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RE: I am Officially a Dolphin now

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Welp reading your story I am not even that sad I did not use Steemit between the 2017/18 boom and summer last year. I am often sad beacuse I feel like I could have achieved much more and maybe I could have helped to not let it all go to shit. But I had personal reasons to stay away.

But well here I am waiting for tidal wave again :3


the truth is that some people made some serious amounts of money that period but well that's life!

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did you see my votes as @politics-trail thats what I call fishy business ;) sadly I wasn't the beneficiary.

I feel like things did not really get much better, whoever decided to double-down on circle-jerking with this community bs, I don't know. TheyCallMeDan still ranting and rambling the same stuff I heard from the high accounts 3 years ago: Community is so wonderful, so much potential, look at dapps...

haven't seen that one. We also need to take "advantage" of steemit somehow! right now i got only 100 sp so i can't do much, except if we know any other way

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