2 tokens that are a must have and will earn you money.

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Hello everyone it's teenagecrypto and today i will be giving out the names of 2 tokens that will help you get extra income. The second token is not out yet but it will start selling on the 1st of next month. I hope i can get you interested in purchasing some.


Some people already know about this token and that is great but more people need to know. So that's why im telling you about it. Dhedge otherwise know as disco-hedge is a token you can hold in your hive engine acccount and you can receive daily payouts of tokens. The list of tokens you would earn includes:

  • hive
  • sim
  • archon
  • stem
  • neoxag
  • dhedge
  • swap.doge
  • blurt
  • broag
  • bro
  • swap.hive
  • swap.steem
  • swap.eos
  • weed
  • gamer
  • beer
  • bee

I probably missed 1 or 2 tokens in the list but damn for holding a token i get all of this. Jeez i need to get more soon as i only have about 3$ worth. I will show you a picture of how much i make daily from it. Currently it's not a lot as i have only just started my journey into collecting these tokens. But i love looking at what i'm earning so far.
money made each day.PNG

Tell me that is pretty cool because i love it.



This token is not out yet but it will be out next month. If you would like to read about it you can do so here: https://hive.blog/hivecommerce/@thelogicaldude/hivecommerce-token-white-paper

I believe it has potential and that is why I recommended it today. It is like dhedge but has different tokens that will be distributed. @thelogicaldude has a good thing going. Tell me what you guys think of this and if you love the info let me know. I always love sharing investing secrets when i can.

I am almost at my goal of 100 dhedge. I have some things for sale on dcity for dhedge if anyone is looking you can pick them off the market. Probably will sell more things for dhedge in the future as well. I see a potential for great things.

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

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Wow. Lots of different hedge tokens coming out looking for some market share. I wonder where this will stop and when the market will become saturated.

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You might want to get some dhedge 😀