Explaining what kind of hive game i want to make.

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What type of game is it?

So basically last post i didn't really want to give my idea away but here it goes. So we already have hive slots, dice, and lottos. But what about scratch off games i don't see we have any. So that's what i want my game to be. It will have some cool things added to it as well as games every month or two the odds to win will be just like a regular scratch off ticket and all extra funds will go towards giving votes out to you guys and gals. No tokens of any kind will be made for this game i personally want to make it fair for everyone who plays. Now prices of the tickets i will not release. But i do need help creating it and even though i want to save up for it myself i don't know where to start fully. I know i need a game dev, logo designer, and someone to run the site.

Know anyone who can help?

I know people fund these projects all the time and i want to think of this like shark tank. And the shark invests and teaches the little guy how to do things. Got any ideas for me let me know. I don't know the exact price of creating the game but i do know that i have all of your support and it means a lot. This project would be extra income during the week and the feeling of helping me and you feels so good. I want to make this as fun as possible. I also don't want to start any gambling habits that might affect you guys so maybe there will be a certain hive limit you can hold in your account. And you can only buy a few tickets a day. That way you won't be wasting all your money and it gives you enough time to think.

You might think I'm crazy for not wanting to take advantage of peoples gambling problems and earn a boat load of money but the thing is i do want to earn money but i just want to make it so we all have a shot and everything is fair and safe. I've seen people spend their savings away and that's sad to hear but we must go on and i think this game will be worth it. I'm trying to find the time and help to do it but don't know where to go.

I hope you all enjoyed my looks into the future. I hope i can achieve this within the next couple of months but we'll see. Also i would like to thank yall for my best leo post ever at 26$. And last night the prices of my tokens holding went up by 20$.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know any info you got.

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

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I like your idea.

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Thx I hope I can make it happen. I hope to 😃

I can make images, I was going to say that before. We can discuss this idea further, I'm working on another fun game for the Canada forum Pub where I give out beers. This game is just a free for fun game there's no mechanism for Hive but I would Love there to be. Wanna try it out?

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I guess I do need some ticket designs in the future. Might make a contest for it.

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Also contact me Mr.Steel#9954 on discord if you want to help and plan.

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