My first NFT for sale, own a piece of history at my expense

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Thanks to NFT Showroom, I have minted my first NFT.

As always, I fail to take anything serious and minted an NFT of my very first flag.

I joined on July 1st, 2017 and didn't broadcast a transaction until July 22nd, 2017. On July 28t, 2017 I issued my first flag on the blockchain on one of Craig Grant's posts.

Own a piece of history from the meme himself.

This NFT can be yours for 4,444 Hive!

But it gets better, I will not take a cent and will burn all proceeds for this single edition NFT!.

You can find my NFT nowhere else but on NFT Showroom.

There will only be one edition of this milestone in history!

Will you be the one to own this piece of history?

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I should do this too, iirc my first flag was on my own shitpost.

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Gonna tokenize the downvote I just gave you. It's out of love though.

Instantly worth trillions!!!

I like how the flag was on Craig Grant no less.

Look on the bright side, at least you'll get these post rewards ==>

Psst @haejin / @ranchorelaxo

This is pure art. xD


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Shut up and take my money!

Hello Stupid Mark,
This is the ugliest NFT I have ever seen. But I still want to congratulate you, because this is the best NFT you can ever make.

Thanks for your support

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Hahaha lol, welcome to the big league. It's all hype so you could do very well in NFT land. I'm selling mine regularly.

Crypto should be fun. Well done. !BEER

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Hey @themarkymark, here is a little bit of BEER from @fiberfrau for you. Enjoy it!

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I made an NFT over on Atomic Hub when they first launched. It was a picture that I had taken on one of our vacations. I threw it on the market and tried to get some WAX for it but no one bit. :) I hope you have better luck. If I had a ton of expendable Hive I would be all over that!

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Did you just do a screenshot as your image?

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Aye and put a pretty border on it as suggested by the powers that be.

You're welcome.

It's rather interesting this NFT arena, we enjoyed perusing the art at Hivefest in the gallery everything from trippy pics to cats, good luck with the sale

lool who will be the idiot buying it