

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My general consensus of DeFi, especially on Binance Smart Chain, is that there's actually an acceptance that the majority of projects are short term scams.

As long as people can make a quick buck and not be caught out holding a bag at the end, then they're actually okay with it.

This is absolutely wild to me.

Wait until they actually understand the sustainable approach taken by the LeoFinance team with Cub.

It's going to blow some minds.

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Also we shouldn't forget that only a small fraction of investors go for the super high risky gambling opportunities.

A much larger sum of money is looking to get into crypto in a way that is relatively safe. Not for day-trading or get-rich-quickly-schemes, but as a long-term investment.

Currently defi is all about the first hours/days, 1st week at best.

LeoFinance is bringing long-term thinking to defi, a totally different beast ;)

The diamond paws will roar loudly in a couple month's, which is an eternity in defi, but really not that far away. It is going to be an awesome spring and even better summer for LeoFi

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