HivePower Delegation With PGL Token

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This morning I sold 25 PGLs from playing Prospectors for 4 days. I use the funds from the sale to rent a Hive Power delegation for my account.

From the beginning I posted on the Hive platform, I used delegate Hive Power free from a Giftgiver. I got a delegation of 20 HP for one week. And now it's the last day of the delegation's quota.

Thank you Giftgiver. Good luck with your project.

The process of hiring a Hive Power delegation is somewhat complicated. Because at this time no one has started a direct collaboration between the HIVE (tribe leo, ctp, neoxian, palnet, etc) team with the Prospectors game team.

So... initially the PGL in the WAX blockchain was migrated to the EOS chain and converted to liquid EOS. From the EOS wallet then it is exchanged to DOGE via BlockTrades and after becoming a new DOGE, it is exchanged to lease the HivePower Delegation.

Hopefully there will be a simpler way to do this process soon.

Users of the Leo n Neoxian Tribe

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thanks you. good community. I love it. i am outside india. is it also accepted as a member?


piye wong mung posting ae kok iso ono nilaine?

itulah bagusnya hive.
#leo #neoxian #ctp

bagusnya diapa? udah dapat berapa?

sering2 aja berinteraksi disini. baik komentar atau lebih baik bikin post dagangan kamu.

You are welcome. 🙂

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