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$WEED is still under the radar, it’s one of the cryptos which has not pumped massively yet.

Weed legalization is taking place as you read this post, that will be huge for #cannabis industry and coins which are connected to it.

@weedcash is going to rebrand SOON.

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The highest price ever paid for WeedCash (WEED) was 43.08 USD, set on February 13th, 2021.


#cryptos and #weed stocks are gaining mass attention.
Times are changing.

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This is what I’ve become.

Working from home, smoking weed, stacking $WEED, $BTC and other cryptos.

If only my co-workers knew 🤩

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With all the high thoughts, ideas, & opinions though;

I accept regular #Hive-Engine token tips.
It doesn't matter the token or amount.
Your tips are accepted gracefully & delightfully by this crypto-collector.

I am an all time Weedcash Networker never the less active with tribe token curation ✔️
Some of the tokens I highly curate content from regularly are:
#neoxian #palnet #creativecoin #lassecash #ctp #LIST #aeneas & #lotus or in other words #naturalmedicine

What's your tribes?
I ❤️ sharing my upvotes.

It's your friendly weedcash community networker 🔥🍁😎💨



#cannabis #weed #LegalizeIt #hemp #marijuana #fourtwenty #hive-169313 #thc #cbd #brofund #bro #bros #archon






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$43... 🤯

The ATH blew my mind too...
I felt challenged to even buy more weed instead od miners and mega miners.
Just Imagine having 100K liquid weed and the $43 opportunity knocks at your door?
That's a chill $4.3M sitted in your hive-engine dex portfolio.

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Hey @davedickeyyall, here is a little bit of BEER from @tonytrillions for you. Enjoy it!

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We'll see. Soon as hive is mass adopted other tokens will fly

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