My decision and buying more tokens.

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Hello all it's teeangecrypto and today we are going to talk more about somethings. So most of you saw my post recently about the hive game i want to make. I currently can't find help to start it so right now I'm stacking up hive and etc as prizes. I do have people who want to create the ticket design though so that's good. If you have game developer friends share this with them and we will spread the word. Now on to the tokens. So recently i purchased more bro and utopis to get daily leo payouts and hive. I decided to sell some of my dhedge for now as i thought investing into bro was the better option and right now the leo payouts I'm getting are great.
Alright so this is the next day i stopped typing yesterday. I found someone who would be willing to help but he has a few months of other work to do before he can work on other things. You may know him his name is @klye

So until then i am going to stack up my hive and other tokens as prizes for the site. I'm going to be creating the games hive account soon which is where everything will be sent and distributed through. I can't wait till it happens and let's hope everything goes well. I still am looking for developers and etc who are interested in creating and running the site. I'm willing to pay in hive and hbd for now. But i don't know if anyone currently takes hive payments for running sites. But we will figure that out later. Till then if you want to help me earn and you earn as well you can join rabona and earn rbn tokens:

And i bought some eds miners to earn eds tokens every monday which i can save and sell for hive. More tokens the better. Thanks for all the support.

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

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Sorry bro, I don't have connections with any dev, so I can only give you moral support here. Looking forward to the game, hope it'll be kickass! Cheers

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Thx for stopping by 😀

How dare you tag me in a post without tiddies or dicks?!!! Friggin' savage.

You should have a whack at the site yoursekf man.. By time I've got free schedule you'll probablyt have the damn thing done.

Sorry Kyle I don't think I'll have it done by then I think saving for prizes first is the best thing to do