Mark Cuban offers 25% discount for BTC purchases of Mavs swag

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Today, Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban tweeted to announce a 25% discount for fans who purchase swag using BTC. It seems that Cuban is looking for ways to accumulate BTC. Others are talking about the coming BTC liquidity crisis, and how it will become more difficult to purchase from exchanges. So, we may see other retailers following Cuban's lead here and offering these discounts to acquire BTC assets at a premium.

Furthermore, folks are pointing out Cuban's comments from October 2019, where he dismissed BTC and said he'd rather have bananas. Today's announcement about BTC payments seems to indicate he's come around on the cryptocurrency.


The tweet announcement is actually somewhat misleading because the article linked in the tweet says something different. On the website it says "$150 spent with Bitcoin on, fans will receive a $25 gift card with their purchase from now until Sunday, January 31." Not quite the same as a 25% discount at checkout. I found this information at

screenshot from

Short post, I just wanted to share this interesting tidbit spotted on Crypto twitter today.


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That guy is crazy like a fox. I feel like there will definitely be more vendors taking bitcoin as payment as the supply begins to dwindle and demand increases.

Scalability will be a big problem. The fees are crazy for small transactions. Unless they are using 2nd-layer solutions like Bitcoin Lightning network.

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I wouldn't be surprised to find out he is willing to eat the fees now for the potential increase later.

So, it's really just store credit to get you to shop there some more. If they just gave the discount that would only be a one and done customer. And a chance for him to get BTC.

Yea ... gotta read the fine print!

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Right?! I have created a habit around that. And some companies don't make it easy but I got tired of being jacked around.

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