Finally got a COM token and a new look at my stakes.

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Hello everyone its teenagecrypto and today i got my first little bit of COM. I decided to buy one whole token for 10 hive. Hopefully i can buy some more once this post pays out but we will see. If you would like to learn about it you can read more on it here: I need to ask again if i stake it or just hold it because i forgot.

If you purchase hustlerm and hustler tokens you will receive some COM each day it says. So hopefully i can earn something from this. I just staked 55 hustler miners and will buy more in the future. Also i was hoping maybe dhedge people will contact them and make some kind of deal but i have no clue. My dhedge holding is now 254 dhedge and this is what i'm making each day.
I really want someone to buy stuff from my dcity for dhedge but no one really seems to budge. I think i can invest wisely little bits at a time but i want to get in on the new things before they skyrocket. I am trying to make a future for myself so far which is going okay once i become bigger on here i will buy more silver and be able to get good stakes in things. My leo stake is now 60 leo power and growing each day. Can't wait to hit 100 leo again after i sold mine last year. Honestly i should have stayed in but i was dumb and sold my leo. I think dhedge will be the next big thing. If so i will be rich but its still growing slowly. Wow i just looked at my hive stats and this is what my stuff is worth right now.

Stupid me also used to have 12k list tokens but now I'm stacking again. Don't worry I'll get there. With all your support my post have been on fire recently. And i can't wait to share my wealth with you.

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

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