HaggleX ICO/Pre-Sale ends soon: Grab some HaggleX tokens at $1

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A brief overview of HaggleX

HaggleX is a multi-currency blockchain-based global marketplace that allows anyone to access the world of DeFi and NFTs. HaggleX also allows for secured peer-to-peer crypto trading, lending and borrowing. Interestingly, HaggleX solves the problem of exchanging cryptocurrency for utility and also provides a secure non-custodial OTC platform and wallet.

HoDLing cryptos for long term has been a difficult task for many being they tend to easily sell-off in the face of mild pumps. However, HaggleX offers a solution as its wallet provides a new model where its users can save their digital assets using its “Bitsave” feature. Other functions of HaggleX can be found in their WhitePaper

Still to note is that, HaggleX has a native token with a ticker (HAG) built on the EOS blockchain. HAG is a utility token that powers the HaggleX platform. HAG has a burning feature that reduces its supply when transactions are made. HAG token had a maximum supply of 10,000,000 with a circulating supply of 1,000,000.

HaggleX Pre-Sale and Bounty Programme

As expected of some new cryptocurrency projects, HaggleX initiated a token pre-sale which will end on January 31st, 2020. As of today, only 6 days is left to bringing the public sale to a close. We all know that one of the best times to invest in any cryptocurrency project is when its price is low. Hence, there's still room to grab as many HAG tokens as possible at a price of $1.

To buy, simply follow this link: https://ico.hagglex.com/invite?ref=UD00319. Register and purchase desired quantity and pay either with accepted cryptos or Fiat (NGN or USD).

Similarly, HaggleX Bounty Programme is ongoing. Participate and earn HAG tokens for completing simple tasks..You can find Bounty details here: https://lightblocksnews.com/hagglex-bounty-programme-is-live-50000-hag-reward-pool/

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I hopefully won't miss out from the HAG bounty. SHould fill my bags in the next two days.

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