A literal mountain made out of gold found in Congo

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According to BBC News a mountain with soil rich in up to 60 to 90% gold. While I think 90% is an exaggeration, it's like nothing we have ever found before.

Stop reading this post, watch this 2 minute YouTube video. You have to see this with your own eyes.

Locals have shown up in droves to mine this mineral rich soil completely changing their lives in minutes. Local authorities have since banned mining until they set up some "oversight".

This mountain is located in Luhihi, South Kivu about 30 miles from the capital.

Again, if you haven't watched the 2 minute video above, I suggest you do so immediately, I'll wait.


While the local government will allow mining, it will require an artisan mining license. An artisan miner is a private party mining on their own with whatever tools they can get their hands on.


The primary reason behind shutting down the mining is so the government can identify everyone mining likely for tax purposes. While mining for gold in the Congo is very common, reporting it for tax reasons is not.

Prior to halting the mining operations in the area, a large portion of Armed Forces soldiers (FARDC) were present in the area causing a lot of disorder and tension. This is prohibited by the Congo's mining code in the area.

I wonder how many are going to fly out to this area to try to get their own piece and how long until a warlord or some rich person lays claim.

Imagine if they use this to buy crypto!

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I can guarantee that more heavily armed soldiers will take over that mine shortly. It is the story of the DRC. It is one of the most mineral rich african countries but despite that, they are one of the poorest. There are so many militia factions on the ground staking claim to most of these mines backed by a gutless political class exploiting the resources for their own riches. What is worse is big businesses in China, the US and Europe have their 'reps' on the ground enabling the conflict because capitalism! 🙂🙂

Peter Schiff wept.

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New scammer opportunities..

Fake mining claims available in Congo.
Just send me $199..

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On the video you see a golden colored mineral, not necessarily pure gold.
But good for a sensational story anyway.

Watch your hands woman! You're going to get your fingers chopped off by that guy with the shovel.

I saw this yesterday and I was Impressed
They collect gold like they are fishing or harvest vegetables.

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Mountain made of gold and 3rd world's standards of living. So sad.

This may lower the price of gold later.
Good for crypto in the long run.
A mountain of gold? Whoa
Africa is more than something!


hope they dont get corrupted by greed

The article seems too bogus to be true,but seeing the video, my heart melt, there is wealth in nature. God is amazingly good

I saw a post about this on reddit the other day. The general impression I got from the comments was the 90% figure was derived from 90% of samples taken had some amount of gold in them.

So totally misleading statistic, even though it's a very rich deposit.

It reminds me of the situation in Zimbabwe 10-15 years ago after (one of the times) Mugabe and Gono destroyed the economy. People were digging up streambanks to find gold so they could buy bread.

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This probably isn't true at all, but even so, it represents just how fragile a gold-backed dollar would be if Gold Bugs get their way. This kind of haul with a gold-back currency would destroy the economy faster than credit-default swaps in a subprime mortgage factory EVER could.

Crazy! Thanks for sharing this, I had not seen it. Would likely contribute to a drop in the price of Gold though if it is the size they are claiming.

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The army and ruling elite will do quite well. The people will get environmental destruction and local violence.

This is like a metaphor for crypto 😃

You just again look as stupid and garbage as you always do.

Tell me how you really feel

The price of gold just went down again.....this is crazy. How could a "mountain of gold" just sit there unnoticed for this long? The world never ceases to amaze....

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