Week One Leo Finance and First Post Earnings Report

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This is my first week on Leo Finance and the earnings for my first post are in:



Thank you to everyone that upvoted me and helped me out. Thank you for the engagement in the comments and I was glad to be able to interact with the community.

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Keep posting quality content and engaging with people and you will build your profile. Lots more people here and it's getting harder to get noticed....

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Thank you for your support, I appreciate the encouragement!

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Looking forward to seeing you around here bro. You have a lot of insight that you can share with this community, don't hold back

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Thank you for being supportive. It is nice to find supportive people to interact with.

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Why do you abuse the intro tag you are not new and this blog isn’t anything to do with this

I am new to Leo Finance and the tag was to share with other new people the earnings from my first post. I am sure a lot of new people want to know what their first earnings might be. You can see in my earnings above. I have 1.8 Leo how much newer do I need to be?

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IntroduceYOURSELF not your earnings !

When the truth is told to you and than you press the mute button how childish!

And nee or not an introtag is not for earnings