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Yesterday @taskmaster4450le published an activity to which he has invited us all to participate in order to increase the engagement with the community by interacting in it.

It is an Ask Me Anything. The general idea is to ask the author of the post a question about any topic that has to do with Leofinance niches. Yesterday for @taskmaster4450le the activity was a success, receiving a lot of questions and generating more than 100 comments on his post.

This activity will help us to interact, get to know each other and at the same time increase interactions on Leofinance.

I want to set as a goal for my "Ask Me Anything" a minimum of 10 questions colleagues. I also invite you to take part in this activity, which is a lot of fun.

Without further ado, I look forward to your questions friends!

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What's the football culture like in Venezuela?

Do you support any local clubs or your national team?

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The truth is that Venezuela is not a country with so much support in soccer. There is a lot of talent, but there is a lack of support. There are several clubs, but Caracas FC in particular is one of the biggest. They have been repeatedly in the Libertadores Cup. Also from here in Venezuela there have been some very good players like Juan Arango, the best that Venezuela has had so far. At the moment there is one in particular who is shining in Brazil, Soteldo, they call him Soteldinho hahaha.

Personally I am not a big supporter of local soccer. Although here on the island of Margarita a small club called Dynamo FC and they have several young players with a lot of talent. They recently signed 18 year old Nando Gutti for Atletico Madrid. He is playing with the youth team and is already training with the first team. I had the opportunity to play against him and it was special, he has too much talent.

My favorite team is FC Barcelona hehe. What is your favorite team buddy?

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Where are you from? 😉

I am from Margarita Island, Venezuela 🏝️

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Hve you gotten any friends or family involved in Crypto?

Did you attract them to Hive?

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Yes indeed, buddy. My mother has her account on Hive where she uploads music and crafts content. By the way she wrote a poem and is going to publish it soon too. You can find her as @marifi.

I also have my best friend @linoo36, who also spent a lot of time sharing on Steemit a few years ago. I invited him to come to Hive but he's pretty busy working right now.

My girlfriend is also here on Hive and she is a writer. You can find her as @woman3006. She is currently writing a book and will probably upload it in chapters here.

I really talk to everyone close to me about cryptocurrencies, I try to get them to learn about it as it is something we will see adopted in the world very soon. In fact it is already starting to be adopted rapidly.

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What are your biggest crypto holdings and why? Are they for a trade or for a long term HODL?

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At the moment I'm starting from scratch practically buddy. I trade mostly Forex and Commodities at the moment, and now that I am embarking on Leofinance I am learning about new projects to invest in for the long term.

In 2017 I did have investments in cryptocurrencies. I managed to buy BTC at $600 and sell around the $18K mark. I also did Hodl in MANA when it was worth about 150 Satoshis and sold when it went up to about 1400 Satoshis.

Now I plan to hold LEO, HIVE and CUB. I want to invest money in Cubfinance Dens.

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why is hbd so volatile?

The truth is HBD is a dollar anchored currency, but lately this volatility may be due to big investors buying HBD, this makes the price go up. But in the end HBD will always return to its anchored price of 1$.

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What time is it over there ?

Right now it's 1:45pm. I'm waiting for 3pm to watch the Spanish classic hahaha.

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Nice :)

I know that the Venezuelan economy has been in a bad way for some time now. Do you have difficulty converting cryptocurrency to your native currency?

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The truth is yes colleague. To convert cryptos in my country is difficult. I do it through a platform called orinoco and they pay me every dollar below its real price.... About 70% less than what it is worth. It is the only way I have to exchange my cryptos in Venezuela in a fast and safe way.

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Did you expect anyone to stop by and do this?

Not really haha

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