Saving for my own hive gaming website.

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Hello everyone it's teenagecrypto and today i will be explaining to you the reasons why i would like to create a gaming website and why i do not want to ask others for help.


So you might be wondering what type of game I am making and the answer is. I can't let you know yet because i need to save. But once i do have enough hive the question will be where to start and who can help setup the site, run it, and all that fine stuff. Now the game i want to make is something special and i for sure want to have big prizes which i also need to save up for. Currently i have invested my recent dcity sim and sold it all for a bit of bro, dhedge, and utopis. This is my current holding:

I'm currently getting daily dividends which i have been stacking and reinvesting. I've also noticed chary token becoming more profitable recently and have started stacking more and sharing it with others. With these investments i hope to make more money each day which i can either grow or fall way down. Maybe i will get lucky and when i sell i will have a ton of hive. I could ask for a donation but i want to achieve the feeling of starting a profitable site without help.

Who will help me?

Well i know some nice people in the mancave and they for sure know what to do. I will try to get into contact with them when i get closer. I will also need a logo and a way to explain what i want done on it. But we can't think of everything now. I also would like to thank everyone stopping by for there comments and votes i mean it helps a lot knowing you matter in the community. And i love sharing my upvotes of tokens with people. My ctp tokens have actually been stacking up quickly.

Time i hope to achieve my goal?

Well there isn't exactly a certain time i have in mind because i don't know what's gonna happen this year but know that I'm trying. I have college classes to pass and working at a restaurant as a dishwasher. So i try to post when i can. I think about many things and make hard decisions. But hopefully that will pay off. I've managed to do youtube videos also a i'm kind of successful on there but not making money yet.

Thanks for reading and share your thoughts in the comments. Got any other good investment ideas?

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

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Hey thats awesome you are into game dev. I have some experience with visual basic, c++, and java but its not something I really enjoy so I just stick to my artworks haha that being said I am happy to lend a hand with any asset creation. Who knows if I may need a hand with my own project in the future.

thanks for the info ill let u know if i need a logo or anything

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Yay! 🤗
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