Fun Hive Games That Are Popular Right Now!

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So i got 2 games for you today. Most of you already know what dcity is but for those who don't let me explain. Its a game where you can build your own city and earn sim tokens from it. Those tokens you can use to buy different buildings, people, etc. You do however need a little bit of hive to start roughly 40-50 hive is good for starting but you can start with less. My city so far is worth around 300 hive. It used to be worth 400 but sims price has gone down. Also you can vote for a president once you have 8000 sim power. This is what my current dcity looks like:
I would be making more but taxes are high right now as the last president wasn't that good in my opinion. I will be making 600 sim a day as taxes go down. But i recommend joining it.


Now this game i don't know if it's new but you can create a soccer/football team. And train your team to get better with the daily free train. You can sign players and sell them. All with the rbn token. Now when you first start it is recommended that you upgrade your stadium as you want more fans to fit in it. I also recommend you don't buy a training center as it rips away a lot of income. If you want to start of with 25k rbn you can join through my referral link here: or if you want to try and get a starter pack on there discord you can go there. Now here is how much income i make so far:
Roughly 200k rbn and counting. They also have an exchange for the tokens which you can trade on the site. Currently my 200k rbn is worth 1 hive which i can use to upgrade my things. I hope you all enjoyed today's post and will test some of these games out.

I hope to earn a lot from them.

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

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Really? Did you say 40 to 50 hove for Dcity.... I thought it more than that?

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Well to start a good income city yes but only a little bit of hive will get you your first buildings

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