Can Ethereum flip Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency to be created, adopted and used. We have all watched it grow to become most popular cryptocurrency assets and some see it as a trusted store of value. Howbeit, bitcoin possesses a lot of flaws like block time, speed as well as no unique use cases. Amid all these fleas, the coin is still growing both in usage and value could be because of the first mover advantage.


Few years down the line after the invention of Bitcoin, Vitalik created Ethereum as a way of solving the flaws of Bitcoin. Although, Ethereum is many times better than Bitcoin, it is still not flawless pending the launch of Ethereum 2.0. With Ethereum, smart contracts can be created whereas bitcoin is only for transactions purposes. So, there's a little tendency that Ethereum could flip bitcoin because the Ethereum blockchain is better than bitcoin. On the other hand, EOS serves better than Ethereum in my opinion.

It's then an issue of time for these coins to soar and hence, now is still a good time to buy in.

New ATH for Ethereum

2021 began in a very bullish way from cryptos, bitcoin which led the rally got as high as $44k plus building a strong support at $30,000. It appears more institutions and individuals are buying into bitcoin even at this high price. Ethereum on the other hand has seen an increase in its market cap causing it to increase drastically in price and even reaching a new all-time high just recently.

Ethereum has now joined the all-time high club as CZ would say and we expect it to keep mooning being Ethereum bulls are still gearing up strongly. However, one shouldn't forget that after a pump comes a dump so, we should always trade with caution and be guided as well.

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Well, I used to be on the band wagon of people that think ethereum will surpass bitcoin in price, but ive recently began to reconsider. One of the factors that make Bitcoin so great is its limited/finite supply, 21million bitcoin,...this is something Ethereum does not have. It makes Bitcoin the scarcest commodity ever. And according to economics, when there is demand for a scarce product, the price goes up. Hence, this is why I think ethereum can never match up to bitcoin

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Well said! Ethereum infinity supply is one big limitation