UNI hits $22.61, is this the end or just the beginning?

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When the UniSwap airdrop happened, there was 400 tokens dropped to everyone who used UniSwap prior to the airdrop. This airdrop was initially worth around $1,200 based on the $3 price, now worth over $9,000. During this time UniSwap hovered around $3 and $5.

UniSwap then offered incentives to 4 liquidity pools for a period of 60 days. During this time the price struggled and hit the mid $2 range, but quickly recovered when the incentives were running out.

Now we are looking at $22.60 and next month UniSwap is announcing new updates.

"In the past several days, whales have started to accumulate Uniswap tokens again, indicating that a potential breakout is underway. The number of large holders with 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 UNI tokens increased by two since February 8. Similarly, the amount of smaller holders with at least 100,000 coins also grew by five in the past week."
- FxStreet

A big focus in the upcoming V3 update is to focus on reducing slippage and transaction fees. They have also stated they are going to put more emphasis on governance, which should bring more attention to the UNI token.

$35 target is looking pretty good right now.

If UniSwap manages to make DeFi more accessible to smaller wallets by reducing transaction fees in V3, the sky is the limit!

I am not a financial professional and only sharing my experiences and opinions. As always, ask your mom before spending more than your lunch money on any investment.

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My mom said ok for investing in UNI but she said stop dreaming about reducing trx fees :)

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Yeah. Profitable investments are the key to your well-being.

Dang, I bought like one of them after the airdrop hoping that if they were to do another airdrop I might be able to actually get something. So here I am sitting on "one" of a token that is actually doing really well. Similar thing happened to me with BNB. I seriously need my keys taken away or something. I just can't seem to handle this when left to my own devices!

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A lot of people dumped at 5$, can't blame them , placing a bet on free money to go past that price seemed like a no brainer.

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Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Last call...oops🥸

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Great news.

@tipu curate

For what it is worth, my read is the same as yours. I am still HODLing, awaiting V3.

I think your assessment of $35 is conservative if they bring out a lower cost structure that will open things up to smaller accounts.

We will have to see how the next few months ago. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

I am very bullish on UNI, but in the end it is a governance token and not a lot of people are willing to shell out just to vote. Right now it is really hot because UniSwap changed Crypto forever.

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Hi @themarkymark, I heard you like governance tokens lol. You should check out SIM from dCity.io. Bargain prices! :)

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That's a nice chunk of money on that airdrop right now!

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uhh Interesting! cheers !BEER

Grayscale has recently formed a Uniswap Trust and is eyeing to buy UNI. So current prices are just a starting point, so to say. But I'd rather bet on SUSHI.

I had sold all my UNI for $22.50 and used it to buy HIVE @$13.5. Was that a bad choice?

I took some chips off of the table. UNI scares the living daylights out of me. My view is more of a call option position. Got in at the low $2 area. Sold in the $20’s. Now it could spike to $50...or drop to $10...We will see. :)

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You do know that if you continue these 200 word, 0 effort posts and they continue to trend, it wont just be me pissing on your parade? Folks will catch up on the circular jerkiness.

I know you have to repay the investment from Blocktrades delegation but this aint the way.
I mean i support it... it goes to proving my point that youre a little more than a leech concerned only with your own short term profit. Still, it would be better if you just quit it.

Exactly who am I circle jerking with?

Buildawhale blocktrades purchased delegation and the list of orcas voting your junk. And it is junk.

"UNI go 20$ it is gud"


Youre getting cocky. Back into your Steem state of mind.
I mean, keep at it. Farm those autovotes. See how far that takes you.

Terrific to see a free token grow that much to the $22 price mark. This can only happen in the crypto space.

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UNI has been looking good since that massive airdrop, I guesss there is more wins with this unique coin. I wasn't part of the lucky winners from the airdrop. Nevertheless, I guess it's never too late to buy and hodl some UNI for the long term on a decentralized wallet application like that of https://atomicwallet.io/

It's amazing to see how UNI is marching with its upward price action.

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UNI is the gift that keeps on giving. First the airdrop itself, then the MIR drop based on having it, then LOTTO (I think also based on it), and now Pangolin also based on the UNI you held onto.
At this point, selling UNI isn't selling just one coin. It's the way a lot of projects are doing their airdrop distribution. It's selling all the future ones!

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I already paid $40 for UNI once. That was a mistake, as I forgot a zero in the bitcoin price, but 10x isn't much in crypto. Another governance token $APY just did that in the past two weeks.

Uniswap tends to work more in stealth mode than other DeFi projects, so as you said, we're waiting for v3 and their solution for lower fees on a second layer.

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Ouch, maybe that will be a steal some day.

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