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RE: I Just Don't Get It!

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I loved your article colleague, I like the way you write 👌. I didn't know the origin of Fibonacci, although I remember in school my math teacher told me about Pi and the golden ratio, only at that time I was a kid and I wasn't interested hahaha.

And yes, Fibonacci levels are extremely useful for trading the markets. It practically gives you the key points where the price could retrace in a trend correction, it is a beautiful tool. In fact just 1 hour ago I uploaded an analysis of Uniswap where I marked the possible correction points with a Fibonacci😂😂.

Thanks for this article, I will be attentive to your next posts. Best regards! 👋

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Thank you for your compliments!

Actually I knew about the golden ratio because of painting. But I never paid enough attention to maths to know it was there too. As I never was good at mathematics it just wasn't going to be my thing ...

I will check out your post to see another perfectly drawn Fibonacci. Lol ... just to remember that it is a powerful tool. And again think, oh if I only could get the hang of it.

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