Are you new to hive or leo and want to start earning fast?

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Hello everyone it's teenagecrypto and today i will be giving you some tips and tricks for making more income on leo and hive.


First we start off with leo otherwise known as leofinance where you can earn leo tokens from posting on there. Personally i have been earning more on leo than hive recently. And that is all thanks to the mancave made by @brodude. I got on there voting list and got some bro tokens so now each day i get a huge leo vote worth 4$. So i recommend you join there discord if you're a guy and you can promote your posts and chat in there. For the ladys i know theres a group called ladies of hive but don't have more info on it. Here is a picture of how much my last 2 post made on leo.
The total of dollars earned together is 24$ from 2 post. In which i need to start posting each day from now on :)

You can start earning leo several ways. One way is using the tag leofinance or leo in your post. Or by going to


Now with hive the mancave thing listed above also helps with hive and i definitely recommend it. You can also start purchasing small amounts of dhedge and earn daily hive payouts as well as have access to the post promotion in their discord. If you want more attention on your posts i recommend joining a group on hive or doing a contest for example theirs a group called shadow hunters and they take pictures of shadows and comment about it. You can also use 10 tags on your post and i use certain tags to earn more tokens and get more view. Popular tags i use palnet, dcity, ctp, hive, mancave, menofcrypto, archon, leo, and leofinance.
In which i earn 1$ or more per post as well and i get to meet a lot more people who are pretty nice. Also i don't like to make my post short and make them 300 words or more so it's actually readable and my viewers can enjoy it more. Also if you can't think about what to post than let me know I'll help you find some ideas.

Till next time my friends , teenagecrypto

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First time hearing about this "mancave" discord, tag and interested to participate. Will look for it on discord. Thanks.

One sec here is the link to there discord

Seems like @brodude not existing.