Are you a good underrewarded author on Leofinance?

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As we speak, I am compiling a list of LEO authors that in my opinion bring value to the LEO ecosystem either in the form of exceptional content or bringing lots of traffic (e.g. from twitter and reddit) that imo are under rewarded at the moment.

Generally speaking, I am trying to manually curate all posts published through but I am a human so I might have missed some! If you think you belong in the above category and get small rewards (or know someone that does) let me know in the comments below. 

I will post the list in a few days and also share it with other whales privately that I have already talked with, so hopefully your earnings will pump.  If you want to beg for votes but you are to proud to beg (as you should be) then this is your time to shine. 

My only condition is that you use for your posts. For reasoning, click here.

Why bother you may ask? First, I am tired of seeing the same people earning the bulk of the rewards again and again. But most importantly, the more happy good authors we have, the more leo will thrive. And the more it thrives, the more authors it will bring. More authors, more ad revenue, more fomo and we all become richer. Duh.

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Thanks for the manual curation on my Leo contents, I wouldn't have been getting anywhere without it. So basically I understand how it feels to be unrewarded. Thanks again.

Yeah unfortunately leo already starts to have the same problem with hive despite being much younger, with few authors that came early getting bulk of the rewards thanks to autovotes while newer that put a lot of effort and posting some really nice and unique content hardly getting noticed. Of course that's an inherit flaw in the system but I'll try to help as much as I can!

Yeah I believe with time the system can be More relaxed to manually reward more quality content owners, the admins are doing a good job already but then it could be better if we have individual manual curators as well. I'm trying my best as well. Thanks a lot my friend

I like the photo of Oliver Twist. "Please Sir, I want more!".

Leo community was generous with me from the begging.I think i got more that i deserved tbh,still more is always welcome

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Looking forward to your next post! :)

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@tipu curate

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Lol I’m not under appreciated or good but I am a leofinance author so best 1 out of 3 😋

Cool thing your doing, thanks for hitting up my post! I don't post very often, but it sure is nice to see some upvotes like that. I have been watching the new feed a lot more too!

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Your welcome 😸

Generally speaking, I am trying to manually curate all posts published through but I am a human so I might have missed some!

Thank you for doing this... even if it is an enormous undertaking! I expect there are also lots of good contributors on Hive who periodically write worthy pieces about "things financial" but don't even know to use the LeoFinance tag.

Personally, I also hope to see more personal/experiential finance/investing posts here; people sharing their personal strategies and investment stories, not just straight news and technical reports.


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Not enormous! At least not yet 🤣

Thanks for the manual curation. I hope we get to see more quality contents

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I could be sending you links to good posts I encounter.

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I'm definitely going to start using leofinance more. Is their a way to follow your vote on Leo? I feel like I could do more with my Leo Power, but want to earn LEO with it passively. Open to suggestions in ways to help improve curation and earn LEO.

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Check out this LeoFinance manual curation trail.

It's run by one of the community's larger stakeholders @taskmaster4450le and is focussed on longer term growth of the community rather than autovoting junk for a quick buck.

Put that LEO to work!

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You can always follow my leo account, @trumpman2 :)

Don't let me down ;)


I promise I wont! Thank you for the trust, I'll try to put it in good use!

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's working :(


Maybe doesn't work if you vote only through the LEO website? Other suggestions I could use to follow your votes?

Power 50-100 hive and it will work just fine :)

Awesome that fixed it!

I may have to take one of my alt accounts and do that!

I have just recently started using LeoFinance... Really enjoying it here.

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I will check your profile out !

Great initiative. Can't wait to see the list. I think there are a lot of new/existing authors out there on LEO who deserve more rewards and recognition 🦁

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I'll have it out by tomorrow. Probably!

Hmm let's see, can't say I'm under rewarded on HIVE at least, but I wouldn't mind some more LEO! I stake everything I get from posts, and I use leofinance to post at least 1-2 times every week. So send them leo whale votes over :D

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I like to think I am underrated but that extra opportunity to earn some extra LEO cannot be discounted. As someone from a low income country, I offer a unique perspective into growing an investment portfolio with limited capital. My latest post particularly offers some insight into that.

Help a young investor build some wealth :))


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I'll check you out :)

I appreciate it trumpman.

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Hello, thank you for these initiatives. I just recently started to publish in Leo Finance, I feel very happy to be here. Surely there are incredible authors, however I invite you to visit my blog. :-)

Thanks again!

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I like the topic of cryptocurrencies, but I am relatively new to Hive, I have some posts regarding this topic and the like. A few days ago I decided to publish from the Leonfinance interface, I have already two publications from there, and I loved it.

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