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RE: Wrapped LEO Relaunch Party: Live Demos for Wrapping LEO and Providing Liquidity

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I have already been noticing the changes made lately including vote power %, value of post/comment upvotes in USD and more.

Was unfortunate for the attack, but stopping it from getting to the public is a big plus and now as you said, it allowed to better improve the security and performance and everything included with relaunching wLEO, hopefully to make it come back even stronger!

Keep up the good work, because LeoFinance is already pretty solid and the constant improvements while the community constantly keeps at the growth of LEO, will see a smooth growth of the token price plus associated tokens and any new use cases you come up with.

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Agreed @thegoliath. I was around in 2016 for the early days of steem and there was always talk of "developing initiatives" that never really came to fruition.

The leo project has pumped out more value add functionality for users in 1 year than just about anything else associated with the blockchain. Even with the hive fork occuring.

Being around since day 1 of LEO has been a much better experience.

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