Time To Liven Up The Comment Sections On Leofinance

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Last week I wrote about engagement and offered some ways to get things going. Many people are pushing for ways to get more engagement happening on chain. As we know, people who come to a dead site will not want to participate.

Thus, it is up to us to ensure we have "conversations" taking place. Each of us can increase the number of comments we post each week. Presently, we are trying to get the number on Leofinance for the week over 10K. At the same time, we are seeking to do the same for the month of April in @leomarkettalk.

Both of these should be achievable if more people get serious about this. I don't have information on the progress for Leofinance overall but I can say we are on track for the 10K in Leomarkettalk so far. That means we are half through the month and on pace to achieve that end.

Therefore, let us ponder some ways to enhance our comment sections. Overall, much of what we see is text, which is obviously how we convey quality ideas. However, that does not mean we cannot liven things up a bit.

Here are a few ideas:


This is a site that is primarily about finance and cryptocurrency. That means, at least in part, we discuss markets. Here we can see how we can post charts, graphs and other image representation is applicable.

At the same time, this is the Internet. We know that memes are a common way we communicate. This can be in fun or to bring about a serious point.

Regardless of the intention, we can see how this will often open the door for others to comment or reply. The goal is to get people interacting with each other. Anything that stimulates thought and conversation, within the overall confines of the site, is a step forward.

Of course, it is important to add more than just a photo. We do need to add some text to provide context as well as avoiding a comment section full of nothing more than pictures.


One of the suggestion made last week was to make sure that one left a comment on each post/article read. The idea is that since the article was already read, the time put in, why not simply leave a comment to let the author know what you think?

Some cited the fact that it is often difficult to leave a comment since people are often writing about stuff that we do not understand. This is especially true if we want to leave applicable comments about what is posted.

For this reason, when one encounters this, why not leave a question? This is another way to engage the author. If we ask something about the topic of the article, we will achieve two ends:

  1. We might learn something.

  2. We will engage the author and could start a conversation.

Strive To Have Fun

Engagement is suppose to be pleasurable.

Certainly making money and financial topics are serious business. That said, it does not mean we have to be like Professor Barbay (kudos to you if you get the reference).

We can really bring things to another level by having increasing the amount of engagement which people find enjoyable. This does not mean we are to be a bunch of clowns. There is still some serious topics to cover and people are looking to learn.

Nevertheless, we can have fun while engaging to further stimulate the activity.

This is especially true for newer people. They want to participate in things that are enjoyable.

Create Engaging Posts

This is something that really needs to be said.

Let me see if you ever ran across this: you click on a post that has a catchy title only to get find it has a few words and a picture. There is very little to the post, one that is not even worthy of long-form comment.

Of course, we all encountered that. It is rather disappointing when we come across this.

For this reason, it is imperative that we each create either articles or videos that are engaging. We need to provide enough "meat" for others to grasp onto.

If we create our content with the intention of generating comments, we will have a much better chance of receiving them.

Think Conversations

The comment section is a great place to communicate with others. We use the term "comment" but that probably is something that shortchanges what we are doing.

For this reason, post with the intention of having a conversation with the other people. This means that we are not posting just a comment and leaving.

Is this possible in every situation? Obviously not. We all have time constraints. However, we certainly can do that on our own posts. Remember, there might be some in the comment section who are genuinely interested in learning about the topic we are covering.

Provide Guidance

This is something that I just started to do so I thought I would include it.

We are getting some new people here, many who do not have much idea how Leofinance or even Hive works. Thus, those with experience here can really help others along.

For example, if one puts up a short form post, perhaps we can offer up the suggestion to make it a little longer and more engaging if one wants to have more success on Leofinance.

Think back to when we were new. I recall leaving questions and never getting any answers. That was back in the Steem days and I will say there are more people around today who are willing to help.

That said, we are still a bit lax in this area. We have the understanding of how this all works. Therefore, let's take the initiative to offer guidance to tohers.

After all, if we post it in a comment section, perhaps someone else who is new reads it.

Let us focus upon implementing some of these suggestions. Engagement is crucial and the goal is to make this a place where people want to interact.

For that reason, we have to take the initiative to start the process.

I believe if we do some of these things, we will find the comment section being a lot livelier.

Give it a go.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and rehive.

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Good points again. You're really one of the leading figures in increasing engagement in comments.
Personally I think quality is even more important as quantity. Quality comments are often undervalued if you compare it with some blogs.
I know you (and some others) always upvote quality comments under your posts, but maybe 'we' should vote on quality posts on other peoples posts too so these commenters get more rewards for their engagement.

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I often go through the posts of others and upvote comments in their posts.

It is something we all should do too.

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I must confess I do that far to little...
I do send !BEER and !LUV often as a for of appreciation.

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That is also a way to show the value of a comment. That is the great thing about Hive, many ways to approach something.

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Engagement is nice and its best if it wasn't the super generic stuff. If you prove that you read the post, it will at least show that people care about the content. The different ways to engage with others is great and leaving people with some questions is great to find other people's view.

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And the comment you leave in the post about the content could stimulate more.

Nice post, thank you for sharing is pretty worthless.

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Some very good points, I do hope this won't end up in a "low effort asking for the obvious/easy to find answers" type of questions overload. But yeah when used to start a conversation and show sincere interest it's great to engage with posts where you lack knowledge to give an opinion.

The conversation approach might be even bigger, I always try to reply when someone leaves a comment as long as it has some content worth replying on.

Of course, we do not want to incentivize low caliber questions.

I know there will be many of that type but we, hopefully, will inspire more quality.

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Yeah we will try of course, at first I thought not paying attention or even down voting would be best (depending how much of a shit post/question it really is) but proper guidance and some polite tips here and there could be more beneficial.

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Questions can have a great impact on the engagement and can be an important source of knowledge, especially for newcomers. As you may know, I never hesitate to ask questions or present doubts and I found that, thankfully, the community, in general, is very receptive to those and in almost every case I got more than one answer to my question. This really helped with my learning curve on Hive and it's definitely one of the reasons I didn't give up after some very confusing few first days.

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Exactly, I feel identified with your answer and experience colleague. As soon as I arrived at Leofinance I had many questions, and all of you have answered me in the best way. Thanks to chatting with you I have learned a lot in the short time I've been here.

Exactamente, me siento identificado con tu respuesta y experiencia colega. Yo apenas llegué a Leofinance tenía muchas preguntas, y todos ustedes me han respondido de la mejor manera. Gracias al chat con ustedes he aprendido mucho en el poco tiempo que llevo acá.

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Yes you are very good about asking questions and it is great that you do that.

We are all here to help each other since each of us has a vested interest in the success of this place.

Glad you joined us.

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Well said mate! Great way to increase user base too. Provide engagement and discussions that people want to be involved in.

Awesome stuff.

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That is the goal. There is no reason why, with so many people on Leofinance each day, the engagement cant be 2x or 3x what it is now.

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It's been picking up which is good, I've been pretty full on at work past 2 weeks with the project I'm on. Next week is a little more quiet though.

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Well that is common. People have issues from time to time.

We need to have a strong cross-section so that when people get pulled away from other reasons, we have others to fill in.

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Hopefully many more people will join the commitment and take this issue seriously. It is everyone's job to encourage good use of Leofinance and get new people to see life on the platform. We need to make sure that people want to stay because they see value in the community.

Esperemos que muchas mas personas se unan al compromiso y se tomen en serio este tema. Es trabajo de todos fomentar el buen uso de Leofinance y lograr que las personas nuevas vean vida en la plataforma. Hay que asegurarnos de que las personas quieran quedarse porque vean que hay valor en la comunidad.

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That is what the goal is: to get more people to make the commitment to join the effort.

If Leofinance is to truly grow, yes we need quality articles. But we also need people engaging with others.

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Exact and correct!

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You bring up really good points regarding engagement, having conversations in the comments section.

The idea is that since the article was already read, the time put in, why not simply leave a comment to let the author know what you think?

So true. Some people are really good at it. I am not.

Sometimes I read the posts on my phone and when I need to comment or even respond to a comment, I feel like I need to do that on the computer.

I agree, more engagement and meaningful conversations might just be the key for success for the network as a whole and individual participant of the network.


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The photo is a nice add. It always helps to break up the visual of the comment section.

I understand, answering on a phone is often difficult.

The idea is to help bring awareness and some ideas where each of us can add a bit more.

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Biggest challenge for me is finding the time to read a post and engage with a comment that contributes something. Often, it would make it far easier if the post or video is more condensed, getting to the essence of the matter in less text or less video time.

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Time is a factor. There is no way around that. ProjectBlank will provide more of what you seek when it is released.

I understand how difficult the time commitment can be. That is why it is imperative that those with the time do what they can, when they can.

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Awesome ideas @taskmaster4450. Honestly, I love memes!!!! An important discovery of social media & the internet. A little humor doesn't hurt.

Let's engage. 😬

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Absolutely. There is nothing wrong with adding a meme to what you write in the comment section occasionally.

It adds some fun, helps to convey a point, and gives a different visual.

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A Meme is the most fun way to say what you want to say without actually saying it.

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I agree.

It is fun, enjoyable, and can have great impact.

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There is one more tip or hack I want to add to this list:

"When you read a post from an Author for the first time and you really like it, then you can/should give them a follow. While making a comment on the post, let them know that you followed them and looking forward to reading their future posts. This will help you start a conversation and set a base for your relationship with the Author."

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Following others is helpful and gives them motivation. It helps to have a feed of content you like.

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It is articles like these that have got me into the habit of leaving comments for people. Either questions, thoughts, or just a bit of support.

Conversely if I receive any comments on my posts, I do try and reply back to engage.

As another user also commented on this post, the other very helpful thing is a "follow" once you have sparked up that initial conversation (or even if you just like the type of articles an author writes).

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You will find that, on Leofinance, being one who comments will end up getting those commented upvoted.

It is a great way to engage while also helping yourself to a few more tokens.

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I see what you mean. It's great that you can earn even from comments!

To be honest, sometimes I'd prefer it if people "followed" me rather than just give tokens. I have found that there are quite a few active authors whose style and articles I like so I made sure I follow them to catch up on their posts more easily. :-)

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That is one of the pieces of advice that I always give new users when they are on here. I am a big fan of asking questions in your comments. I actually think I wrote a post about it a long long long time ago. It was called Crafting a Perfect Comment or something like that. I think asking a question was my number one piece of advice. Great stuff here. I hope people read this and take it to heart.

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Questions are very powerful.

They not only stimulate engagement, they also allow people to exhibit their knowledge which people like to do.

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Isn't it funny how they do enjoy that? :)

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Human nature. We all want to be seen for the value we can bring to the table.

So if we stroke people's ego, maybe the comments will jump. LOL

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I feel like that is me 90% of the time!

It is true one reason I don't comment is that I don't even understand some of what is being talked about. I did find this post very informative so thank you for some great ideas.

There are a lot of things that many of us do not understand, especially beginners.

Maybe when you encounter that, ask a question in the comment section.

Either the author or others will engage with you.

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I'm struggling to find the time to write some funny posts for Leo Finance and I don't want to upload something that I think is meh but at least I manage to spread my quota of comments every day ( that's at least 10) but I don't count them I just try to interact with the people I follow and the peeps on leo market talk

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Time is a factor for many. We all do what we can. Those with time can do a bit more whereas others have to squeeze stuff in.

I appreciate your efforts on here. You might be time constrained but you are consistent with your activity.

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I'm not a very consistent person usually but I use leo to try to change that, it's one more reason why I try to hop on here everyday

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Well you are on most every day that I can see so it appears to be working.

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good point! We like participating! Although on Leo we dont usually know what is going on but the discord is great place!

That is part of the problem. There is a lot of activity in discord but very little, in comparison, on chain.

Newer people do not see what goes on with discord.

And supporting a centralized platform to boot.

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I hear ya! I quite like having conversations using comments but is there a live chat option on Hive?

There is on Peakd.

It is not on the blockchain but it is a Hive based chat.

Yet since it is isnt on chain, not much different than discord.

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yes i guess if people are there you can use comments...but it would be good to have live chat, is there a message button? for direct messages?

This is a wonderful article and provides some great direction for a newcomer such as myself. Leomarkettalk has proven to be a vast source of knowledge to me - my questions have always been answered quickly, which has been appreciated.

This is a fine community and I look forward to becoming a more productive member as I learn my way around.

Thank you for your good works and efforts. Kudos!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

You are welcome and I am glad that your questions were answered quickly and effectively.

This is how the community can grow.

We need more people to see what is possible and join in. It takes a while but it will happen for those who are committed.

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Once I get settled in and am sure of my way around I'm sure I will be much more active, especially in leomarkettalk.

Have a good night.

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That is good. We look forward to it.

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Engagement is supposed to be pleasurable

Certainly. Its more fun we engage with authors and share about the posts through comments what I think.

I am going to put a minimum of 10 comments every day on leofinance posts. It can be more but I will try to do a minimum count as 10 every day.

You're doing great work on Leo and appreciate your efforts.

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That is very true.

And I am glad that you are willing to give it a go at the 10 comment a day. It is really the power of 10.

Together, we all can get the numbers up.

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It is true one reason I don't comment is that I don't even understand some of what is being talked about. I did find this post very informative so thank you for some great ideas.

If you wish, you can start conversations about the topics you like or master. That way you will generate interactions in @leomarkettalk and with 100% certainty we will respond and talk about what you have published.

If you see some content that you do not understand and want to know, ask us without hesitation, we will gladly answer the question. Best regards!

Si usted desea, puede iniciar conversaciones sobre los temas que a usted le gusten o domine. De esa manera generará interacciones en @leomarkettalk y con 100% de seguridad responderemos y hablaremos sobre lo que ha publicado.

Si ve algun contenido que no entiende y quiere saber, pregúntenos sin dudarlo, nosotros con gusto le responderemos la duda. Un saludo!

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