My Top 3 Tokens I Hold.

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I stacked over 100 leo when it was first released but at the time i sold i for 12 cents a piece. About 4 months ago i started stacking leo again and finally reached 100 lp recently. I'm currently at 119 leo and counting. Thanks to you guys and gals my post have been doing phenomenal on leo recently. I've been spreading the leo and hive votes each day to grow my power. I can't wait to hit 1000 leo power. Here is a picture of my leo holdings:


So last year i won 200 bro in brovest and sold most of it at the time to power up my hive account over 1k hp. Honestly at the time it was the best decision since i wanted more curation rewards and a little say in voting if you know what i mean. Now i have 25 bro and i earn daily tokens like cine and leo. My daily leo payout is 0.03 leo. I also get daily bits of bro tokens by delegating pal tokens to brofi so my stuff is growing slowly. But the leo payouts are the best part of it so far in my opinion. Here is a picture of my holdings:


So currently i hold about 20 or so Utopis. And i get weekly payouts of usually 1 hive. Chrono said more will be added in the future so now i will have to wait and see. That's basically all i have to say about Utopis and i will read up more on the new things. Here is a picture of my Utopis holdings:

What comes next i don't know but I'll look around for other tokens. Let me know if you know of any high earning or new tokens. I'm willing to invest some into new things. And I'm also stacking my hbd in the future to sell in 3 months for hive we will see then. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.

Yours truly, Mr.Crypto

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Nice dude. I recently picked up some UTOPIS because Chronocrypto is a boss! I think I first heard about it from you so thanks for that tip.

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Your welcome I hope you do well

Good job getting over 100 LEO.
1000 will be before you know it.

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I sure hope so

Head over to and make a few posts and get your POB holdings started too ;)

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Okay I'll check it out

POB started about a month ago - so far I'm up to 4k from posting and the leodex val is up to $600 - thats a pretty good ROI from $0 LOL

I'm pretty sure we'll get a healthy correction, but if you can some tokens for free just posting decent content - it's a win WIN WIN !!!

Yay! 🤗
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I’m a big Leo fan, great mind and great plan. Don’t know much about Bro and don’t know anything about Chronocrypto.

It's called Utopis but chrono runs the token.

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