HODL: The best trading rule and strategy

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To start with, I'd opine that cryptocurrency trading or business is not for persons who are impatient and looking for quick cash. Although, in some cases, quick cash can be gotten from cryptocurrency trading especially if you deal with a pumping coin. But then again, the mindset of quick or easy cash making should be abolished else losses will abound.

It's true that there are short term and long term methods of making money from crypto. Different persons choose their strategies depending on their kind of person and how vast in knowledge they may be about cryptocurrency.

Also, there are different methods and tools for crypto price analysis but not so many know how to carry out these analysis. In most cases, analysis do fail and also do play out as predicted. So, it then shows that they simple strategy and methods to earn from trading crypto is buying, hodling and selling at higher rates.

Hodling is simply keeping your coins or tokens till the price increases massively. Sometimes, it is not always easy to hodl and sell very high but those who do, earn massively, compared to those who sell off at chicken rates. This is why I started by saying that, it is notvfir the impatient man. Patience is best skill to have.

Imagine those who bought BTC in 2009 and kept it till date and those who sold off in 2010. Such a huge gain that will be made. So, if you do not know how to carry out analysis and make predictions that work, just hodl for a year or two and watch your investment grow massively. Warrent Buffet once said that, sellers make profits but hodlers get rich.

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Being patient in the crypto space pays

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Patience pays better

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