Selling my Dcity for a different investment.

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Hello everyone i started dcity awhile ago and i have made a little bit of money from it. But these past few months taxes have been super high and sims price has gotten lower and lower. I know some of you are going to call me crazy but i think it is right for now. I want to invest in some new tokens that will be profitable. I cannot tell you which tokens these are yet. Also i want to create my own hive game in the future and need money to do that so now investing is the way to go to get where i want. I could also ask for a donation but i don't want to do that. Also when i do create the game i will have to create some really good posts to attract people. My city looks like this now:
And i think i could make my hive investment back off of this. So now i will do some research and sell for what i think is a good price. If you want something let me know how much you want it for. I also want to stack up more hive to buy silver in the future. Because when i start my journey i want to be prepared. I have done tremendously well on hive. I also will change my name in the future or keep it i don't know. My dhedge holding is still growing as well which is good for me. I'm still waiting for my next payout for 100 leo power but it's coming and i'm really excited.
Poor city i'm sad to let you go but i'll for sure come back in the future. I hope my readers had fun looking at my dcity post but i think the crypto investment posts will be worth it even more. Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment for a vote.

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Yours truly, teenagecrypto

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Woah that's one amazing looking city, are you sure you don't want to #HoldTheLine

im positive but i do want to wait for when the price goes up at 3rd edition

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Do it mate, looks to me that it would be a bigger payout and personal i would

I too am increasing my holdings of LEO and other exciting tokens, like DHEDGE, PAY, LIST and INDEX. If you have 1001 ENGAGE you can call for an ! engage , if you have 25 WINE you can call ! wine and if you ahve 24 BEER you can send someone a !BEER ! I am just getting my city purring so if you would like to transfer any random population or low value cards to me @rar3cardz I would be very happy to accept. My dCITY was robbed 3 times ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) in the last 11 days, (and the mayor of my dCITY is on an authoritarian rampage preparing to hire dozens of cops!) I am trying to build up the number of breweries minting BEER, and have a prosperous town. If you liquidate as is though, it appears 135,000 SIM is worth about 234.632 HIVE on the Engine so that would be the most direct way to cash out. You could post all your cards on the market individually, auction them off. I won some artwork off the ingame Auctions, if you did that with your whole city maybe you could get 250 or 300 HIVE for it. Or better yet, auction it for 100 - 150 LEO. You might want to get more while you can, the demand for LEO is definitely increasing but the liquid supply has shrunk to 1.24% !!

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I have some breweries up for sale

Thank you! Yoink smike5BEER.png


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Hey @teenagecrypto, here is a little bit of BEER from @rar3cardz for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

I am a terrible city manager.

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You need to take tough decisions in life to make profits. You can invest in CTP tokens for good returns

I do have several ctp miners and have earned about 60 from posting