I won't be selling my LEO anytime soon

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I admit it. One of the first thing I did after the LEO hack was dump the little liquid I had (around 300-400 coins I think), figuring the price would dump to oblivion. Yet, it didn't.

Price somewhat recovered. New leo whales like @azircon and @themightvolcano emerged. @onealfa showed his support by singlehandlendly buying a shit ton of coins, now boasting a stake of 600 thousand fucking leos. LOL. The leofinance witness got more witness votes. More people hopped on the train and started using Leofinance.io

Leo traffic continues to pump, hitting one ATH after the other. And Leofinance hit another record in ad revenue yesterday.


I have been here for over a year and have amassed a nice stake of around 80 k coins and I also have some very generous delegations. Imo, it would make perfect financial sense to start selling my daily liquid earnings and diversify.

Well, fuck that. The vibes I feel now never felt so good.The future never looked more bright.

After the flat curve, I think I will earn a bit more over 250 LEO coins a day, possibly over 300. All will be fucking staked. If you want to buy LEO, don't count on this whale dumping. At least not before I can buy 20 lambos and a jet. That, or Leo gets hacked again, Khal dies from a meteorite and my stake goes to zero. It's one or the other.

I won't tell you to buy leo. In the last year, I never told that to anyone. I am too big of a whale for my opinion to be unbiased. Yet, I will tell you what I have said a million times. Start posting using the native leofinance.io interface. There's nothing to lose.. But possibly a lot to gain in the future.

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No wonder your vote is so high.. MOFO. ;)


A HODLing lesson?


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LEO is a long term investment

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Oh yeah!

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Start posting using the native leofinance.io interface. There's nothing to lose.. But possibly a lot to gain in the future.

That's exactly what I've been doing lately and I am sure it will pay off in the long run. As for your new status, congratulations man.

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Honestly there's nothing to lose with leo, I thought we was done for when I saw that hack, I thought it might even take us months to recover (that's if we would) but then from the looks of it seems things will only better from here. I sold some leo too but them I have powered up another additional 115 Leo.
With time, well move

Nice. Pump it!

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Hey @trumpman, here is a little bit of BEER from @gamsam for you. Enjoy it!

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 27 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Hmmm, seems a LEO dumping from you @trumpman is far far away. 20 lambos+Jet....
I will start my dump a bit sooner, sometime in 2-3 years.
Once they get LUCID AIR on sale in Europe. Somehow I doubt they (Lucid) will accepting Leo's soon 😃

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LUCID AIR? Is that for lucid dreaming while being awake? ;<)

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I prefer a lada niva

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Screw LEO on exchanges, get LUCID to accept it.

That should be the main goal. 😁

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 27 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Strong hands. All or nothing is good..

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Go big or go home :)

And a thank you for getting me on the Leo-train. Although I make this comment with Peakd I use the leo frontend when I have a post that fits for Leo. And ... I simply love LEO.


And we love you and your dogs XD

Start posting using the native leofinance.io interface. There's nothing to lose.. But possibly a lot to gain in the future.

Exactly what I'm doing. No funds to buy more crypto, but a hell lot of chances to earn more. You have a nice passive income stream with those 250-300 LEO per day. Thumbs up for you, investing, trusting and having patience with the project. I have to admit that when I read about the hack I sold what I had as liquid LEO after just purchasing more a few hours before. LEO seems to be having balls and those tokens you hold might appreciate a lot.

Well, I already have a job. And other sources of crypto and revenue. And some other moon tickets other than LEO. Yeah, I could sell em now and enjoy some nice profits. But I prefer to wait a few years and achieve real freedom. Or die trying.

You kind of sound like 50 CENT 😀. I get your point though and wish you good luck!

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I buy leo and buy😀 but you are f... Leo Rich🤑
Pump pump!🚀

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What a champ! I regret not stacking up while LEO was cheap but maybe now is that time as well. I got high hopes for LEO

Btw, any idea what happened to HBD? Down 20% lol

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Its on sale.....20% discount, ghats what happened lol

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I am impressed its only 20 % down, lol

So what i i am winning 1 leo every day and hope grow slowly but growing until be a minnow jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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I was there too one day :)

As long as you still have some Gridcoin I don't care what you do with your tokens ;D

I think I have around 100 k, lol!

If you're not running the wallet on your own you might check out https://holytransaction.com/.
They offer a Gridcoin staking service now =)

Oh yeah!

I sold a few and added some sells to add a little liquidity, powered up the rest.

Good good. Pump it!

Seems like one can pick inspiration from you

You're right, after what happened LEO seems to have gained more strength, as the saying goes "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

We're allowed to sell a little liquid LEO from time to time ;). But I'm joining you in continuing to stake the majority of my earned LEO too.

Great to hear @azircon and @themightyvolcano also see enough potential to buy and stake big chunks of LEO. The wider we spread these larger stakes, the better.

As for @onealfa's 600K+ - LOL indeed. What a boss.

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Of course! Especially you, you deserve some profits :)

By the way quoting what you say at the end "Yet, I will tell you what I have said a million times. Start posting using the native leofinance.io interface". What is the difference between posting from leofinance.io and posting from another platform and simply adding the leofinance tag? Excuse my ignorance on this.

Posting into LeoFinance by using the #leofinance tag or the community on other UIs (i.e. PeakD or Hive.blog) will still earn you LEO, but 10% of the LEO only (not affecting Hive) rewards will be burned.

When posting from https://leofinance.io directly, you get 100% of the rewards (rather than the 90% above).

If you're curious about the change, we wrote an update post a few months back when it was added 🦁


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ok brother, thanks for clearing the way for me.

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Also it helps with the seo of the site!

Thanks for the mention, but I am hardly a whale :) But I am unlikely to sell anything anytime soon, as selling is not usually what I do. We are it in together.

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You are a small whale, shut up ^_^

You sure have a voice that can push the masses around LEO. Keep on!

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Hell yeah @trumpman! Spare a Lambo?
I also sold 150 leo at around 1 Hive/Leo so I can buy back later at lower prices but daaaaamn I was wrong! First time I am so happy for a wrong trade lol!

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Haha. Same ^_^

Fully committed - I have been starting to use leofinance a lot now. As you said, it does not hurt rather brings gains.

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Since we broke the 1 HIVE level it looks like people refuse to allow it to drop below that which is fantastic its 5x floor from where LEO used to it, it just goes to show the perceptions of the market. I know the hack hurt, but we can come back stronger

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I think it will fall a bit but dont care. The community is thriving and cant wait to see where we will be in a year from now!

I know this community has most attention from hivr users. Wleo hacked case has increase the popularity the community to outer circle of hive. If the team csn manage well, leo will be booming in the near future. Hold leo is the best choice.

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Watch out Barron's and the Economist. There is a new kid in town... LeoFinance!


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Using the native interface has completely changed my HIVE experience! It's now what I am looking for every morning when I get up!

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I will be following your non-suggestion to buy leo and use the leofinance.io interface in my next post. Thanks for the update. I didn't know that LEO was hacked but that's over and I think this will be a good lesson to learn from moving forward. Keep safe! :)

I'm crying now. In the past I sell them 😁😁😁 LOL

Amazing how quickly Leo price recovered in spite of what happened.

Let's go boys!

Right now... With the increasing appreciation of this token, saving it (and reinvesting it) seems to be the best thing to do.