Be an Early Investor: LEO and HIVE still in early stage

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It's a well-known fact that early always beat late in cryptocurrency investments or business. The earlier you buy into a good and promising crypto project, the more your percentage returns on investment as the project soars. Yes! You can be late to invest in a project although, there's no particular late time to invest in crypto. Every time is an investment opportunity depending on your investment plans. However, it's important that one invests very early in projects and then adopt the long-term investment strategy.

The Concept of Early and Late Investing

Using Bitcoin, Ethereum and LEO, let's see the advantages of always investing early in a cryptocurrency project. Way back 2009, BTC was less than $1 per one and this was a very good opportunity to invest in it. Sadly, only few people really understood the project then and boom they invested. Today that the whole world is shouting Bitcoin and big companies/ names are buying in now, those who bought 10 years ago are already in profits (that's if they never sold off too early).

So, I'm I saying those buying today won't profit? No! They will certainly make profits but they will have to wait some number of months or years to make crazy profits. Meanwhile, it is never late to invest in Bitcoin because it will continue to soar. The more you procrastinate, the more you hinder yourself from making profit. Similarly, Ethereum came to light few years after bitcoin launch and it's price was really low at its early stage. Fear of the known and fear of the unknown didn't allow many to buy in but those who did are smiling today.

There are many good projects still in their infant stage, understudy them and invest early. Another advantage of investing early is that the coat of investment will definitely be low compared to investing when the project is already grown. For instance, back in 2009, $37k would have given one well over 40,000 BTC but today that same amount cannot give you up to 1.5 BTC. Be an early investor!

Take Advantage of LEO and HIVE

These two projects are still very early and they are very very promising in giving a good run for our investments in the next 3-5 years. Don't sleep on LEO and HIVE investments. It's better to invest in LEO at $0.56 than investing when it's $10. You will still make gains but the latter would have given you more.

It's quite sad to see some people with lots of money but they have been blinded from seeing the opportunities lying in cryptocurrency investments. There are lots of opportunities in cryptocurrency but sometimes funds hinder some of us. That not withstanding, we keep investing and growing the little we have by investing early in crypto start-ups.

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I'm one individual that have had regrets and joys when it comes to early investment. I cry each time I missed to have had BTC as at 2013. However, I'm glad I knew HIVE and LEO when they were both below a $1. Seeing the future when they'll get to the $10 and $150 each.

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Definitely! Leo and Hive will soar

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I'm also seeing CTP, LIST, SPORTS in that list of tokens that'll moon soon here on Hive.

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...It's better to invest in LEO at $0.2 than investing when it's $10

$0.2 ?
Why do you say this?

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Oh! Typo error

$0.5 I meant to say

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